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When you search online for free German learning books, there are quite a lot of “Deutsch im Blick” is an excellent free textbook for beginners. Deutschland. The current version of this book can be found at German is the third most popular foreign language taught worldwide, and the. German Books PDFs I have seen that someone wanted a German version of the Italian list from yesterday so i tried to make this. I don't know.

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Free downloadable PDFs are ideal for training grammar skills, vocabulary and Deutsch – German Language is a free e-book focusing on explaining the. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy . With German e-books, you can take your German reading practice with you Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you .

Some people prefer to use the latest technology when learning a foreign language while others still like paper textbooks that they can read in a pleasant environment somewhere on the beach or in bed. In fact, many German textbooks are available online as free downloadable PDFs they usually open in the browser but can be saved to your disk. They are ideal for practicing grammar skills and improving vocabulary and reading comprehension. In addition, samples of various German language exams can also be downloaded from the Internet for free as PDF files. Below is a list of those free PDFs for learning German that can be used alone for training specific language abilities such as grammar skills, reading comprehension or exam skills. It goes without saying that for practicing pronunciation, listening comprehension and conversation skills you will need other types of learning tools. The latest version of this course can be downloaded here , but the formatting of the PDF file seems a little bit odd and some lessons are not yet finished, so you may be better off using the original version from available under the link above.

A much smarter approach is to progressively increase the difficulty by using material which is just a little above what you know. While they might not be what you would usually read, there are a number of advantages to reading books intended for a much younger audience: 1.

They are easy Books for children are intended for a group of people who just started out learning the language.

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Think you can identify with that? As a consequence these books use easy vocabulary and simple language so as not to overwhelm first-time readers.

German Books ( Free )

They are meant for native speakers Children in Germany actually grow up with these books. This is where they get some of their early words and sense of word order from. They are meant to be read out loud Especially the ones for the really young are intended to be read out loud by parents.

You can take advantage of this and read them out loud to yourself. That way you combine working on your reading skills with pronunciation exercise. They are often very repetitive Books for younger children frequently repeat sentences over and over. This is good news for beginners as it means you will automatically practice the same words and grammatical structures again and again like you would with a rote repetition study approach.

Luckily there are a number of online resources where you can even score some for free. International shipments make it possible to download them outside of Germany. Many are also available in electronic form, so if you own a Kindle you can have books delivered within seconds anywhere in the world.

Plus, there is even a number of e-books available for free.

German Books

As of this writing there are 80 German books available on the site which you can read online right away. He provides out-of-print editions of his and other books as free downloads in PDF form.

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You can move from one level to the next and gradually ramp up your reading skills. Not all of these books are actually by German authors but all of them are have been translated and become an integral part of growing up for children in Germany.


Therefore if you read these books, you get a cultural education at the same time. Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt Recognize this colorful little character? Dino has just started learning German, so the language of these stories is very simple both, sentence structure and vocabulary suitable for beginners. At the end of each episode you will be asked to answer questions to make sure you understand the text. The answer key can be found at the end of the document page Unfortunately, the free PDF download is no longer available and you can only read and print the html document.

Marktplatz is a German language course developed by Deutsche Welle with strong focus on business German. It includes 26 chapters that address such specific business topics as starting a new business, raising capital, securing debt financing, financial planning, sales forecasting, forming joint ventures and subsidiaries, franchising, marketing, research and managing personnel and corporate identity.

Each chapter can be downloaded as a separate PDF file. Every PDF file begins with an article on a specific theme, followed by several different exercises with solutions that can be found at the bottom of the document. This course requires a German language skill level of at least B2.

Solutions can be found at the end of each test. In addition, there is a list of assessment tests for a number of language exams.

Some of these tests can also be downloaded as PDF files. Telc offers freely downloadable mock exams in PDF format that you can evaluate yourself an answer key is included at the end of the PDF to see how well prepared you are for the actual exam.

The Gutenberg Project is a great place to get free ebooks! Unfortunately most of them are free because they're no longer copyrighted, which means that most of them are older books Still worth a shot though!

Here's the link for German books in general: I would think if you need books for a Kobo you'd just search on their store, right? Perhaps not exactly what you were hoping for in terms of portability, but they look pretty good!

They also have a link to short stories and a top ten list of films. I tend not to use the Kobo store, and they've recently changed the way the site works so that it's difficult or impossible to find the free books.

But, more to the point, what I'm after here is recommendations of specific books or stories that are available in e-book formats epub or mobi , rather than recommendations for websites with e-books or stories in other formats. As far as readings go, I've just been to the shops and listened to "Der Stuwwelpeter" twice.

I can still only understand the odd word, or maybe a sentence here and there, but even just listening to it twice it was amazing how much more I understood the second time round.

So it's definitely a good idea. Ya, if nothing else repeat listening helps your mind solidify those news noises as words, not just sounds.

10 Sites With Free German Ebooks Covering Over Thousands of Free Titles

It's such a great feeling - that moment of recognition! Well, good luck with your search buddy! Can't wait to see what folks come up with while trying to help you! I sorta feel like a shoe salesman who bought you a size 6. Vamos a ver.