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The god delusion - Richard - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Read "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. A preeminent scientist—and the . A Summary of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins (), Bantam Press This short summary has omitted reference to Chapter 3 Arguments for God's.

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PDF | Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion challenges theology to take the method and mandate of science seriously (1 Cor ). His argument is based on. PDF | On Dec 1, , Renato Zamora Flores and others published The God New York, Richard Dawkins – evolutionary biologist, 65 years, professor of. Richard Dawkins Chapter 3 on 'Arguments for God's Existence' – the arguments turn . The Penguin English Dictionary defines a delusion as 'a false belief.

He told me that he was not aware of the translation, and nor had he had any official request for it. I explained that it had been the work of an Iraqi friend called Bassam Al-Baghdadi, who lives in Sweden. The pdf was downloaded ten million times, with 30 percent going to Saudi Arabia. Bassam said that there were over 1, downloads on the very first day after he uploaded it, and the numbers only climbed as the translation was picked up and shared on the blogs, websites and forums of prominent Arab atheists. The book has prompted unprecedented controversy and debate in the Arab and Islamic worlds. The translator received death threats and accusations of conspiring with the Zionists to corrupt the youth. He was forced to close his social media accounts and stop posting for a while.

The book has prompted unprecedented controversy and debate in the Arab and Islamic worlds. The translator received death threats and accusations of conspiring with the Zionists to corrupt the youth. He was forced to close his social media accounts and stop posting for a while.

Futile attempts have been made to resist the waves of reason now reaching Arab shores, through toothless apologetic articles and books. It is fortunate and wonderful that the banning of books in the Arab and Islamic worlds is no longer feasible in our new age of information.

I was able to read the book while I was still in Morocco, where I was born. Some atheist friends even managed to get hold of the book in Saudi Arabia. The dark times of censorship, in which knowledge for the people was confined to carefully curated books and resources, are gone and will never return.

It is just bullshit! Or was there another reason for his reaction? Perhaps he was afraid. I know there are atheist professors in Morocco who are compelled to pretend to be Muslim in front of their students. But I doubt this was the case here, because I think his reaction would probably have been calmer and more poised. In spite of this early chance encounter, my respect and admiration for Richard Dawkins really date from when I first read The God Delusion, in Arabic.

I began to seek out his articles, and his documentaries on YouTube.

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Even though I was by then already a freethinker, free from religious dogma, the book touched me deeply and had a profound influence on the shaping of my thoughts and ideas. His training in biology may give him the ability to recognize dangling genitalia when he sees it, but it has not taught him the proper appreciation of Imaginary Fabrics.

To expand the point, most of us happily disavow fairies, astrology and the Flying Spaghetti Monster, without first immersing ourselves in books of Pastafarian theology etc. You always attack the worst of religion and ignore the best.

The melancholy truth is that this kind of understated, decent, revisionist religion is numerically negligible. To the vast majority of believers around the world, religion all too closely resembles what you hear from the likes of Robertson, Falwell or Haggard, Osama bin Laden or the Ayatollah Khomeini.

These are not straw men, they are all too influential, and everybody in the modern world has to deal with them. Not by a small margin.

The God delusion

I mean the worst! The most unrelievedly awful! Insulting a restaurant might seem trivial compared to insulting God. But restaurateurs and chefs really exist and they have feelings to be hurt, whereas blasphemy, as the witty bumper sticker puts it, is a victimless crime.

It is not for me to say whether I succeeded, but my intention was closer to robust but humorous broadside than shrill polemic.

THE GOD DELUSION by Richard Dawkins - BULLIVANT - - New Blackfriars - Wiley Online Library

In public readings of The God Delusion this is the one passage that is guaranteed to get a good-natured laugh, which is why my wife and I invariably use it as the warm-up act to break the ice with a new audience. Book critics or theatre critics can be derisively negative and gain delighted praise for the trenchant wit of their review.

But in criticisms of religion even clarity ceases to be a virtue and sounds like aggressive hostility.

Pdf richard dawkins god delusion

A politician may attack an opponent scathingly across the floor of the House and earn plaudits for his robust pugnacity. One is that the non-believing choir is a lot bigger than many people think, especially in America.

But, again especially in America, it is largely a closet choir, and it desperately needs encouragement to come out.

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Judging by the thanks I received all over North America on my book tour, the encouragement that people like Sam Harris, Dan Dennett, Christopher Hitchens and me are able to give is greatly appreciated. A more subtle reason for preaching to the choir is the need to raise consciousness. When the feminists raised our consciousness about sexist pronouns, they would have been preaching to the choir where the more substantive issues of the rights of women and the evils of discrimination against them were concerned.

But that decent, liberal choir still needed its consciousness raised with respect to everyday language.

Richard Dawkins to give away copies of The God Delusion in Islamic countries

However right-on we may have been on the political issues of rights and discrimination, we nevertheless still unconsciously bought into linguistic conventions that made half the human race feel excluded. There are other linguistic conventions that need to go the same way as sexist pronouns, and the atheist choir is not exempt. We all need our consciousness raised. Atheists need to raise their own consciousness of the anomaly: religious opinion is the one kind of parental opinion that—by almost universal consent—can be fastened upon children who are, in truth, too young to know what their opinion really is.

There is no such thing as a Christian child: only a child of Christian parents. Seize every opportunity to ram it home. You are just as much of a fundamentalist as those you criticize.

No, please, it is all too easy to mistake passion that can change its mind for 9 fundamentalism, which never will. Fundamentalist Christians are passionately opposed to evolution and I am passionately in favour of it. Passion for passion, we are evenly matched. And that, according to some, means we are equally fundamentalist.

But, to borrow an aphorism whose source I am unable to pin down, when two opposite points of view are expressed with equal force, the truth does not necessarily lie midway between them. It is possible for one side to be simply wrong. And that justifies passion on the other side. Fundamentalists know what they believe and they know that nothing will change their minds.

Here I must stand. The fundamentalist Kurt Wise proclaims that all the evidence in the universe would not change his mind. As things stand, however, all available evidence and there is a vast amount of it favours evolution.

It is for this reason and this reason alone that I argue for evolution with a passion that matches the passion of those who argue against it. My passion is based on evidence. Theirs, flying in the face of evidence as it does, is truly fundamentalist. Live with it.

Pdf richard dawkins god delusion