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book on management consulting likened McKinsey to the Jesuits. In truth, as I hope this book will Keep an open and flexible mind. Don't let a strong initial. di, 19 mrt GMT the mckinsey mind pdf - tive analysis by dispassionate outsiders. Other firms may not do things the McKinsey. The McKinsey Mind. McKinsey alumni suggest that this area is also one of the most sig- nificant opportunities for improvement in other organizations. As.

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CS GN McGraw Hill The McKinsey Mind Ebook FLY Pdf next post Disaster Recovery Planning A Guide For Facility Managers 4th Pdf. Back to. Competitive Organizational Business Need Financial Operational Define the boundaries Framing the problem Breaking it down into. Documents Similar To McKinsey Mind. Management Consulting Book the Mckinsey Mind. The Mckinsey Mind Ebook - [Free] The Mckinsey Mind Ebook [PDF] [EPUB] Download a pdf copy of this 10, word Advanced Guide to.

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Figure 2 shows a matrix that you can use to help with your analysis. You can click on the image below to download it as a PDF worksheet.

We've also developed a checklist of the right questions to ask see below. Supplement the questions in our checklist with your own questions, based on your organization's specific circumstances and your own knowledge and experience. Figure 2: The McKinsey 7-S Matrix You can use the 7-S model to help analyze your current situation Point A in the worksheet , your proposed future situation Point B in the worksheet , and to identify gaps and inconsistencies between them.

To examine your where you are now Point A , use the data that you've learned from your checklist questions to fill in the worksheet grid, putting a tick in any box where the two cross-referenced elements work together well.

If the two elements aren't working well together, put a cross. Point B is an agreed endpoint in the future in six months or a year, for example.

Pdf mckinsey mind

When you reach Point B, revisit the worksheet and fill it in again. If your changes have worked, you'll have a grid full of ticks. If not, you may need to make further adjustments.

Note: The 7-S model is a good framework to help you ask the right questions, but it won't give you all the answers. For that, you'll need to bring together the right people with the right knowledge, skills and experience. Our article, Setting up a Cross-Functional Team , can help you to do this.

Mind pdf mckinsey

Checklist Questions for the McKinsey 7-S Framework The following questions are a starting point for exploring your situation in terms of the 7-S framework. Use them to analyze your current Point A situation first, and then repeat the exercise for your proposed situation Point B. Strategy: How do we intend to achieve our objectives? How do we deal with competitive pressure? How are changes in customer demands dealt with? How is strategy adjusted for environmental issues? What is the hierarchy?

How do the various departments coordinate activities? How do the team members organize and align themselves? Is decision making and controlling centralized or decentralized? Is this as it should be, given what we're doing? Where are the lines of communication? I like the beginning of the book especially, and will be turning back to some of those pages for reference.

Think of it as building a decision tree, where you cover every option, and none are overlapping.

Paul N. Friga. The McKinsey Engagement

Each branch in the tree also has more MECE sub-branches. When deciding or investigating something, draw the Worth reading. When deciding or investigating something, draw the tree on a whiteboard, and walk everyone through the options, and sub-tree options until you have a decision, or clear actions to take.

Very logical. Be sure to encourage other people to contribute to the branches, and if you are leading it, ideally you team will volunteer the branches, and then they have more commitment to the options. Or, as Wikipedia says: [MECE] says that when data from a category is desired to be broken into subcategories, the choice of subcategories should be 1.

Pdf mckinsey mind

Two areas for MECE thinking are in logic-trees and issue trees. Logic trees help you identify components of a problem.

[PDF] The McKinsey Mind: Understanding and Implementing the Problem-Solving Tools and Management

Start at the 20, foot view and move progressively downward. You may want to build multiple trees, for instance by business unit organizational hierarchy and functionally production, sales, marketing, etc.

Form a hypothesis of what component of the logic tree may be causing the problem. Run it by the Quick and Dirty Test: ask what assumptions you are making that must be true.

Pdf mckinsey mind

Are any false? If it passes the QDT, gather data and do analysis to disprove it. This is the same as the scientific method. If you fail to disprove it, you may be on to something.

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Implementing NAP is a shared responsibility, govt reiterates. Dawn News. In your opinion, what are the difficulties in implementing an eco-tax reform? Kimberlee Suarez.