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Becca Fitzpatrick is the author of Black Ice, Dangerous Lies, and the Hush, Hush saga, including Hush, Hush; Crescendo; Silence; and Finale—all four of which. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick - For Nora Grey, romance was not part of the plan. At least, not until Patch came along. With his easy smile and probing eyes. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick - Nora finds forbidden love with her fallen angel, in the first installment of the New York Times bestselling Hush, Hush.

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Hush, Hush is a New York Times bestselling young adult fantasy novel by Becca Fitzpatrick and the first book in her Hush, Hush series . Hush, Hush was followed by three books, Crescendo, Silence, and Finale. The novels were. The Hush, Hush quartet is a series of four novels by Becca Fitzpatrick that follow teenager Nora Grey as she falls in love with the fallen angel Patch and discovers her own angelic heritage. The first book in the series, Hush, Hush, was released on October 13, Hush, Hush; Crescendo; Silence; Finale. Hush, Hush book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A SACRED OATHA FALLEN ANGELA FORBIDDEN LOVERomance was.

Why am I subjected to the endless details of what exactly the characters are ordering in a Mexican restaurant, what the specials are, and how long it takes a waitress to bring the order? Why should I care? Why do I need to know the details of the bra design that the girls are shopping for? How exactly does that enrich the story? Please stop the filler.

He would say what he had to, but he swore in his heart he would destroy the boy for this humiliation. The boy raised Chauncey to his feet. Chauncey had a profane retort on the tip of his tongue, but he swallowed it. His next words were spoken with icy venom. Your real father was an angel who fell from heaven.

A fearsome and powerful race. They narrowed to form an upside-down V. Chauncey did not need the confirmation. Plus, receive recommendations for your next Book Club read. By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.

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So why is Nora Grey, who excels at keeping her life danger-free, so drawn to him? Why is it that when she looks into his black eyes her body stops listening to her brain? Patch has secrets. But how much does she really want to know about what may turn out to be the ultimate bad boy? Discussion Questions How does Nora feel when she and Patch are first paired up in biology class?

The Complete Hush, Hush Saga: Hush, Hush; Crescendo; Silence; Finale

Would their paths have crossed otherwise? How different—or similar—are Patch and Nora below the surface? What draws Nora to Patch? How much of it is physical? How much of it is destiny?

Should she have tried to fight the attraction? Why does Vee defend the two Kinghorn boys? Are they equally responsible for what happens? Why was he so resistant to becoming a guardian angel? Is his anger justified? In what ways does his death make her more resistant to the supernatural beings in her life?

In what ways does it make her more open to them? Why do you think that the author chose this ailment for Nora? What does the iron symbolize? How does this make her feel? What does Dabria want from Nora? What does she want from Patch?

Why is she an important character? Activities Patch knows that Nora likes baroque music and uses this information to interpret what sort of person she is. Choose your favorite type of music and analyze it to see what it says about your personality.

Sign up to mentor or tutor someone younger than you, or volunteer at the Humane Society. Plot[ edit ] Nora Grey is an average sophomore student living in Coldwater, Maine. Her life is largely uneventful until she is seated next to a mysterious senior named Patch Cipriano in biology class, who had failed the subject several times before.

The two are initially at odds, but Nora finds herself inexplicably drawn to him, his behavior both attractive and repelling.

Hush, Hush

Despite the strong pull she feels towards him, Nora continues to tell her best friend Vee that she's not interested in Patch.

Vee later invites Nora to a local amusement park, Delphic, in an attempt to set her up with Elliot, a boy who has expressed an attraction to Nora. The trip turns awkward when the group runs into Patch, who makes Elliot jealous. Nora confronts Patch and he persuades Nora to meet him in front of the newly reformed roller coaster, the Archangel. Nora later makes an excuse to find something to eat and sets off to find Patch.

After she finds Patch, he manages to persuade her to ride the Archangel. The ride turns into a disaster after Nora falls from the roller coaster, only to realize it was her imagination.

Hush, Hush | Book by Becca Fitzpatrick | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

The incident leaves her shaken up. When Nora is unable to locate Vee and the others at the amusement park, she is left with no option but to allow Patch to drive her home. Once home, Patch offers to make tacos. Nora becomes suspicious and worried as the knife he uses changes sizes. The two nearly kiss but are interrupted by her mom calling in an attempt to check on Nora. Nora becomes increasingly more connected with Patch and begins to change her opinion of him, especially after meeting his closest and only friend Rixon.

Meanwhile, she also begins to grow more curious and suspicious of Elliot after discovering his involvement in a murder case in his last school. Nora becomes extremely afraid after a bag lady is murdered in front of her. She'd given the woman her coat and hat in exchange for directions. She calls Patch for a ride home due to the rain and her fear, but his Jeep breaks down partway through and the pair are forced to take shelter in a shabby motel.

While in the room, Nora finds that Patch has an upside down V on his back, which she earlier thought was her imagination during a play fight between Rixon and Patch at Bo's Arcade. Fascinated by it, she manages to touch the scar and is pulled into his memories of his past. This prompts Patch to demand to know what she had seen, and Nora to demand answers about what she has seen.

This leads to the revelation that Patch is actually a fallen angel from Heaven who was trying to kill her, and in doing so, gain a human body.

Her death would kill his Nephilim vassal Chauncey Langeais and make Patch completely human. She also discovers that Patch has an ex-girlfriend named Dabria, who is also Nora's new counselor at school, an angel of death who wants Patch to save Nora's life so he can become a guardian angel and so he can get back together with her. Patch had initially discarded Dabria's idea out of a desire to become human, but the plan failed because he had fallen in love with Nora.

It is soon revealed that her friend Jules is actually Chauncey, who wants revenge on Patch for tricking him into swearing an oath that will allow Patch to take over his body during the Hebrew month of Cheshvan. After leaving the motel and going home, Dabria breaks into Nora's room and says that she wants to kill Nora in order to prevent Patch from doing so and becoming human. Nora is narrowly saved by Patch, who goes after Dabria and strips her of her wings in vengeance, already knowing the archangels would have done the same for trying to kill Nora.

Nora is later invited to a game of hide-and-seek with Vee, Jules, and Elliot, with Elliot hinting that Vee will not survive the game if Nora doesn't participate.

Despite Patch attempting to get her to remain behind in the car, Nora goes after them. She soon discovers Jules unmoving body, presuming Elliot killed him, only to be cornered by Jules, who confesses that he was behind various attacks on her life as a way of getting revenge on Patch.

The game continues as they are held at gunpoint by Jules. Nora struggles with Jules while Patch tries to distract him, but this fails and Patch is forced to possess Nora's body to fight him. The process leaves Patch unconscious after he's separated from her body because it is not the month of Cheshvan. In an attempt to escape, Nora climbs to the rafters of the school gym, but Jules uses mind tricks to make her believe that the ladders are breaking and that she is going to fall to her death.

Patch manages to break through the tricks by making her focus on his voice in her mind. Jules begins to climb the ladder after her, but Nora confronts him with the knowledge that if she were to sacrifice her life, Patch would become human and Jules would die.

With this in mind, Nora throws herself from the rafters, which effectively kills Jules. To her surprise, Nora wakes up alive and well. Patch explains that he did not take her sacrifice because there was no point in having a human body without her.

In doing so, Patch has saved Nora's life and is now her guardian angel.

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The two share a romantic moment, ending the book. She is studious and diligent. Her father, Harrison Grey, was murdered a year ago.