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experience of designing Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementations over . Did you know that Packt offers eBook versions of every book published, with PDF and . The Microsoft Dynamics NAV product CD to install the application. This book is a focused tutorial on Microsoft Dynamics NAV application development to help you develop complete applications and not just application outlines. Designing a Dynamics NAV application usually includes the Creating table objects in Dynamics NAV to implement the design of your.

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Book Code Samples | Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Design I'll be at the I Love NAV booth or at the Liberty Grove Software booth. Customize and extend your vertical applications with Microsoft Dynamics NAV In Detail This book is a focused tutorial on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Customize and extend your vertical applications with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The methodology helps in creating solutions that are easy to upgrade, recognizable for users, and maintainable outside the ecosystem of their creators. All three elements apply to the original Navision product that was shipped in , and was extracted, updated, and documented in this methodology. Mark started in as an end user, and worked for 8 years for the NAV partners after this. Designing and maintaining add-on systems was his specialization. Some of these add-on systems exceed the standard product, when it comes to size and complexity. Coaching colleagues and troubleshooting complex problems is his passion and part of his day-to-day work.

Understanding the problem. Designing the data model tables, fields, relationships, and constraints. Designing the application. Understanding the Problem First, you must understand the business problem that you want your application to solve. Designing the Data Model After you understand the problem that you want your application to solve, you must design the structure of the database for your application.

For more information about how to design the data model, see the following topics: You must consider how to define and enforce the following: Unique values in identifier columns of a table.

Valid data types in each field of a table. Consistency across tables. Other constraints that are specific to your application.

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For more information about data integrity, see the following topics: Designing the application involves: The tricky part here is that the requirement often relates to the document type of reports: invoices, orders, etc. These types of reports are printed as one per document, where one and the same document might contain more than one page.

The difficulty comes when we print multiple document types, an example being 2 invoices.

In this case, to show Page N of M, we need to perform the following tasks: Count the total number of pages for each invoice Reset the page number to 1 when the second invoice starts to print Until the release of Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio , this was accomplished in a roundabout way. It included pre-printing the report to count the group page number, and then printing the actual report with page numberings.

Now, there is an easy and convenient way to perform this task. However, to do this we need to navigate into advanced group properties. Open a sample sales quote and make sure it contains multiple lines.

This is needed to simulate printing more than one page of the report. So, we would need to customize our report to show Page 1 of 2 and Page 2 of 2.

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Click Tools, Object Designer. Select our report, , and click Design. Q: Do you have transheader and transfooter for transferring sums from one page to another? A: Yes. Q: What about support for PlaceInBottom? A: Yes, we support that. A: Yes, when you print to PDF, you can add a watermark.

A: Yes, when you print to PDF, you can protect the report with a password. A: Yes, the reports can coexist, and the experience will be nearly the same for the end-user.

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Q: Can you have code on sections? Q: Does the report output support color?

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Q: Can you have multiple Report Layouts for one report that could be used in MultiTenant installations? A: We plan to support that in a future version.

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The license file also needs to be installed. A: Nothing when you want to run the reports. The client DLL is automatically deployed from the server to the client in , you have to deploy it using the installer. Also, when you create reports in PDF, Excel, or Word format, you need to have access to a program for the specific file type on the client computer. The installer supports a developer mode, which installs all the required components.

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Q: If you download a perpetual license, is upgrade mandatory the first year? Q: What happens if you discontinue your upgrade? Q: Are upgrades included in a subscription license? Q: Any plans on regional prices? We also have a USD price list for customer located in Asia.