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In this volume, the second of The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan, an attempt has entirely to the Sufi Message with which he was entrusted, Inayat Khan. It makes no difference to me if I am so praised that I am raised from earth to heaven, nor if I am so blamed that I am thrown from the greatest heights to the depths. The Sufi Message of Hazrat. Inayat Khan Volume I. The Way of Illumination. The Inner Life. The Soul, Whence and Whither? The Purpose of Life. Pir-o-Murshid.

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published in the Complete Works of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat. Khan, I ( East-West, ), and his lectures on the Persian Sufi poets have also appeared . In the Cosmic Language lectures Inayat Khan took up the challenge of .. The transcriptions of Hazrat Inayat Khan's discourses are based on. Books, Papers, Music and Photos of Hazrat Inayat Khan Available on this Original text entitled A Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty - pdf · The Singing Zikr.

Life[ edit ] " Hazrat " is an honorific title meaning, roughly, "honorable. On his paternal side made of mystics and poets he descended from Pashtuns of Afghanistan initially settled in Sialkot , Punjab , [4] [5]. His maternal grandfather, Ustad Maula Bakhsh Khan — , called the ' Beethoven of India', [6] [7] founded, thanks to the local ruler Maharaja Sayajirao , Gyanshala, an academy of Indian music, and in fact the first of its kind in India, [8] in Vadodara nowadays serving as the Faculty of Performing Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University. With the Shaykh's encouragement, he left India in to come to the West, traveling first as a touring musician and then as a teacher of Sufism , visiting three continents. The family settled in Suresnes near Paris. He immediately told his students to meditate and proclaimed the place holy. In the Universal Sufi Temple was built there.

We wish to grant all of you the freedom to throw a glance behind the door. We are convinced that no harm is done by just throwing a glance. After his passing from this plane in early spring , his website was shut down. I know that the Sufi Order International SOI always had a vital interest for this to happen without reasonable arguments , but during his lifetime Terry always refused any demand to remove the Esoteric Papers from his site. He claimed having had a vision of Hazrat Inayat Khan, where the master asked him to publish all of the Esoteric Papers.

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In the tradition of Qalbi Terry Loveall and the Malamatiyya, within our own tradition of spiritual freedom we are the only website now to publish all of the authentic and authorized Esoteric Papers worldwide. A public print-version of Sangathas and Sangithas is not available.

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Note, that the Gathas and Githas are like the lower steps of a ladder, the Sangathas and Sangithas relate to the steps above. We will be pleased to get from you such information.

I have found out recently, in february , that rumours are true: there is a serie Sangithas III this was confirmed by Nebakht Foundation. I had no knowledge about this one, it is not in my possession, so I am not able to share it. If you have it and you want make it accessible to earnest seekers, please send it to me. The content of the Esoteric Papers is spread all over the Complete Volumes. If you have read the Complete Volumes, which are all published, you have read most not all of the Esoteric Papers as well.

The difference is that the Esoteric Papers are collected following a systematization with regard to a spiritual hierarchy. This hierarchy is organized by degrees of initiation. If you are at the bottom of the hierarchy or an outsider, you will have no access to the higher papers. They are for the eyes of an elitist network only. We are close to all this music, and live and move and have our being in music. The mystery of sound is mysticism; the harmony of life is religion.

The knowledge of vibrations is metaphysics, the analysis of atoms is science, and their harmonious grouping is art.

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The rhythm of form is poetry, and the rhythm of sound is music. This shows that music is the art of arts and the science of all sciences; and it contains the fountain of all knowledge within itself.

There is no better way of getting closer to God, of rising higher towards the spirit, of attaining spiritual perfection than music, if only it is rightly understood. Below are some recordings of Inayat Khan's performances during his years as an Indian Classical Musician.

Vol. 2, The Mysticism of Sound

It is important to note that although he is the founder of Western Sufism and a musician, the music in these recordings is not associated with Sufi Music — the religious music associated with Sufism. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Inayat Khan, see Inayat Khan disambiguation. Baroda , Bombay Presidency , British India.

New Delhi , British India. Places of worship. The music of life Omega uniform ed. New Lebanon, N.

Omega Press. The mysticism of sound and music 1. Shambhala ed. Boston [u. Gordon , Religious leaders of America 2 ed. Gale Research , p.

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