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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Cocoro Books is an imprint of Tokyo-based DH Publishing. Tattoo Flash Book - Garyou Tensei: Japanese Tattoo Sleeve Designs by Yushi 'Horikichi. Japanese Tattoo ArtJapanese Sleeve TattoosJapanese Tattoo. Tattoo Flash Book - Garyou Tensei: Japanese Tattoo Sleeve Designs by Yushi 'Horikichi' Takei.

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The essential volumes on Oriental and Japanese tattoo in the series The Great books and resources for anyone interested in tattoo history, design, art, and. What is Japanese Tattoo? Tattoo Design Book -DRAGON-. Culture and History: During the Edo period, Japanese Tattoo had many meanings in Japan. The Japanese Tattoo Design Handbook: The New Generation of Tattoo Artists in Japan, Vol. Cocoro Books is an imprint of Tokyo-based DH Publishing.

Contemporary Designs and Geek Tattoos The final section acts as an afterword, a kind of "where are Japanese tattoos going? We get a taste of the "non-traditional" Japanese tattoos inspired by pop art and pop culture. So if you like the motifs in chapters 1 through 5, but want something more modern, you may find some good ideas here. This section isn't only for otaku though most of the designs will make nerds smile. Many tattoo designs in this final chapter are modern takes on some of the classic motifs found throughout the rest of the book. If this section came anywhere else, it may have seemed out of place, but here at the end it complements the rest of the book, like a tasty tattoo dessert. Sub-sections Within each chapter are sub-sections that break away from the action and provide extra information.

To category Terms. To category My Account. Close menu. Product information "Tattoo Design of Japan". Softcover, 98 Pages, A4. Evaluations 0. This is an amazing book of designs from Horikoi a tattooer Similar products Customers also bought Customers also viewed.

Similar products. Customers also bought. Customers also viewed. Joe Spaven Paintings Vol. Timmy Tatts Trad Flash Vol. Gianni Gabbiano Neo-Trad Vol. The title's block text is bold and pronounced, letting you know what's up before your eyes even register there are tattoos above it.

The six bubbles below the title are a nice touch. They're a great way to showcase a variety of tattoos without making the design too busy. Overall, a fine design, but personally I'd rather see one example of awesome irezumi than snippets of different tattoos hodge-podged together. The book doesn't have a dust jacket, but it's made to look like it does.

Oriental and Japanese tattoo: the essential books in our collection! | Tattoo Life

There are foldable flaps on the inside of the back and front covers that mimic the feel of a dust jacket. But in reality, they're just folded extensions of the cover itself. The Tuttle Publishing website calls it a " paperback with flaps. This makes it easy to turn the pages. The spine behaves itself. It stays open easily when open to a center page. The font choice fits the tone and target audience.

The majority are nice, clean serifs and sans serifs. But for certain headers, a stylized "battle damaged" font is used. I found this stylistic choice distracting initially, but I understand why it was chosen. What Makes Japanese Tattoos Good? Early chapters are heavy on irezumi history and slowly introduce tattoo themes. By the middle, it becomes almost exclusively about the motifs.

But in the end, Ashcraft and Benny bring us full circle, re-introducing the history element.

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Each chapter builds on the next, giving a nice even flow to the information. The depth of research in Japanese Tattoos is a major strength. There's such attention to detail given to each cultural theme, and the history of irezumi is explained very thoroughly. By the end you'll have all your burning questions about Japanese tattoo culture answered. And more importantly, you'll learn the meaning behind Japanese tattoos, so you'll come away smarter and better able to make tattoo decisions.

Japanese Tattoos is a breeze to read. Ashcraft's style was born on the internet. So even though the information is deep and scholarly, it's very accessible.

Horikoi - Tattoo Design of Japan

It's like having a friend, who is also an irezumi expert, write a book just for you. The photos are the star and the content separates this book from the pack.

But let's be honest, most people won't reach for a book on Japanese tattoos with no pictures. We want to see all that awesome irezumi art! And Japanese Tattoos is jam-packed. The quality of the photos is top notch, though styles vary. The pictures were taken by Ashcraft, Benny, and a multitude of tattooists from across Japan. So quality is consistent, but the difference in photographic style can stand out on some pages.

Pictures of bodysuits means the pictures of bodies. But none of it ever feels pornographic. If you do a Google image search for irezumi, many of the results are pictures that focus on the peoples' bodies rather than their tattoos. Japanese Tattoos keeps the focus on the irezumi. Bodies are presented as canvases. I never felt like the book was exploiting nudity to get attention. It's like having a friend who is also an irezumi expert.

Ichibay - Japanese Tattoo Designs

But the thing that impresses me most about Ashcraft's writing is his level head. He's serving up a wild and wonderful side of Japan. He could easily color the country as "mystical" or "weird" for his own benefit. People eat those Japanese buzzwords up. But instead he gives us the wild and wonderful in context. For example, he says on page 10, There are no truly traditional Japanese tattoos because people don't live in a traditional world.

Rather than take the opportunity to exploit generalizations about Japan, he steers us in a direction of truer appreciation. Who Is This Book For? The movement from history to motif may feel like Japanese Tattoos is losing focus, but it's right on track when you consider the target audience.

Traditional Japanese Tattoo Designs by Horicho (Rare 1st Edition)

It's meant for people outside of Japan who are interested in getting irezumi for themselves. It offers cool pictures for inspirations and informs decisions with the significance of each symbol. In the end, readers will appreciate irezumi more, or take the plunge to get a Japanese tattoo themselves. This is where all the motif explanations make sense. If you want irezumi ink, you should be informed. And Japanese Tattoos can act as a reference for people making that decision.

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You'll find a lot of tattoo ideas here. But the information will help you do more than just pick a cool design.