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In Love for No Reason, transformational expert Marci Shimoff offers a (PDF information is from the back page of the print book.). We have included the Happiness Quotes from Happy for No Reason as special bonus material. . The important thing is not to think much but to love much;. Published online in “Philosophers on Love, Relationships, Jealousy, Autonomy, Respect, Affairs, Desire, & More”, Daily Nous (February 14th ).

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What if you could live in a state of unconditional love all the time? If you could love people, not because they fill your needs or because they love you, but. Marci Shimoff Excerpted from Love for No Reason The Love for No Reason Self-Assessment. Rate each question on a scale of 1. Wouldn't you love to be “Happy for No Reason”?!? Me, too.:) Marci Shimoff came up with the idea for Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul and in this book.

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Demartini You can download this book on site Kindle from button below or at all major bookstores in South Africa. I suggest you call your nearest store first. If they do not have stock order a copy and tell them that Copper Birch are the distributors. A lot of themes I think a lot about and track in interactions.

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Your framing of it is unique and powerful. Nina Twombly. Barbara Brennan healer. I noticed I wanted to read on; my thoughts and feelings were stimulated, stirred and more significantly, stilled. The substance of this book lies in the author uniting a trilogy of decades of personal processing, innumerable hours of working with others, alongside years of rigorous research. The author expresses a united voice of journeyman, facilitator and scientist, creating a book that is personal with public reach, a work that in its witnessing shows the way and literature that offers a recipe you can taste.

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Love yourself for no reason offers a diagnostic truthfulness that creates resonance with the reader. The book illustrates a deep appreciation of complexity avoiding a superficial reductionistic approach.

And its ultimate intrigue and success rests in the presentation of Love without reason. Natalie Uren. In Love yourself for no reason, Mark Peter Kahn thoughtfully dispels the myth that the way to feel good is to have good things happen to us.

Instead he shows the reader that feeling good comes from an internal power, the power of love. He discusses how much of the time we disconnec from our internal power, evidenced by the self-sabotaging ways we think, our need for perfection and our fear of being judged.

In this deeply compelling book Mark Peter Kahn looks at the difference between Acquired Self-Esteem, that which we learn through approval, and Original Self-esteem which is our authentic pure consciousness — this is when we are in flow when we are connected and empowered.

There are a number of very helpful techniques and practices designed to aid the reader in letting go of their Acquired Self-Esteem and to be able to begin finding their internal power by connecting with their Original Self-esteem. The power of love. A well written, easy to follow yet thought-provoking book that you will want to read more than once!

Marlene Rose Shaw. As an audible, I want to listen not read. It would be helpful to guide the reader through the many exercises verbally.

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There is some value to just listening which I did and probably others too. More telling us then benefits love instead of guiding us to actual Practical help.

If you want to listen only, this is probably not for you. Filled with exercises this book is an uplifting and inspiring work. The stories are facinating and there is much to be learned as she draws upon the experience of so many people. What did you love best about Love for No Reason? Great audiobook. I love the stories that she used. She has a great voice too.

What made the experience of listening to Love for No Reason the most enjoyable? The lessons are simple yet so powerful. If we all applied these principles in our lives the world would be a better place. What did you learn from Love for No Reason that you would use in your daily life?

I'm learning to love everyone for who they are not what they do, an unconditional love with no expectations or demands.

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Any additional comments? Thank you Marci! There is a pdf.

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This woman is such a great author. The book, while very good even though it's abridged, frustrates the listener me as it continually refers to exercises, etc. The book will be far more valuable as a complete package.

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I downloadd this book because I wanted to have everyone feel unconditional love through me. I never finished the book. It is a rambling work including yoga and other worthless content.

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I wish audible gave refunds. Marci Shimoff , Carol Kline. Narrated by: Marci Shimoff.

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Non-member price: Get it free with day trial. Cancel anytime. Publisher's Summary In Love for No Reason , transformational expert Marci Shimoff offers a breakthrough approach to experiencing a lasting state of unconditional love—the kind of love that doesn't depend on another person, situation, or romantic partner, and that you can access at any time and in any circumstance.