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We have been working closely with local mountain bikers to produce this map and guide. This is part of our Malverns by Mountain Bike project that we've been working on. Scroll down to find out more. The aim of this project is to encourage responsible mountain biking on the Malvern Hills and Commons so cyclists can enjoy and experience this landscape in a way that protects this special place for the future. We're working to provide better information for cyclists before they head out onto the Hills and to improve access for cyclists once they're here!

Take the time before riding a trail to check out the trail head grading information. Are you confident about what the grading means? Do you really have enough experience for your choice of trail? Are there any detours?

Are you carrying spares — an extra inner-tube, for instance? Can you repair a bike on the trail if you need to?

Mountain Biking UK – April 2019

Think about the weather. Depression is now the leading cause of disability and ill health worldwide, increasing the risk of substance misuse and suicide World Health Organization, The evidence supporting positive physical and psychosocial health outcomes in relation to nature-based activities and experiences is substantial Brymer et al.

The natural environment is an integral part of the mountain biking experience, offering participants a unique way to connect with nature Siderelis et al. Despite this, mainstream health interventions rarely include outdoor adventure activities or extreme sports Clough et al.

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In summary, recent evidence suggests behavioral and motivational homogeneity within these types of populations should not be assumed; and the various ways of participating in mountain biking appear to belong on several points along the extreme sport continuum. Thrill-seeking may motivate some participants to engage in mountain biking. The natural environments in which these activities take place are thought to be both an important motivational factor as well as a catalyst for improved well-being.

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Evidence is growing regarding the potential for extreme sports to contribute to positive mental health; however, there is a shortage of evidence concerning mountain biking. The aim of this study therefore was to describe the characteristics of mountain bikers, their engagement methods, and perceived benefits to psychological well-being. Methods Participants and procedure This was a retrospective cross-sectional study utilizing an online survey to gather quantitative data on demographics, riding habits, preferences and motivations of a self-selecting sample of international mountain bikers.

The only inclusion criterion was being a mountain biker aged 16 or over.

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Ethical approval was granted by Leeds Beckett University prior to the dissemination of the survey in June Informed consent was gained from each participant by ticking a check box before being able to continue with the survey.

The survey comprised 68 separate items and was presented over 7 pages.

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A snowball sampling method was utilized Bryman, by means of social media Facebook and Twitter , and the survey remained live for three weeks. Measure A standardized measure of the characteristics of mountain bikers and their engagement was not available.

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Quantitative studies on other extreme or adventure sports have usually used or adapted measures developed to explore personality traits or other psychological constructs e.

Due to this incongruity in current measurement, a survey tool was developed to provide an activity-specific approach to understanding the characteristics of the mountain biking population and constructs behind participation at a less traditional level of analysis see Supplementary Material.

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Methodology and construct development A sequential exploratory strategy Cresswell, was mirrored in the study methodology. Step one: a rigorous synthesis of existing literature prior to April on action or adventure activities both qualitative and quantitative facilitated the latent construct development of the survey.

Step two: quantitative data collection, followed by analysis and interpretation. The construct development of the survey followed three specific stages as identified by Bearman and Dawson : 1 key themes were identified in existing literature, 2 any inconsistencies or contradictions were acknowledged, 3 themes were ordered into over-arching categories that became themed sections of the survey.

Steps were taken to address the potential for bias stemming from the subjective interpretation of context-dependent findings characteristic of qualitative synthesis; for example, emergent themes thought to be irrelevant to mountain biking were nonetheless included.

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Some of the important parts of this project are listed below. New signposted mountain biking route launched on the Malvern Hills The 19km circuit from North Hill to Black Hill and back is the third and final signposted cycling trail on the Hills to be provided by the Malvern Hills Trust.

The three trails, Short, Medium and Long are clearly signposted and take in both the open hilltops offering stunning views and the scenic wooded slopes of this iconic landscape. Map and guide Our map and guide is now available from our offices, local tourist information centres, cafe, and local bike shops. With all the bridleways on the Hills and Commons marked it will provide information for cyclists to plan their routes before heading out and check their route whilst out on the Hills and Commons.

Links are available above to download an electronic copy large files.