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Welsh Irvine. Trainspotting. Файл формата pdf; размером ,58 КБ. Добавлен пользователем polinok65 ; Отредактирован Discusses the continuing power of Welsh's classic novel, set among violent drug addicts in Edinburgh, and the parallels it suggests between individual. Download Irvine Welsh - Trainspotting PDF eBook (Contemporary; English; MB) A mind-blowing novel on Scottish youth subculture, drug, and working class.

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Author: Irvine Welsh Irvine Welsh - Trainspotting · Read more · From Trocchi to Trainspotting - Scottish Critical Theory Since Read more. Irvine Welsh - Trainspotting ENG (pdf) - plik 'Welsh Irvine > Prywatne'. Inne dokumenty: Welsh Irvine, Prywatne, nonanymore. TEFL courses in person and tutored those taking distance your lesson plan so that they can talk to you Putting Your Le Trainspotting – Irvine Welsh.

This is an amazing book; essentially a collection of vignettes about Edinburgh street life among the heroin users strung together by a common cast and a narrative about Renton escaping. Making heavy use of the local patois, the book can be difficult to read but it is well worth preserving because the language is an essential element in bringing the amazing cast of characters to life. The film does have an impact here - as the casting affects your image of the characters - this is not really a problem as the casting was generally excellent - Ewan McGregor and Jonny Lee Miller fitted my mental images of Renton and Sick Boy very well. Robert Carlyle did not conform to my mental image of Begbie but that doesn't really matter as in many ways he was even more terrifying. Also note that this is not a book for the faint-hearted - it is often graphic and disturbing in its portrayal of drug addiction particularly the places you might stick needles and violence you will certainly think twice before insulting a waitress. Essential reading Review 'Welsh has certainly described the world surrounding Edinburgh's underground drug movement with a most amazing intimacy'.

Choose life. Choose mortgage payments; choose washing machines; choose cars; choose sitting oan a couch watching mind-numbing and spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing fuckin junk food intae yir mooth. Choose rotting away, pishing and shiteing yersel in a home, a total fuckin embarrassment tae the selfish, fucked-up brats ye've produced. Extract The bed is familiar, or rather, the wall opposite it is.

Paddy stanton looks down at us wo his seventies sideboards.

Pdf irvine welsh trainspotting

Iggy Pop sits smashing a pile of records wi a claw hammer. Ma auld bedroom, in the parental home. Ma heid struggles tae piece thegither how ah've goat here.

Ah can remember Johnny Swan's place, then feeling like ah wis gaunnae die. Then it comes back; Swanney and Alison takin us doon the stairs, gittin us intae a taxi n bombin up tae the Infirmary.


Trainspotting is a loosely knotted string of jagged dislocated tales that lay bare the hearts of darkness of the junkies, wideboys and psychos who ride the down escalator of opportunity in the nation's capital. And did I get a CBE or a knighthood or anything like that?

I don't really give a fuck what people do in terms of drugs.

A prequel to Trainspotting must explain why young men in the tenements of Leith swapped traditional Scottish working-class family life for the squalid despair of heroin addiction, and the novel implicates everything from Thatcherism to family bereavement.

But Welsh tried very hard, he says, not to write a crude socio-economic polemic. But just to show, without making a big point about it, that the dynamics within the relationships and the family relationships started to change. The idea of people who were basically stuck in a house with nothing to do all day long, it's like the Christmas syndrome, when you all get together at Christmas and think this is going to be great, but it's a fucking nightmare.

Everyone needs some kind of compelling drama in their life, basically. You could look at it from the other way around, and you say why wouldn't people take drugs, because there's nothing else.

Irvine Welsh - Trainspotting ENG.pdf

Why did he ever try it? He went cold turkey, kicked the habit, and the couple returned to Edinburgh, where Welsh worked for the council and studied for an MBA. Post-heroin, he was quite scared of drugs — until the early 90s rave scene and ecstasy seduced him, and inspired him to write. Welsh's famously enthusiastic recreational drug consumption has slowly diminished in recent years, but only because it's no longer worth it.

Now I just want to go back to bed and feel sorry for myself and kind of lie around sweating and groaning and all that.

But it's like, it's a waste, because it goes down the fucking pan all the time. And I really have to watch it," he adds, starting to chuckle, "because if I'm doing a book tour in America, for example, because it's a long distance, you're on planes all the time.

There's been times where I've just forgotten and I've been sitting on the plane, put my hand in my pocket and found a little packet.

Trainspotting pdf welsh irvine

I really do have to watch that. He divides his time between Chicago, Miami and LA, and recently married for a second time, to a woman 22 years younger than him who rides dressage horses. The couple recently bought a horse, and Welsh admits: "I'm totally embarrassed, but I love this fucking horse.

Trainspotting pdf welsh irvine

I don't ride him and ask him to do any work, I just talk to him and feed him nice treats so he loves me and he always tries to kiss me when I come into the stable. We've become new pals, I go out all the time to see him. I can take the kids out and have fun with them and look after them, and I can be Mr Popular.

But actually having to do the grind? That stuff just doesn't appeal at all.

I live in fear. Welsh's solution used to be to DJ in nightclubs. I go fucking nuts. I just become weird and antisocial.

I've been doing a bit of screenwriting, and producing, and even a bit of directing. This is just so different from anything else.

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Completely original. They say: 'Where's the book you were going to write?

Welsh pdf irvine trainspotting

I think I've written a lot better books than Trainspotting.