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Suzuki Violin School. VIOLIN PART. VOLUME 5. Suzuki Method International. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Free Download Suzuki Violin Method Vol PDF + MIDI + MP3 - Blog Musik Samuel. Suzuki metodo de violino - vol. Mais informações. First Publication, – Berlin: N. Simrock. Genre Categories, Methods; For violin; Scores featuring the violin; For 1 player.

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It is the third year that I study with Kristina and she has managed to make me learn to play an instrument as difficult as violin, at the beginning I did not think that I would be able to get any result. She has always continued to encourage in me the determination and the willpower. A teacher like few! Brava Doktora!!! Grande Violinista e grande Maestra!!

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Thanks you for this. Solo dopo i 30 anni mi sono finalmente deciso e, 8 mesi fa, ho iniziato a prendere lezioni da Kristina. In sintesi: consiglio Kristina ai bambini che non vogliono pentirsi da grandi di non avere cominiciato presto a studiare violino, ma anche ai grandi che non vogliono perdere tempo e che vogliono avvicinarsi a questo strumento e che riusciranno anche a suonare pezzi interessanti e impegnativi!

I always had a great admiration for the violin world, but for years I never began to study it, a little 'because I was dedicated to other studies and interests, a bit' because I considered it an instrument for a few chosen.

Pdf violino suzuki metodo per

Only after 30 years I finally decided and, eight months ago, I started taking lessons from Kristina. The biggest surprise was that the violin can also give satisfaction without years of study. Kristina further has a great musical culture and responds to any type of question; and her various interdisciplinary interests make it even more interesting for someone who, like me, has a different formation scientific. In summary: I recommend Kristina for children who do not want to have regrets not to have started early to study the violin, but also to adults who do not want to waste time and who want to approach this instrument and which also fail to play interesting and challenging pieces!

Kristina is a teacher with a keen sensitivity.

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Furthermore, her teaching method instills in the student security, helping to overcome moments of difficulty in the study. These characteristics do not affect the study of the technique, however, essential in the approach with a musical instrument. Of no less importance is the availability and the attention that Kristina has always shown on a human level.

Ma basta provare una volta con Kristina e ogni dubbio sparisce. Riesce a capire perfettamente quello che mi piace, i miei tempi, e come trasmettermi con passione anche quella teoria musicale che ho sempre mal sopportato! Sono cresciuto tanto in veramente poco tempo, divertendomi molto e prendendomi tante soddisfazioni! Grazie mille Kri I am 27 years old and I started to play the violin only last year, making a thousand paranoia if I should start so late with such a difficult instrument.

But just try it once with Kristina and all doubts disappear. I grew so much in very little time, having a great time and it gives me a lot of satisfaction! Un metodo di insegnamento che mescola divertimento, tecnica e passione.

Grazie Kristina.. Adventure began by chance has already become only after six months a great passion.

Learning only with fun, and without great difficulty , Maia has reached a level that could not imagine. A teaching method that mixes fun, technique and passion. Education for musical sensitivity Eyery day, children should listen to the recordillls of the music they are curreotly studying.

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This listeo. It is the most important factor In the deYelopment of musical ability. Those children who have not had enough listeo. Tonalization for beautiful tone Just as vDCaHzatlon is studied in vocal music, so I have introduced tonalization Into yioUn study as a new method of education. It has proved to be most eft'ectiYe. Tonalization s. Group lessons The adoption of a new kind of group lesson In which more advanced and younger students play together is extremely effective.

Pdf violino suzuki metodo per

The students progress remarkably while enjoying the lessons. I recommend that group lessons be held once a week or at least twice a month. Private lessons to develop ability A child should not proceed to a new piece simply because he has learned the fingering and bowing of the present one.

His ability must be cultivated fu.

Tbe following point is also important. When the child can perform piece A satisfactorily and is given a new piece, B, he should not drop A but should praclice both A and B at tbe same time.