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Find Khmer books online. Get the best Khmer books at our marketplace. You can read hundreds of Khmer books on the Khmer Library mobile app. Reading books is an effective way of gaining knowledge. The more. “Secret of Life” is a novel written in by female author Kem Lyheang. The book was first published in The book depicts the life of little.

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Publishing books in Khmer is a complementary and essential for the development of libraries and reading. Since Sipar has been developing a program. This collection of books in the Khmer language represents a selection of books from the National Library of Cambodia. They were originally published from . PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy .

Description The leading American specialist in Khmer language studies, Franklin Huffman, in collaboration with Im Proum, has since produced a distinguished series of aids to the teaching of Khmer. Now, beginning with the English-Khmer Dictionary in , Huffman has turned his attention to the needs of Khmer refugees in America and Europe and in camps in Southeast Asia. English for Speakers of Khmer will be to them an essential resource for acquiring competence in English. In his introduction, Huffman includes a section addressed to the English teacher, providing background on the Khmer and describing the aims of the book and the principles of contrastive analysis; a section in English and Khmer on the format of the book and how to use it; an explanation of the Khmer and romanized phonetic transcription systems developed by Huffman; and a section on English spelling for the student. An English-Khmer glossary, an index of pronunciation drills, and an index of grammar notes complete the book.

I was seven when Pol Pot was toppled a few years later, and the ghastly images of the killing fields made a strong impression on me. But it was not until I moved to Cambodia in that the country turned into something of an obsession. To me this intriguing little kingdom became a way to understand the world: My first book about Cambodia, Pol Pot's Smile , deals with the Khmer Rouge's devastating revolution and follows in the tracks of a Swedish delegation who travelled through the genocide without seeing anything alarming.

My new book, Song for an Approaching Storm , is set in the 50s, two decades before the catastrophe. The two have enabled me to spend years in Cambodia, both in the past and the present. One might look at my following selection and ask where the contemporary Cambodian novels are. The answer, sadly, is that the authors in Cambodia are marginalised and struggling — there aren't even any publishing houses.

Very little of their work is translated into English. Thus, there are many foreign authors in the following list. But good literature knows no nationality or borders.

There are many myths about the Khmer Rouge's bloodthirstiness and brutality, but there was at least one place where they all were real: Security Prison 21 , the secret police's killing machine.

Of the 14, or so prisoners who were brought there for questioning, only a handful survived. One of them were the artist Vann Nath In this thin little book, he describes his horrifying year behind the barbed wired walls of S I had the privilege to meet him a couple of times and to me he was a man of very rare moral dignity; he resembled a Cambodian Nelson Mandela.

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He pitied his torturers as fellow humans, without forgiving them their deeds. This book ranks among the most important and strongest witness-stories of world literature.

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Marguerite Duras's breakthrough novel was published in and most of the elements that would become the base for her masterpiece, The Lover , more than 30 years later are already there. A fatherless French teenager, living in great poverty at a small plantation in rural Cambodia, gets involved with a much older but wealthy Chinese businessman.

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Age, race and class make them an impossible couple. Her mother and brother cynically tries to wring a few piastres out of the indecent affair. Less romantic and more sleazy than The Lover, but equally good. In , the photographer and journalist Nic Dunlop more or less stumbled upon Duch, who had been hiding since the fall of the Khmer Rouge in Duch is a paradoxal figure: He got drawn into the Khmer Rouge and rose through the ranks.

After the fall of the regime, he became a born again Christian.

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Dunlop's book is empathic, intelligent and a real page-turner. The monster becomes a man.

In the romantic picture of the old French Indochina, there are beautifully faded colonial buildings. But in Cambodia, it is actually the structures from the following decades that are the most fascinating. Blending traditional architecture with European modernism, the then young Cambodian architects, led by the maestro Vann Molyvann, created a fascinating school, like a Cambodian Bauhaus.

It once again pays testament to the resilience of many survivors.

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Much like his character in the film, Haing is a survivor of the atrocities committed across Cambodia between and Survival in the Killing Fields is an excellently written and moving account of survival in times of unimaginable horror. Haing was sent to America as a refugee after the war. There, after writing the book, he was murdered on his doorstep.

After his hometown is overrun, Nawuth and his remaining relatives are captured and enslaved by Khmer Rouge fighters. He documents their endurance through beatings, starvation, over-work and inhumane living conditions, and their strength and determination to survive. As a child survivor of the Khmer Rouge, in this book Chanrithy Him recounts her experiences under the regime, when her family of 12 was decimated. Both her parents were slaughtered and five of her siblings died of starvation or illness.

Amidst all this horror she still manages to find kindness and courage, and learns that humanity can still shine. Him lived in a refugee camp in Thailand before relocating to America as a refugee. In this book , author Joan D. As a 15 year old she was sent to a labour camp and endured four years of hell.

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The book is another example of the courage and strength shown by those who lived during these times. Told from his perspective as a young boy, Arn recounts being separated from his family, assigned to work in the rice fields and witnessing death. When soldiers ask if any children can play an instrument and Arn says yes, he finds himself in the centre of the killing fields, before being handed a gun and forced to fight.