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explain the concept of website planning. • define the principles of Website Designing. • define Website its various types and components. • describe website . You do NOT need any previous web design experience! All you need to have to make your very own website a reality is - 1. This Guide 2. Julian Carroll has been designing for the Web since He manages the SitePoint Solutions. ( team, and is a.

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PDF | Siamak Sarmady and others published HTML Web Design in 7 If you want to design dynamic web pages (as in most of the websites). Office Live Small Business includes everything you need to create a professional Web site, including a free domain name (e.g., easy. This document provides instructions for creating and publishing a website with At no charge, Google Sites allows you to create a website for various uses.

Image source. What about if your client wants to set up an eCommerce store? Do you have the content ready for your site? Will they be the ones responsible for the content, or do they expect you to take care of copywriting for them? Does your company have a brand book covering things like colors and fonts? But larger, more established companies might have a range of colors that they use for different parts of their logo, the background of their logo , and they might use different fonts for headers, body text, etc as well. When would you like to launch your new site?

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Trade in Trendy Navigation for Usable Navigation Website global navigation needs to do one thing: Help your most important user group accomplish their most critical tasks with as little confusion and frustration as possible. Simple right?

Unpacking that statement reveals a few critical questions that must be answered before that goal can be met: Who are your website users? What is your most critical revenue-generating group? Which group is most critical to the business?

What is that primary group trying to accomplish on your website? What content and functionality will be needed to support that user journey? As you design the global navigation, keep a few points in mind to optimize your data acquisition and user experience: Minimal navigation may be appropriate for websites trying to encourage users to discover and browse.

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Etsy, Pinterest, recipe, fashion or photography blogs all come to mind. University websites, government and service-industry sites all come to mind. The thing to remember here is that minimal does not equate to simple.

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You can get great insights about your website users by using custom segments in Google Analytics. If the information is not what they need they bounce back to the homepage or another section. This indicates the need for a more robust or intuitive global navigation.

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Multimedia Mega Menu! Shorter URLs display better in search results and are easier for humans to read and interpret. In addition to improving data analysis, SSLs can help engender trust with users and give your site a small rankings boost in search results. This involves updating themes and plugins, adding new features from time to time, and scheduling back-ups. Do you need help with blogging and content marketing?

While some website designers prefer to focus solely on website design, offering additional services such as content marketing helps you up-sell your clients, and generate more revenue.

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Read on to find out more. Unfortunately, this is real life, and complications are bound to arise.

On top of that, your customer might be vague and ambiguous in their replies. The bottom line? This way, you can speed up the process, and gently probe your clients to get more thorough answers out of them.

At the same time, this also helps you build rapport and get your client to trust you. Think about it: this signals to your client that you see this purely as a business opportunity, and it might automatically put them on the defensive.

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As you go through the questionnaire, you can also give your client additional recommendations and insights, and get them excited about the results you can achieve for them. Then walk them through your website questionnaire as planned, and ask as many follow-up questions as you need to get them to share their preferences.

Who is your target audience? Do you want to improve an existing website, or create a website from scratch?

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Do you want your website to be SEO optimized? What is the URL of your existing website if any? What do you like and dislike about your existing website?