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Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro 4 – The Best Software for Your Business Branding and Any business today will understand this tools. Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro - Powerful HTML5 page flip software to transfer your PDF documents to digital magazines or publications with page turning effects. Kivosft Flipbook Maker is a professional PDF to Flash flip book maker which provides an easy solution for anyone to create Flash page turning flip books from .

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But now I turn to another free flipbook maker-FlipHTML5, and I found it is more attractive and professional. Thank God, I don't need to spend too much time on. 0 0. Kvisoft-FlipBook-Maker-Pro. An application that can add a variety of images, video clips, links, music, etc. to the e-book also helps to make the output more. When Kvisoft has updated its flipbook software from to new version with new interface and features, many people asked about how.

For all types of files, you can specify the compression ratio as a percentage from 1 to , choose the output file format of pages, the type of rasterization, and modify the width and height of pages. For PDF files, you can also select a range of pages to be imported. The Page Manager also allows you to add and delete pages from a current project. Each template contains its own background image with a unique design of toolbars and buttons. After applying one of the templates, you can change its look according to your preferences. In the settings menu, you can specify a title for your publication, add a logo, change a background image, add background music, enable or disable features of a publication such as the zoom, search, table of contents, printing, full screen mode, and social buttons, set Google Analytics tracking, and protect your publication with a password. Advanced settings of FlipBook Maker allow you to choose an animated preloader from a list of 18 predefined options, enable the hard cover effect, and change the speed of the page flipping animation, the thickness of pages, the magnification level of the zoom feature, and the time delay for the automatic page flipping mode.

Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro 4 is one of the very best pieces of software and it does come with many amazing features also. You can easily add a variety of extras to the flipbook including your company logo and can link the flipbook back to your website.

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This not only helps to increase the potential number of visitors but customers. Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro 4 is going to give you the chance to be remembered for good quality content and if your reputation is good, you should continue to bring in the visitors. Promoting your brand is always going to be tough but the Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro 4 can help you accomplish what you want to achieve.

There are no limitations on a number of flipbooks you can create and if you wanted to edit current flipbooks you can do so as well. That is why businesses are absolutely looking to use flipbooks and Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro 4 is the perfect option to consider. Hello visitor, I am glad you landed on my little website about flipbooks and ePublishing. My name is Conner and I have been a publishing professional since about 20 years now.

In this time I made so much experiences, which I want to share with you here.

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Home Privacy Policy Contact Us. On the right side of the main application window, you can create a multi-level table of contents and add colored page tabs to the outer edge of pages to highlight the main sections and simplify the navigation within a publication.

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FlipBook Maker Pro and Enterprise versions include the powerful Page Editor to add rich media content and interactive features. With the Page Editor, you can insert links, preset animated and static e-commerce buttons, video files in MP4, FLV, and F4V format, embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo, add images, audio, Flash files, shapes, and text with customizable animation effects.

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Buttons, shapes, text, images, and embedded Flash files can be configured to perform various actions such as to go to another page within a publication or open a web page. They can also be used to open pop-up windows with video and audio files, images in slideshow mode, Flash files, text messages or execute a custom JavaScript code.

You can also save them as a ZIP archive and an offline application for Windows.

In the export window, you can enable support for mobile devices tablets and phones and add HTML meta tags title, keywords, and description for search engines. After being uploading to a web server, publications can be viewed in a browser with installed Adobe Flash Player. To get the discount, please select a product version from the table below and click "Checkout".

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The software will allow your small business take the next step to success and stand out from the competition. Is the software for your business? Once you have the software installed it is ready to run and in all honesty, there is not much you have to do.

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The Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro 4 does the work allowing you to sit back and relax. You can use the click, drag and drop feature which conveniently lets you select the files you want to use.

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You can then choose from a template already designed which comes free with the Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro 4; it can be edited to ensure you get the finished design you want or a fresh template can be chosen.

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