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There is a fact that site Kindle books are special for Kindle devices. Almost of the books are AZW format, which is completely not compatible with Kobo. Hi, I wanted to download some book from site but obviously I won't be able to install their reading app. on my Kobo. I've searched the net and found many articles. “I have a Kobo, can I read Amzon e-books (kindle) on it? – Hi, I wanted to download some book from site but obviously I won't be able to install.

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site Kindle books are not allowed to be read on other e-Readers like Kobo. But Any eBook Converter, a professional eBook DRM removal tool, can help you . Most of the ebook lovers have kindle books at hand. site indeed offers us very nice reading resources. But not all of Kindle fans will choose. I just switched from Kindle to Kobo. Why? site. It's currently extorting publishing house Hachette by delaying orders and refusing to allow pre-orders for.

Reviews Kobo's ebook reader trumps even the best Kindle on several fronts. The exact machinations are secret, but many people agree that site is demanding discounts on ebooks. No more Kindle ebooks. I switched to Kobo, which has a great e-ink reader, a deep book catalog, and — most importantly — breakable DRM. The results are mixed, with ups and downs for both the service and the hardware. For my take on the hardware and services, keep reading. I have used Kindles since they were first available outside the U.

Also you can read them on Nook, Samsung and other readers conveniently. Posted by Jane Li Keys: Best ePUB Software.

Best ebook reader to buy in 2019: Kindle and Kobo battle it out

Best eBook Converter. How to read Kindle books on Kobo. Two ways you can choose as following: Solution 1: Solution 2: Also download Epubsoft Ebook Converter first.

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You need to make sure you have downloaded eBooks to your Kindle device beforehand. Launch Leawo Prof.

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You will be then guided to add Kindle books. Click the pencil icon within each loaded eBook title to choose either epub, mobi, azw3, or text as output format. You could see the converting progress.

Why can’t I read Kindle books from Amazon on my Kobo eReader? – Walmart

Once the conversion finishes, you could refer to the below steps to learn how to import converted Kindle books to Kobo. The below steps would show you how to import Kindle books to Kobo now:.

Section A: You can connect your Kobo eReader to your Windows computer, and then drag and drop books into your eReader Library. Section B: You can connect your eReader to your Macintosh computer and then drag and drop books into your eReader Library.

Before you begin, add the books to your computer. Free download Leawo.

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Download Download. Tool Required: Key Features of the Program: Step 1.

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Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.