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Core Java Notes By KV Rao/KVR PDF -Ameerpet Materials. Posted by SmlCodes. Core Java Notes By KV Rao(KVR)PDF -Ameerpet Materials. Sathaya Institute Kvr Sir Java Notes in for more Sathaya Institute Kvr Sir Java Notes to download in pdf format. 9 Jan, kvr core java notes. Here is the KV Rao sir core java and advance java notes, i am here providing u some useful KV Rao Sir Advance Java Notes (Download PDF). kvr-advpdf.

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Sir i need advance java notes pdf so can you please send it to me on my gmail can anyone clarify duration of corejava course under KVR sir. K V Rao Sir is the only faculty in Hyderabad, who can teach Core Java without C K V Rao Core Java pdf1 Core Java Notes PDF1; K V Rao Core Java Pdf file 2. Core Java notes - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd By Mr. K.V.R.

Day - 1: Software is a development process which converts the imaginaries into reality by writing comes set of programs. Day - 2: In IT we develop two types of applications. They are stand alone applications and distributed applications. A stand alone application is one which runs in the context of local disk.

COM Uploaded By arunprasadd. R Page 51 Day - Interfaces are basically used to develop user defined data types. With respect to interfaces we can achieve the concept of multiple inheritances.

With interfaces we can achieve the concept of polymorphism , dynamic binding and hence we can improve the performance of a JAVA program in turns of memory space and execution time.

Java notes pdf kvr core

An interface is a construct which contains the collection of purely undefined methods or an interface is a collection of purely abstract methods. Syntax for defining an interface: Interface name represent a JAVA valid variable name and it is treated as name of the interface.


With respect to interface we cannot create an object directly but we can create indirectly. Variable declaration represents the type of data members which we use a part of interface. Whatever the variables we use in the interface are meant for general purpose the variables like PI, e, etc. Whatever the variables we write in the interface , they are by default belongs to: All variables must be initialized otherwise it will be compilation error.

Method declaration represents the type of methods we use as a part of interface. All the methods of interface are undefined methods and to make those methods as abstract, the JAVA programmer need not to write a keyword abstract explicitly before the declaration of interface method. Distributed application is also one which runs in the contest of the World Wide Web.

To develop distributed applications we must use client-server architecture. In client-server architecture we must hare at least two programs they are client program and server program. A client program is one which always makes a request to get the service from the server. A server program is one which will do three operations receiving the request from client, processing the client request and sending the response to the client.

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All the above three operations rations are performed by the server concurrently. In order to exchange the data between client and server we must use a protocol called http hypertext transfer protocol. By Mr. In order to develop distributed applications, two software companies came forward whose names are Microsoft System and Sun Micro System.

Both this technologies are called distributed technologies. Whereas, the technology called JAVA will run on all operating systems irrespective of their providers hence JAVA is called platform independent technology. Design pattern is a predefined and proved rule by third party industry experts to avoid the receiving problems which are occurring in software development.

Simple 2. Platform independent 3. Architectural neutral 4. Portable 5.

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Multi threading 6. Distributed 7. Networked 8. Robust 9. Dynamic Secured High performance Interpreted Simple: JAVA is simple because of the following factors: i. JAVA is free from pointers hence we can achieve less development time and less execution time [whenever we write a JAVA program we write without pointers and internally it is converted into the equivalent pointer program].

Rich set of API application protocol interface is available to develop any complex application. The software JAVA contains a program called garbage collector which is always used to collect unreferenced unused memory location for improving performance of a JAVA program. Platform Independent: A program or technology is said to be platform independent if and only if which can run on all available operating systems.

The languages like C, Cpp are treated as platform dependent languages since these languages are taking various amount of memory spaces on various operating systems [the operating system dos understands everything in the form of its native format called Mozart MZ whereas the operating system Unix understands everything in its negative format called embedded linking format elf.

When we write a C or Cpp program on dos operating and if we try to transfer that program to Unix operating system, we are unable to execute since the format of these operating systems are different and more over the C, Cpp software does not contain any special programs which converts one format of one operating system to another format of other operating system].

The language like JAVA will have a common data types and the common memory spaces on all operating systems and the JAVA software contains the special programs which converts the format of one operating system to another format of other operating system. Hence JAVA language is treated as platform independent language.

DAY - 5: [JAVA language is also treated as server independent language since the server side program can run on any of the server which is available in the real world web server or application server. JAVA can retrieve or store the data in any one of the data base product which is available in rest world irrespective of their vendors developers hence JAVA language is product independent language.

Architectural Neutral: A language or technology is said to be architectural neutral which can run on any available processors in the real world. The languages like C, Cpp are treated as architectural dependent. The language like JAVA can run on any of the processor irrespective of their architecture and vendor. Portable: A portable language is one which can run on all operating systems and on all processors irrespective their architectures and providers.

Multi Threading: Day - 6: Definitions: 1. A flow of control is known as thread. A multi threaded program is one in which there exists multiple flow of controls i. A program is said to be multi threaded program if and only of there exists n number of subsub programs. For each and every sub-program sub there exists a separate flow of control. All such flow of controls are executing concurrently.

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Such flow of controls is known as threads. Such type of applications is known kno as multi threading applications.

K.V.rao Core Java notes

SMTL are those in which there exists single flow of control. MTML are those in which there exist multiple flows of controls. Whenever we write a JAVA program there exists by default two threads. A foreground thread is one which always executes user defined sub-programs. In a JAVA program there is a possibility of existing n number of foreground threads. A background thread is one which always monitors the status of foreground thread.

Java pdf notes core kvr

In each and every JAVA program there t exists only one background thread. Hence background thread will be created first and later foreground thread will be created. Distributed: A service is a said to be a distributed service which runs in multiple servers and that service can be accessed by n number of clients across the globe.

In order to develop distributed applications we must require architecture called trusted network architecture. To develop these applications we require a technology called J2EE. Distributed applications are preferred preferr by large scale organizations.

Networked: In real world we have two types of networks.