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Hex Hall Book One (A Hex Hall Novel) [Rachel Hawkins] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Three years ago, Sophie Mercer discovered that. Three years ago, Sophie Mercer discovered that she was a witch. It's gotten her into a few scrapes. Her non-gifted mother has been as supportive as possible. Turn on 1-Click ordering for this browser Book 1 of 3 in the Hex Hall Series . Spell Bound (A Hex Hall Novel) by Rachel Hawkins Paperback $ In Stock.

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Hex Hall book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Three years ago, Sophie Mercer discovered that she was a witch. It's go. . In Italian: The Prodigium Series Hex Hall (Hex Hall, #1), Demonglass (Hex Hall, #2), Book 1. Hex Hall. by Rachel Hawkins. · , Ratings · 8, Hex Hall is a best-selling trilogy of young adult paranormal romance novels by American author . Killed by Sophie's great-grandmother Alice in the end of the first book. . Sophie to use the Itineris to go to her mother, who is currently staying with the Brannicks, one of the enemies of the Prodigium, and he kisses her.

After Sophie's mother discovered that her father was a warlock, they split up and Sophie lived solely with her mother. In order to keep Sophie a secret from her mother's family, the two were forced to move quite frequently. Upon attending Hex Hall, Sophie became close friends with her roommate, Jenna Talbot, the school's outcast. She finds herself caught up in a love triangle between Archer Cross and Alexander Callahan. Sarcastic, clumsy, and lazy, Sophie struggles to control her powers and avoid succumbing to her true nature as a demon. Jennifer 'Jenna' Talbot Sophie's best friend and roommate. A lesbian girl, Jenna was bitten by a vampire girl who she had fallen in love with who was later killed by The Eye.

OK, when I first picked up this book I was all smitten and smug smuggen? But then Ms Hawkins with her devious twists and turns which I will not divulge completely blew that out of the water.

So I thought I was snookered. But then I thought, no. Because I love this song and it is perfect for seducing unsuspecting warlocks in a basement this book…. Witchy Woman by Eagles Angst Level. This book is relatively tame in the angst level.

Although… I gather the sequel is going to be a lot darker. Recommended For. People who are looking for a new fictional best friend that will make them realise how boring and ordinary their lives are. People who would be able to think of witty responses to a werewolf lunging for your jugular. People who are sick of others being suspicious when they ask them to join their secret coven.

People who will always lust after the groundskeeper. People who wish their detentions had been that fun… mmmhmmm. Although, I probably would have more luck finding a prom date than finding someone to go on Air for the third time in a row. View all 21 comments. Apr 26, Wendy Darling rated it really liked it Shelves: This book really grew on me. It took several tries to get past the first couple of chapters, but once Sophie finally gets settled in at Hex Hall things start moving along.

The witchy battles are pretty cool, there's good build-up of the mystique behind the school and behind Sophie's past and powers, and the author does a nice job with creating a variety of different characters with distinctive voices.

I especially liked BFF Jenna and the super cute and witty Archer, and Sophie herself turns out to be a pretty kick-ass heroine. It did take me a little while to get used to the author's voice, but the humor actually gets to be really good as the story develops and I've gone back to giggle over certain passages again.

Overally, this is a really terrific debut and a fast-paced, entertaining read. It's always a plus when a YA author manages to surprise her audience with twists and turns in the plot too, and there are a couple of really good ones here that will leave readers on the edge for more. View all 9 comments. May 11, Emily May rated it really liked it Shelves: I was so pleasantly surprised by this book, almost as surprised as I am by the fact that I actually decided to read it.

I'd all but given up on young adult novels that feature any of the following: Young adult fantasy and urban fantasy seems to have been constantly churning out more of the same, but Hex Hall really ticked all the right boxes for me. Granted, a boarding school for witches and whatnot isn't exactl I was so pleasantly surprised by this book, almost as surprised as I am by the fact that I actually decided to read it.

Granted, a boarding school for witches and whatnot isn't exactly original and it's a hard field to compete in when you're up against the likes of J. Rowling , but I liked Hawkins' laid back and kind of chick-lit style writing. The novel reminded me of something in between Vampire Academy and this TV show that I used to love when I was a kid called 'The Worst Witch', maybe I'm wrong but I'd be willing to bet that not many people outside of the UK have heard of it.

Anyway, you basically have all you expect from a regular high school: But then you also have the added trouble that comes with supernatural creatures and magical powers: I won't say that I expected to hate it, but I did expect to be bored. I never imagined there would be moments that made me laugh out loud and annoyingly stereotypical bad boys that are actually hot enough to get away with being annoyingly stereotypical bad boys.

Yes, you heard me right: Maybe my mid-life crisis came early but I thought Archer was really hot. I think I liked him most because he had a sense of humour and didn't say really stupid cliched phrases like "I'm wrong for you because I'm so badass" - okay, maybe it doesn't quite go like that but I hate literary heroes that believe they're so bad that they've earned the right to apologise for it.

My point: Archer wasn't like that. The mystery was alright but it wasn't my favourite bit; the novel's strength was in the characters and the dialogue, not in the plot behind it all. Probably was what stopped me from giving it 5 stars, my full marks demand a better story.

1 hex hall book

But what the heck, it was fun, I enjoyed it a lot, and I now have every intention of reading Demonglass. View all 15 comments. K Rowling after writing the book.

Or probably not. Exactly my kind of gal! The narration and dialogue are delightful and easy to read. The author manipulated these fantastic characters pretty well and created interesting conflicts and twists although personally, I think the plot could use a bit more action. This is highly recommended especially for young readers or even old looking for a light, enjoyable fantasy read. View all 56 comments.

It's been years since I read Hex Hall for the first time and for some reason I got a strong feeling that I need to re-read this one. After six years. So, here I'm and this time in English. The main character is 16 which is a little younger than books I usually read right now. But honestly? I did not care at all! Sophie is so damn hilarious. I love that girl! Nothing changed here. I was pleasantly surprised, how much I've laughed. Really liked this one.

View all 8 comments. May 09, Natalie Monroe rated it it was ok Shelves: Elodie [his girlfriend] is stupid and dull. Also known as YA's embarrassing puberty years. I tend to stay away from books published during that time since they're filled with unhealthy romantic relationships and girl-on-girl hate.

Hex Hall Series

YA now is like college you, all grown-up and cringing at the occasional photo of your tween self that po "Archer is smart and funny in addition to being hot. YA now is like college you, all grown-up and cringing at the occasional photo of your tween self that pops up on Facebook. Hex Hall is juvenile YA. The writing is a more inane version of Meg Cabot 's style, filled with cutesy internal monologues and pop culture references.

The plot is an typical mystery type without much punch. And the girl hate. God , the girl hate. They looked amazing in the fugly gym uniforms. I thought it was heading that direction for a while and was sadly let down. Yeah, sure, she passes Sophie her powers in the end.

Cry me a river. What power? The power to tear each other down? It was ridiculous. Ethics aside, it's a damn good tactic. The feminism in Hex Hall reminds me of this movie I watched recently: White Chicks. I know, it's been out for over a decade, but I wasn't interested until I saw a gif of one of the protagonists telling the other to hold his poodle, so he can beat someone up.

It's not devoid of female bonding—Sophie and Jenna's relationship was nicely done—but it relies on knocking down other women to build the home team up. In White Chicks, it's the fake Wilson sisters and their friends against the spoiled heiresses who are willing to sleep their way onto the catwalk.

In Hex Hall, it's Sophie and Jenna against the witches' coven who are obsessed with power and their looks. I'm sure you're all tired of me banging on about feminism, but it's something I unconsciously look for when I read. I weigh other factors too obviously—plot, pace, characters, the realistic aspect, etc, but gender equality is up there. If a book is awesome enough, I can overlook certain aspects, like Six of Crows 's arguably archetypal ending view spoiler [of a hero needing to rescue his girl.

View all 20 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Well this is just the same old tired format for paranormal YA boarding school romps. I've seen the same story time and time again in books like Secret Lives , Evernight , Firespell , and it is just boring me. The teachers don't seem to give a damn about discipline-explain to me why the werewolf who attacked Sophie on her first minute on campus got no punishment?

Is attempted murder seen as acceptable at this school? The only one who was given a stern talking to was the guy who saved Sophie by using magic to protect her from the werewolf! Strange moral code from the head teacher don't you think? As usual in these books, the kids do what the hell they like with the teachers ignoring them, which defeats the whole purpose of the school in my opinion.

These kids are sent to this school because they can't control their power so surely they should be watched closely!!! I hate stupid plots like this. View all 19 comments. Jul 06, Alexandra Bracken rated it it was amazing. I can't even tell you how many times I laughed out loud or had to put the book down because I was laughing so hard! Sophie Mercer is now officially one of my favorite heroines and I just might be a little bit in love with Archer Cross, too. I can't say enough wonderful things about this book, only that you need to pick it up ASAP when it debuts next March.

I'm only sad that I have to wait so long to read the next book in the series!! View all 6 comments. Apr 18, Daiane rated it liked it.

Actual Rating: My last Rachel Hawkins one didn't attracted me that much and It's not an original plot. A young witch who screw up and let humans see her magic. Firstly, how can she be that dumb to show her magic to others like nothing?

Who she doesn't even know that well and is like "let me be your fairy godmother. Ops, sorry And there she makes frien Actual Rating: And there she makes friend with this pinky girly vampire who is her new roommate view spoiler [And I loved how the homosexual card was played here.

Jenna is so sweat and her relationship with Sophie was really awesome.

1 hex hall book

I really liked that we have a book that finally portraits that having a gay girl friend doesn't means she will be different, or that she won't like pink or be feminine or even that she will like you.

Now what about you? Definitely something cutesy ending in ie. Sophie is too slow and sometimes she was too dumb. Although I kinda liked when she was really useless as a witch because, well, we are useless. That would have been cool. Instead I raised the stake to about shoulder height and took two, maybe three shuffling steps forward. Then viselike fingers clenched my throat, the stake was wrenched from my hand, and a sharp stabbing pain shot up my right thigh as I landed on the ground with a thump that knocked the breath out of me.

There were people or monsters that were really well introduced and they never appeared again. Or were just a cameo in the corner of the story. I also expected more from the professors. Not a Minerva McGonagall kind of development, but something. There were also things told over and over again, like the reader didn't get it the first time. And the second. And the third So, as all normal schools, at Hecate there were also evil bitches, I mean, witches.

Sophie is called to the "coven" but You know. We also get the hate-love plot as a bonus and things happens Archer is still far away from my head.

Hall 1 hex book

He still bothers me and how he was described, with all his hotness I don't know, it was just too lame. I'm actually more interested in Cal And we get action!!! And the plot twist, even though it's not THAT good, it's still really interesting.

I wasn't expecting the end and all the mystery got me by surprise.

That really increased my ratings. So yes, I recommend this book but be aware of the laziness in the beginning and all the teen feelings. I'l try to stop with the pop culture references. This book was pretty good. There was action, suspense, and some romance. The main character was witty and any reader would be able to relate to them since she had boy, friend, family and identity problems. This book occasionally reminded me of Harry Potter because of some of the teachers being both harsh and grandmotherly at times.

Rachel Hawkins also captured the rea high school life and drama in this with their own version of Prom, cliques, relationships, and talking about teachers behind thei This book was pretty good. Rachel Hawkins also captured the rea high school life and drama in this with their own version of Prom, cliques, relationships, and talking about teachers behind their backs.

The ending was sad somewhat but you are going to have to read to find out what it is: Overall this book is good if you are looking for: View all 4 comments. Aug 24, Hilly rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved this simple book so much because it's funny and has magic with a cool magic school setting which I enjoyed a lot!

Sophie is one of the most funny characters I read about. I mean, only Gwendolyn from Rubinrot is funnier than her. Hex Hall (Book 1): Rachel Hawkins: Books

I loved a lot Archer Cross and view spoiler [I don't think he wanted to hurt anyone, so I'm expecting his appearance in the next book. I will not have a crush on Archer Cross, I will not have a crush o 4. Feb 07, Mel rated it really liked it Shelves: I am possibly one of the only people who hasn't read Rebel Belle so I didn't know how amazing Rachel Hawkins was at writing!

There is nothing extremely spectacular about her writing there aren't really intricate profound quotes and there aren't any special qualities that set her apart like poetry prose or anything of the sort, but all of that is why her writing is so great.

She took a very plain storyline, something done before, and made it incredibly unique and beautiful because it was so real. For instance, her characters were so perfect. Sophie was everything you would expect her to be given her situation. She was a giving caring character who was also definitely selfish and she second guessed herself and others all the time, all the while giving chances to the underdog.

She is in reality a well rounded character that I could see existing in the world and that's so rare. Besides the supernatural beings, this was a very realistic book.

They go to classes, they sometimes suck at classes, she got detention, there was a cute boy with a girlfriend who happened to be the mean girl.

It was basically the supernatural version of mean girls if they had been at a boarding school and I loved it. So simple. This is not a book that you spend days trying to get over, this isn't a book that you can't stop thinking about, but it's a really good fun book to immerse yourself in for a few hours.

Really enjoyed it. View all 3 comments. May 23, Lucy rated it it was ok Shelves: My main impression from the book is that it's meant for the very bottom of the age spectrum it's being marketed for. I'd say years old because the writing is extremely simplistic. Of course, there's a lot of dead teenagers flying around so it's a weird mix of older, more mature themes and fairly immature writing.

The world building is so-so. There wasn't a lot of depth here despite being charming in a general kind of way. Female Harry Potter, Sophie Mercer is not, but still fanatic Potter My main impression from the book is that it's meant for the very bottom of the age spectrum it's being marketed for. The book moves at a brisk pace and Sophie, the female lead, is adorable and funny. The book tosses a lot of cliches in a blender and while you're perfectly aware you're being served every paranormal plot device ever it still goes down smoothly enough.

I wouldn't recommend it to adults who like reading the genre. I'm giving my copy to the teenage girl who lives next door. Mar 31, Sophia. Harry Potter: Magic Castle.

Forbidden forest. Courses to learn spells. Very powerful headmaster.

Hex Hall Book One

Special relationship between headmaster and one student. Said student appears to be the Chosen One.

Hall book 1 hex

Humble, but still very gifted. Anna and the French Kiss: Girl doesn't want to be here. On her first day, meets lesbian roommate and hottest boy in school.

Then meets Queen Bee and is bullied. Doesn't talk to Dad but likes Mom okay. Earns detention, and ends up with hottest Harry Potter: Earns detention, and ends up with hottest boy. Vampire Academy: Magic castle. Courses to learn how to fight. Kick-ass heroin. Doesn't know Dad. Learns that he is the Evil incarnate. Sounds familiar? Yeah, well, not surprising. Because it seems like Rachel Hawkins, on top of having a bad author behaviour, also thought that it would be a good idea to put all this stuff in a cauldron, shake it up, and call the stinky result Hex Hall.

View all 7 comments. Feb 19, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it it was ok Shelves: Find all of my reviews at: I space out and take a lot of reading breaks. Sometimes the result of those distractions is a complete crap gif-filled mess instead of a review. Sophie was just trying to cast a love spell that would make the quarterback ditch his cheer captain date and take the most unpopular girl Find all of my reviews at: Sophie was just trying to cast a love spell that would make the quarterback ditch his cheer captain date and take the most unpopular girl at school from zero to hero.

Unfortunately, the spell worked a little too well. That image is for all the ladies. I continue to cross my fingers in hopes this trend will pass and authors will only be signed to produce one book at a time. Hopefully the result will be books that aren't always soooooooo open ended.

Off topic: Hex Hall has a large supporting cast of characters, whose plot significance varies by book. The story introduces Sophie Mercer as a witch who is ordered to attend school at Hex Hall after a long series of unfortunate spells that threaten to reveal the Prodigium world to the general human population, the spell that sent her to Hex Hall was a love spell that worked way to well.

Reluctant, stubborn, and sarcastic, Sophie finds herself at odds with many people at Hex Hall, including a coven of dark witches and popular warlock Archer Cross. She becomes good friends with her vampire roommate, Jenna Talbot, despite the fact that Jenna was suspected the year before of murdering a classmate. As Sophie attempts to adapt to this new world and learning to control her powers, the school is thrown into chaos after two other students are found attacked, drained of nearly all their blood.

Jenna is again suspected of the attacks and is sent away for interrogation, despite Sophie's attempts to clear her best friend's name. Meanwhile, Sophie's great-grandmother, Alice, appears and extends the offer to help Sophie with her magic.

Grateful for the help, Sophie is shocked to discover that she is much more powerful than she initially believed. After getting in trouble with a teacher, Sophie is forced to spend time with Archer; the two fall in love, but Sophie is dismayed upon learning Archer is a member of The Eye, an Italian-based organization seeking to exterminate the Prodigium population, as they believe they are evil demons. Her life is thrown into further turmoil upon the discovery that her great-grandmother, Alice, is actually a demon who is responsible for the deaths at Hex Hall who was raised by the dark coven to help Prodigium defeat The Eye.

Sophie ends up killing Alice with a special sword made of demonglass a rare substance only found in hell , and learns that since she has demon blood, she could revert to demon nature and kill someone she loves, as did her grandmother, killing her grandfather. Sophie decides to go to London, and go through the Removal, which will take away her demon side.

After learning that she is not a witch but in fact a demon , Sophie requests to go through a process known as The Removal. Her father who's actually the head of The Council, James Artherton, denies her request, persuading her to visit him in London at Thorne Abbey over the summer to learn to control her powers. She agrees to his proposal and travels to England with Jenna and Cal.

Upon arriving, she meets the remaining members of The Council as well as two children, Nick and Daisy, who had been turned into demons. Sophie and her father begin to work on mastering her powers, culminating in Sophie helping her father steal an ancient spell book they believe will help them turn Nick and Daisy human once again. However, they discover the relevant pages in the book have been removed. Feeling neglected by and resentful of Jenna, who is enamored with her new girlfriend and desires to move away and join a vampire coven, Sophie begins to bond with Cal and attempts to befriend Nick and Daisy.

While at a Prodigium night club, Sophie and the others narrowly escape an attack by The Eye, who are looking for Sophie. Among the members of the attack is Archer, who secretly gives Sophie a magical coin she can use to communicate with him. Sophie ignores Archer's repeated attempts to talk to her, though later gives in when Archer attends her birthday party in disguise. After Sophie is attacked at the party, she and Archer use a portal called an Itineris to travel to Hex Hall, where they are attacked by humans that were used to be turned in to demons also known as ghouls.

Upon returning to England, Sophie confesses everything to her father, including the fact that she suspects the Casnoffs the headmistress of Hex Hall and part of the Council to be behind Nick and Daisy's demon transformations.

Elodie, who was previously murdered by Sophie's great-grandmother, appears as a ghost to warn Sophie of Archer being attacked by Nick. Sophie convinces Cal to heal Archer, who is immediately imprisoned by Sophie's father.

The next day, Sophie is sentenced to go through the Removal, and her powers are rendered useless. The Casnoffs' reveal they were indeed behind the demon raisings and subsequently force Sophie's father to go through the Removal as well. Cal instructs Sophie to use the Itineris to go to her mother, who is currently staying with the Brannicks, one of the enemies of the Prodigium, and he kisses her.

The novel ends as Sophie steps through the doorway. Sophie arrives at the homestead of the Brannicks, an ancient female clan that has been at war with the Prodigium, whose numbers are now dwindling. After being reunited, Sophie's mother explains that she was born into the Brannick's clan, but chose not to fight in the war against the Prodigium. At first wary of one another, Sophie and the Brannicks slowly begin to warm to each other.

Meanwhile, Sophie reluctantly finds herself a companion in Elodie, and the two discover that Sophie is able to tap into her powers while Elodie is inhabiting her body. After some time, Jenna and Archer manage to find Sophie, though almost immediately they are transported back to Hex Hall via a spell cast by the Casnoffs, who are using the school to imprison all of the recent Prodigium students.

The Casnoffs plan on raising demons through the students, experimenting on which type of Prodigium will adapt best to the spell. While imprisoned at Hex Hall, the students—particularly Archer—undergo both physical and mental torture orchestrated by the Casnoffs. Meanwhile, Sophie finds herself conflicted between her love for both Cal and Archer, which is complicated by Elodie's intruding. Sophie and the others learn of the Casnoffs ultimate plan, which is to raise an army of demons in a misguided attempt to protect the Prodigium from humans.