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Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer by Megan McDonald . are — extol the Judy Moody children's book series and its popularity among the schoolkids. Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer is a American comedy film based on Megan McDonald's Judy Moody book series released on June 10, Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer This book, based on the screenplay for the movie Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer.

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Uploaded by: LOUANN Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer (): Megan McDonald, Peter H. Reynolds: Books. Based on the Judy Moody books by Megan McDonald, Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer is about a third-grade girl with big ideas for an exciting. Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Based on the screenplay by Kathy Waugh .

Judy is high on a wave of anticipation when Rocky announces that he is going to circus camp for the summer and Amy and her mother are going to Borneo. Judy is appalled when she hears this news. Determined to save her summer from becoming the worst summer ever, Judy suggests that she goes to Borneo with Amy, but her mother nixes that idea. Judy gets excited again. They are going to California to help Gramps and Nana move. Judy and Stink are staying home and Mr.

Her teacher, Mr. Todd, says he'll be working somewhere cold this summer and offers a prize to anyone who can find him. Judy is concerned that her summer will be boring and has a plan for herself and her three closest friends Amy, Rocky and Frank to make sure the summer isn't boring.

She creates a game that involves a list of 'dares,' meaning something fun, but never done by that person before and is borderline frightening. Thrill points are earned by successfully completing the dare, and bonus points are added if the dare is done in an extreme way.

Loser points are given if the dare is not completed. If the final score breaks points, then summer was confirmed exciting. It's a fine plan, but Judy doesn't realize that two of the four of them Rocky and Amy will be out of town for the summer. Making matters worse, their own plans circus camp and a trip to Borneo sound far more exciting than hers.

Stuck at home with nothing more to do than read Nancy Drew adventures, Judy is not happy. It doesn't help when she learns that her parents will be traveling to California to help her grandparents move and that she and her brother, James who goes by the nickname Stink , will be staying home from that trip, too. Their Aunt Opal is coming to watch them for the summer. Judy has not met Aunt Opal, but she assumes the worst.

Aunt Opal, however, is surprisingly interesting — a free spirit who lives a life of adventure including a stint in the Peace Corps, a trip across the Sahara Desert, and most recently, living in Bali. Judy realizes that perhaps the four friends can still do the dare game, although they will need to keep track of their own points.

To increase the stakes, Judy decides to make it a race, where they will be competing against each other. The first one to points wins.

Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer

This begins a series of well-intended adventures designed to rack up points as quickly as possible, but every adventure goes horribly wrong. An attempt at tightrope walking across the local creek is threatened when Stink claims one of the trees to build a Bigfoot trap. Once Judy and Frank have the tree to themselves, Judy loses her balance crossing the rope and falls into the creek.

A trip to the amusement park is ruined when Frank throws up on her. An art project with Aunt Opal is ruined when Judy accidentally glues her hand to the table. It takes several hours to get free. Going on a zombie walk through a graveyard at midnight sounds promising, and Aunt Opal even makes sandwiches for a picnic beforehand.

Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer - Wikipedia

Unfortunately, Aunt Opal hasn't driven a car for a long time; they quickly lose the map out the window and spend several hours careening around town. Eventually they end up stranded — out of gas and hopelessly lost outside an abandoned amusement park in the middle of the night.

They go inside the park to eat their sandwiches, but their sandwiches had gotten too close to Stink's 'scat' collection in the kitchen and have manure samples on them. It's noticed before anyone eats them, but makes for a long, hungry night. Another time they try going to a local horror movie festival complete with monster costumes , but the scary zombie movie is too much for Frank, and he leaves. This is bad on several levels: Judy tries to force Frank to stay in the theater and ends up tearing his shirt.

The two of them argue, and he complains that her obsession with quick points is taking all the fun out of the summer.

And since they didn't stay through the movie, Judy can't even claim any thrill points for completing the dare.

Several times through all of these adventures gone wrong, Judy and Frank think they've found Mr. Todd's cold summer job, but they can't find him to win even that prize.

Judy also keeps hearing about her friends' more successful summer adventures and the thrill points they are gaining.

In turn, she can write to them only of her 'failures,' such as when she and Aunt Opal try to deliver their art projects hats for the stone library lions in the rain. Or when she and Frank try learning to surf, and Judy ends up kissing a dead jellyfish.

Finally, in desperation, Judy joins her brother in his own summer adventure: a quest to find Bigfoot. There have been numerous Bigfoot sightings in town throughout the summer, and her brother is convinced that not only is he real, but living nearby. Throughout most of the book, Judy has looked down on Stink's quest with big sister disdain. But that changes upon realizing that finding Bigfoot would mean lots of thrill and bonus points, and might actually let her win this race against her friends.

So Judy jumps in with abandon, which includes Bigfoot Believers Association meetings, overnight stakeouts, bait traps and night vision goggles.

And judy not moody bummer book the summer

At first, it really does appear to be more of the same — one more promising adventure with repeated disappointments. At one stakeout, Judy and Stink 'capture' Frank who looks considerably more like Bigfoot through Judy's night vision goggles, especially when he is tangled in their bait traps. Another time they clearly see Bigfoot and give a valiant, chaotic, and rather destructive chase through the neighborhood using bikes, a Vespa scooter and a van.

Admittedly, it's weird when Bigfoot commandeers an ice cream truck, but even that makes sense by the end. This particular sighting involves Zeke, a teenager who was asked to dress up as Bigfoot and come on a local ice cream route to help drum up business. Zeke is not behind all the sightings though — he's one of the Bigfoot Believers Association leaders and quite convinced that Bigfoot is real and living somewhere in their neighborhood.

At this point in the story, things do begin to look up. Although no Bigfoot, they do find Mr. Todd at the end of the chase. He is the ice cream man who hired Zeke. And the prizes Mr. Todd gives to students who find him at his summer job are tickets to the circus, which is coming to town.

Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer

This is the same circus that Judy's friend Rocky has been training for at circus camp. Judy gets an extra ticket for Frank and apologizes to him for letting an obsession with winning overshadow the summer. Judy's parents come home from California in time to see the circus. And at the circus, Rocky picks Judy as the audience volunteer for the act where they appear to saw someone in half. Now that Judy and Stink's parents are home, Aunt Opal prepares to leave.

Before going though, she sneaks Judy out to deliver the hats they made together — placing them quietly on the stone lions at the library. Although this does earn Judy 10 official thrill points, we get the sense that she is, in fact, grateful for the whole summer — even the adventures that didn't earn her points at the time. As they head back home, Judy sees a tall, shaggy figure disappearing into the brush. All Aunt Opal sees when she looks back are branches rustling in its wake, which confirms nothing except that Judy did apparently see something tangible.

All of her ideas go wrong, so she decides to stay in her room for the rest of the summer, until she hears the newscast in front of her house.

She looks out of the window and discovers that Stink is going to be on the news, because of his search for Bigfoot. She runs outside and tries to jump into the camera, but unfortunately, the camera crew stops the cameras from filming her. Judy tries to pair up with her brother Stink in the search for Bigfoot.

The bummer judy book moody and not summer

One day while they were out, they see Bigfoot walking the streets. They try to chase him, but he jumps inside of an ice cream van. They end up seeing two of the members from Zeke's Bigfoot search club, and get into the van with them.

They continue to chase after Bigfoot, until the newscast van hurries and jump in front of them. Judy and the others drive around them, and end up finding them in the Fun Zone, an old amusement park. Bigfoot and the ice cream van driver discovered to be Mr. Todd get out of the van. They find out that Bigfoot really is Zeke in disguise, and that he was helping Mr. Todd sell ice cream.

Not the moody summer bummer and book judy

As a prize for finding Mr. Todd, Judy gets two front row seat tickets for the circus. Judy ends up participating in a circus act because it was Rocky's family. As she gets sawed in half, the scene goes to her in her backyard in front of her family getting sawed in half.