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Joint for Square Rods. Design of Cotter Joint to. Connect Piston Rod and. Crosshead. Design of Cotter. Foundation Bolt. Knuckle Joint. Abstract. Knuckle joint is joint between two parts allowing movement in one plane only. It is kind of hinged joint between two rods. Knuckle joint is used for. DESIGN OF KNUCKLE JOINT. The following figure shows a knuckle indicated. In general, the rods connected if the rods are guided, they may support.

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A typical knuckle joint, its components and working principle. • Detailed design procedure of a knuckle joint. Cotter joint. A cotter is a flat wedge-shaped. Knuckle joint. Two or more rods subjected to tensile and compressive forces are fastened together. Their axes are not in alignments but meet in a point. The joint. PDF | Designing mechanical components is repetitive and time consuming procedure. To reduce monotony and time in design process various.

It is pinion of the steering gear, as the line of the kind of hinged joint between two rods. They are widely used in to gain the maximum productivity for the plant, tractor trailer, tie rod in roof truss, joint the manufacturingg technology must not be between the links of suspension bridge and stiff. A Knuckle joint is used to connect two also used in steering system in between the rods under tensile load. This joint permits steering rod and pinion of the steering gear. If angular misalignment of the rods and may take failure of knuckle joint occurs then compressive load if it is guided. These joints possibilities of accident.

Typical uses include machine, plow and carriage bolts, cylinder head studs, machine parts etc.

Knuckle Joint : Design Procedure,Problems and Questions

It is also used for U bolts, concrete re-enforcing rods, forgings and non-critical springs Table 1. Dimensions of a and b.

Joint pdf knuckle

The next step was to mesh the model as shown in the fig 4, the 10 node tetrahedral element are used as shown in the fig 5. The finite element was generated using the tetrahedral element of size 5mm.

We have divided the part into element with nodes. The reason for choosing this huge number of element was to make our part very complex which enables us to gain more authentic results based on the high technique of fatigue life calculation.

Joint pdf knuckle

Fig 5- Meshing Type: Tetrahedral Fig 4- meshed model of a Knuckle Joint 4. It uses subdivision of a whole problem domain into simpler part, called finite elements and solve the problem by minimizing an associated error function. Discretization II.


Selection of the displacement model. Deriving element stiffness matrices. Solution for unknown displacement VI. Total deformation mm 0. Conclusion This paper, not only deals with the design of a Knuckle Joint but also the stress strain effect applied to it. In design, the Knuckle Joint is taken to have maximum weight possible with the ability to withstand high stress and strain.

Knuckle Joint - Introduction, Parts and Applications «

The maximum stress and strain values are found to be Khurmi, J. Eurasia Publishing House.

ISBN 81 Related Papers. By Shahrukh Shamim. By Rohit Goranti. By Sunit Taware.

Joint pdf knuckle

Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. In proper enough to withstand in working this, one of the rods as an eye at the rod end condition without failure. So modelling and and other end is forked with eyes at the both analysis of knuckle joint under a certain the legs.

A pin knuckle pin is inserted condition is carried out. Modelling and through the rod-end and fork end eyes and is analysis of a knuckle joint was performed by secured by collar and a split pin [2]. The commercial to design knuckle joint to withstand under finite element package ANSYS version 15 was tension without failure. The effective design of used for the solution of problem. Result shows mechanical device or assembly demand the that 30C8 material having maximum predictive knowledge of its behavior in working permissible stress are MPa and Maximum condition.

Knuckle Joint

It became necessary for the designer stresses developed in knuckle joint are to know the forces and stress developed during MPa. So design is safe. The analysis shows its operation [3]. So we can take pin for analyzing purpose. An eye is formed This pin is secured in its place by the means of at one end of the rod while a fork is formed at split pin.