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karuna reiki symbols - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand. the Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® system by requiring that all teachers use a. students will receive a Karuna Reiki® certificate with seal from their teacher. The purpose of the Karuna Reiki® Registration Program is to ensure the integrity .

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PDF | 2 hours read | Karuna is an unusual book that unites scientific and spiritual knowledge, and presents a novel literary technique. Title: Karuna: one of the most beautiful branches of Reiki / Sandra Ramos and Jorge A. Ramos. ASIN: B07DMV9G3W Declared at SPA (Portuguese Society of. Removal of “Other Karuna Attunements section”1(pp),2(pp) as not meaningful to compare Karuna Reiki attunements with Sai Baba attunements if it cannot.

Previously, we illustrated Usui Reiki symbols and their meanings. Below find the symbols used in Karuna Ki Reiki. Pronounced "Zoe Nar", this symbol means "infinity" or eternity. It is thought to work with our cells deep memories from both this life and the past. Zonar helps us release Karma, create clarity and open our hearts to compassion. Our awareness broadens while Zonar opens dimensions of the Universe. In Karuna Ki, Zonar connects us to loving compassionate energy.

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Reiki pdf karuna

Local reiki symbols pdf files were found for download from. Surrounded by Light, I now ask for the help of the Unicorns of the 7th dimension to help me stimulate and expand my creativity I take a deep breath, and open myself a little more to feel the vibration of the Unicorn who has come to help me He invites me to a waterfall, which is just a wish away I set myself free and go to it We pass under the waterfall RAMOS things.

Some other times still, the inner conflicts between admiration and disappointment, love, and fear, come to the surface, but since it is forbidden to manifest it in the right direction, the conflict is projected onto somebody else, at institutions, or even manifests as self-flagellation, all an attempt to diminish the inner tension. How can the Kundalini possibly ascend through all these and many others knots in our chakras?

Karuna Reiki® Symbols

Should we thus rebel against our parents to favour the ascension of our Kundalini? Absolutely not, it does not seem like a promising idea to us; that would certainly create even more inner conflicts and vibrational nodules. However, what if we could talk to them, openly, as adults in tune with the love from the soul that will always unite us and them, beyond our fears, frustrations, and repressed sorrows?


Would not that be a tremendous relief for everyone? Would we not also be initiating an important process to stop projecting repressed negative feelings onto other people and consequently start nurturing healthier relationships? It is in this and other inner processes of cure that the universal energy that the Dumo represents and helps convey can act: Because of this and all else we have mentioned before, it is not a surprise to us anymore to observe a rejuvenation of the faces of people after they go through the Karuna initiation, much as if they had been in a rejuvenation chamber, or as if they had been submitted to a vigorous But in our society, exorcism is a taboo topic.

Yet, many people avoid talking about it. The word exorcism designates a ritual through which demonic possessions are extracted from a person. Let us, however, pay attention to the term demonic possessions. Let us meditate, and think about it.

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It is public knowledge that many people are possessed by the energy of envy, a malignant and insatiable energy that dwells mostly in the eyes. Others have the energy of greed as their patron, a surreptitious entity that crushes everything on its path, so it can own more and more things. People can be attacked on many occasions by the ghosts of fear, and be locked in dungeons of suspicion and distrust.

Some people are possessed by a secondary energy stemming from envy: Some people, living in houses haunted by the spirits of guilt, have their consciences possessed while they sleep; not even sleeping pills have the power to banish those evil spirits. Other people live constantly tormented by the horrifying ghosts of repressed hatred, which can manifest as a fiery emotional hurricane.

These spirits and ghosts are energies far from the divine, so much so that sometimes other hauntings and spirits are fittingly created around them; these serve the function of masking the real problems. We do not mean to say that there are no real spirits. In fact, the list of existing spirits could go on and on and will go on in a book about Shamanism that we will write. What we are pondering here is how much humanity is possessed by these energetic manifestations which are not part of the divine nature of the Being.

I relax I ask the Compassionate Beings of the Universe to be in attendance now I ask them to remove, during this meditagination, any energies that are not vibrating in accordance to the Divine Light I take a deep breath In turn, the Nin-Giz-Zida represents the Kundalini itself, a term that, as we have discussed previously, is a reference to a type of Universal Life Force reservoir nestled in the Root Chakra.

This life force is associated with a coiled serpent, which when awakened tends to ascend through the other main chakras until it reaches the seventh, the crown chakra, and the quite numinous enlightenment: This is represented by the upper horizontal line in the Nin-Giz-Zida symbol. I relax all the muscles of my physical body I slow the flow of my thoughts I relax a little further And surrounded by this Blue Light, sublime, peaceful and soothing, I ask the Compassionate Beings of the Universe to be in attendance here, now I ask that they help me, during this meditagination, to redefine a path in a mental map, which is contributing to guide my life, into events of suffering or apathy And I cooperate, by focusing attention on my breathing I separate my lips, and when I exhale, close my eyes as if death was taking me away Inhale, and open my eyes, as if I am waking up to life I remember my age, now, in this physical body Potentially more, or less than that Further aware of the ephemerality of this life, I wish to enjoy the time I have left, with all the quality I could hope for RAMOS the highest powers who are guiding that person towards a very specific life experience.

Following these considerations about the God syndrome, the Om-Atma has helped us understand that it is best to remain small towards anything that is related to the highest powers that move in and around spirituality — something that now brings us to a more conscientious and alert observation of the We tell them that some fears are important, and we should not heal all of them. For instance, the fear of elevators can be a terrible thing for some people, making them climb up and come back down several flights of stairs every day, but what if that person needs to exercise and that fear is the way that the spirit has found to orientate the personality towards that?

Other fears may even save lives, such as the fear to go past red traffic lights: The fear of predators, for example, can be crucial — imagine you find yourself in a situation where a hungry lion is hunting you: Of course, what matters to us is that the person opens up a little and ditches the burden of their most limiting, painful fears.

This potentially allows them to be able to conclude that, more often than not, there is an occult but positive side to those fears. But as we know, while some fears are allocated to the deepest areas of our subconscious, such as the fear of being crucified, others are allocated to more superficial areas, such as the fear of not having enough clients, connected to a series of other fears which are typical of business owners, such as ourselves, and possibly the reader as well.

This brings us to another question: Sure we can, by paying attention to what we think and say concerning money, as well as what we do with it; by no more blaming others for our lack of financial abundance, and directing our inner forces to constructive and innovative paths; by relating less with people who rather stay in the energy of victimization and let themselves be imprisoned by their problems, and relate more to different individuals who endeavour to find positive, healthy solutions and see money as an essential object to materialize those solutions.

Work with love and dedication.

Reiki pdf karuna

Be wise enough to observe temptation as a test to the authenticity of our honesty. Furthermore, so that we can interact with money in a healthier way, it is also imperative that we become aware of the presence of Language is inherent to life itself and cannot be dissociated from it. And just as our Being needs a body human or otherwise to experience life, language requires an idiom to manifest.

Reiki pdf karuna

In other words, as life is ubiquitous, so is language. As it is generally known, a verbal language is composed by a group of sounds, to which symbols are associated, and the interaction between those elements creates words and propositions that allow for the transference and comprehension, coding and decoding, of ideas, feelings, thoughts, and emotions, through speech or writing — in a word, allows for communication.

I imagine that I am sitting on the divine hands, represented by the concave line of the Yod, which is irradiating a very peaceful Rose-coloured Light I imagine all my chakras are attuned with the qualities of the divine hands, which are emanating a loving, healing Green Light If you did not use shortcuts, we are inclined to assume that your inner garden is now different; hopefully, it now has more light, more harmony, more colours, and more life.

If this is the case, the goals we set out to accomplish with this piece of work were entirely achieved. Otherwise, it might be worthwhile to go back to the beginning and restart reading. We are also aware that this book mentions some hot topics of spirituality, and in life in general. Most of these topics, among many others, are usually worked out at the brain, consciousness, and mental level of the Karuna practitioners, when they do their self-healing treatments, often without even realizing what is being alchemized in their many structures through the different vibrations of the Universal Life Force that the symbols represent and convey, naturally manifesting the fruits of their labours.

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We wanted, however, to create a conductive media to allow Karuna initiates and non-initiates alike, to experience in a more conscientious manner what the vibrational frequencies of the symbols suggest we do for inner work — something, we believe and trust, that will adapt naturally to the idiosyncratic needs of the reader in whichever turn of the road you may be on now. This media that you are reading now, which has a life of its own, was written based on our work and life experiences.

Ramos Address: Blessed be. Related Papers. By Marius David. By Roger Nobles. By Oltea Iulia. Sleep Tight with Reiki. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.

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