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ECE Electronic Projects. 1–1 Why choose electronic projects as a general education .. course Web site as PDF documents with password protection. Top and best electronics projects ideas list for final year ECE and EEE students along with all sources like circuit diagram, code, abstract & output video. Electronics. Projects. FOR. DUMmIES‰ by Earl Boysen and Nancy Muir . on interesting book projects and to Chris Morris for managing the editing process.

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Uploaded by: GLADIS The Conscious Parent. A Compilation of 21 tested Electronic Construction Projects and 71 Circuit Ideas. PDF | This Book is written for all the people who love innovation. It is the big collection of ideas to do some innovative project, to make. Use this book to build electronics projects involving circuits on a solderless breadboard. Electrical Engineering Basic Circuits (PDF). Build a circuit to make lights.

How to use the book Know the basics—To start working with electronics circuits ad projects, one should be very well aware about all basic electronic components like Resistor, capacitors, transitors etc. It is important to know how the components behave when they are connected in a closed circuitfor example—The purpose of a capacitor is to store charge and once charged capacitors cut off current supply through them. It is also important to understand what voltages should be applied to different components and the direction these components should be connected. For example—capacitors have a maximum possible permisable voltage rating along with polarity written on them , for resistors polarity doesnt matter. For most of electronics components manufactured today a voltage of around 5 volt is sufficient.

Apart from this circuit there are two more fundamentals on which touch circuits workResistive and capacitive. Both of these techniques are used in touch mobile.

In resistive touch screen a finger touch passes current between two tightly spaced invisible resistors on screen. Same happens in capacitive Where capacitors are used instead of resistors.

Pdf electronics projects

Find materials at : www. Step2: Ensure that electrolytic capacitor is right way round. Step3: Assemble all remaining parts and insert the batteries at the end Step4: After battery is connected, test the circuit by touching wire, to check if LED lights up.

If it didn't light up check all the connections again. Please refer the figure on the right to identify the correct design from panels.

When you forget something on gas, timer can remind you about it Or when you forget to switch off geyser, heater etc, timer can always alert you to do so. This circuit can be calibrated to adjust timings from a few seconds to a few minutes.

If you observe this circuit also uses a melody circuit along with timer circuit. We have already created melody circuit in previous project. You may refer previous circuits. Dont use 9v battery to test melody circuit.

Pdf electronics projects

It may damage the IC UM Tip: See Appendix I to see resisatnce calculations for 4 M resistor. This circuit uses a 9 volt battery 50 www. Step3: Assemble all remaining parts and insert the batteries at the end. Step4: You can change the wire contact connecting R1 and connect it to R2 to increase timing. In breadboard diagram, 3 4M resistors are used and current connection is using only 2 of them.

Timer project panel for MY Kit 51 www. Every electric appliance is having an internal resistance, if its working fine. And we can measure this resistance using this circuit, It can measure up to k ohms of resistances.

It just produces a sound to confirm connectivity. Step3: Assemble all remaining parts and insert the batteries at the end Step4: After battery is connected, test the circuit with some appliance like an adaptor. And see if circuit produces some sound. Continuity tester project panel for MY Kit 53 www.

Step4: After battery is connected, test the circuit with some appliance like an adaptor. And see if LEDs are blinking fine or not. It is very useful in our real life. Cell Phone Detector : This is a simple circuit which helps to detect the presence of an activated cell phone by detecting the signals in the frequency range of 0.

It helps in mobile phones tracking which are used for spying. Bidirectional Visitor Counter using : This Bidrectional Visitor Counter Circuit is helpful to count the number of persons entering or leaving a room and to display it on a screen. Password based Circuit Breaker : This password based circuit breaker project is built using controller and is used to switch off the power supply to the line by entering a password.

Temperature Controlled DC Fan using Microcontroller : The main principle of the circuit is to switch on the fan connected to DC motor when the temperature is greater than a threshold value.

This can be used in home applications and in cpu to reduce heat. Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights : This is a simple circuit that automatically controls the intensity of street lights which is designed using microcontroller and LEDs. Line Following Robotic Circuit using ATMega8 Microcontroller : This line follower robot is a basic robot that follows a specific path indicated by a line having some particular width.

This circuit works on the principle of IR communication. This circuit can be mainly used for indication purposes. This circuit works on analog to digital conversion principle. It can be used at homes, mobile places like cars to keep a track of the temperature. We have to arrange one IR sensor for each road; these sensors always sense the traffic on that particular road. All these sensors are interfaced to the microcontroller. Based on these sensors, controller detects the traffic and controls the traffic system.

Automatic Washroom Light Switch : This is a simple but very useful circuit in our real life which helps to automatically turn On the lights when a person enters the washroom and it automatically turns Off the lights when he leaves it.

Automatic Door Bell With Object Detection : This automatic doorbell with object detection circuit helps to sense the presence of a person or an object automatically and rings the doorbell. Water Level Indicator : This Water Level Indicator project employs a simple mechanism which helps to detect and indicate the water level in an overhead tank or any other water container. Password Based Door Lock System using Microcontroller : This system demonstrates a password based door lock system wherein once the correct code or password is entered, the door is opened and the concerned person is allowed access to the secured area.

After some time, the door would be closed. Read this post completely to get more information. Boolean Algebra Calculator : This Boolean algebra calculator is an interesting project which is more useful in our real life by working as a portable calculator to simplify the Boolean expression on the fly.

In our circuit, we use Boolean algebra simplification methods like the Quine-McCluskey algorithm to simplify the Boolean expression and display the output on the display. Mobile Jammer Circuit : This circuit is used to block the signals of cell phones with in the range of meters.

This circuit can be used in TV transmission and also for remote controlled toys or play things. By using this circuit, there is no chance to cheat as the circuit operates at such a high speed that the circuit is almost imperceptible to the human eye. Metal Detector Circuit : This is a simple metal detector circuit which is very useful for checking the person in shopping malls, hotels, cinema halls to ensure that person is not carrying any explosive metals or illegal things like guns, bombs etc.

Panic Alarm : This panic alarm circuit helps us to intimate others regarding our bad situation without any delay. It is more useful when an intruder entering our house or bad health status at which we are unable to intimate to the people around us.


Wire Loop Breaking Alarm : This circuit works as a continuity tester device which tests the continuity of the wire at hand. It is an indispensable tool to check broken wires and undesired shorting of wires. Rain Alarm Circuit : Rain water detector will detect the rain and make an alert; rain water detector is used in the irrigation field, home automation, communication, automobiles etc.

Here is the simple and reliable circuit of rain water detector which can be constructed at low cost. Automatic Plant Irrigation System : This project circuit is more useful in watering plants automatically without any human interference.

It is more useful when the owner is not present in the home for few days. Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit : Lead Battery is a rechargeable battery and is more useful in our real life as it will dissipate very little energy, it has very low energy to weight ratio, it can deliver high current, can work for long time with high efficiency and is very low cost.

150+ Electronics Projects for Engineering Students

Motion Detector Circuit : The motion detector is not only used as intruder alarm but also used in many applications like home automation system, energy efficiency system, etc. The motion detector will detect the motion of the people or objects and give the appropriate output according to the circuit. This circuit can be mainly used in scoreboards. Two identical circuits are needed, one is for left and the other is for right. The main heart of this circuit is timer. This flashing action performs continuously.

This circuit uses timer and a decade counter. It can be used as doorbell. With some modifications, it can be used to produce different sounds.

Read this post for complete details. This saves the power consumption and is low cost. This circuit can be used in the museums to protect the valuable things. TV Remote Control Jammer : This proposed TV jammer circuit confuses the infrared receiver in a TV by producing the constant signal that interferes the remote control signal. If you switch on the circuit once, the TV will not receive any command from the remote. This allows you to watch your own program without anyone changing the channel or volume.

Super Sensitive Intruder Alarm : This circuit is designed to alert the user when an intruder enters into the home. If there is any obstacle in front of IR sensor, it generates an interrupt signal. This interrupt signal is given to the speaker to alert the user.

Using this remote, we can control the appliances within the range of meters. It is used for remote control applications like burglar alarm, car door alarm, calling bell, security systems, etc. High and Low Voltage Cutoff with Delay and Alarm : This high and low voltage cutoff with delay alarm circuit is an advanced automatic voltage stabilizer circuit and is used to protect our home appliances.

This solar charger has current and voltage regulation and also has over voltage cut off facilities. This circuit may also be used to charge any battery at constant voltage because output voltage is adjustable. Car Battery Charger Circuit : This article aims to describe the principle of operation, design and working of a simple car battery charger from AC mains supply and a feedback control section to control the battery charging. Fire Alarm with Siren Sound : This circuit alerts us when there is a fire accident at home by ringing a siren sound instead of a buzzer.

You may also get detailed information about pin diagram and internal block diagram of NE timer.

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Intelligent Unambiguous Night Lamp Switcher : This is the circuit diagram of unambiguous night lamp switch, which turns ON our domestic lights automatically when it is dark, without human interference. It also avoids repeated frequent switching of the devices which is usually ignored in most similar circuits but may have a detrimental effect on our operating devices. Automatic Railway Gate Controller with High Speed Alerting System : The main aim of this project is to operate and control the unmanned railway gate in the proper manner in order to avoid the accidents in the unmanned railway crossing.

This circuit can be used for decoration purpose or can be used for a signaling purpose and many more. This circuit is mainly used in the occasions, decoration articles or in visual indication sign boards etc.

In this project, we use bi-color LEDs for sequential running light. Thermistor Temperature Sensing Alarm : This circuit is a temperature sensing as well as alarm circuit. The circuit raises an alarm whenever the temperature crosses a certain limit. Pull Pin Security Alarm System : This circuit helps us to get alerted when anybody picks our pockets or bags. The circuit is very helpful to prevent our goods getting pick pocketed. Auto Turnoff Soldering Iron Circuit : This circuit helps the soldering iron to turn off automatically when it detects overheating and thereby avoids it from getting damaged.

This can be used as a calling bell to call your assistant. SCR can be used in half wave rectifier, full wave rectifier, inverter circuits, power control circuits, etc. FM Bugger Circuit : Here is small circuit with which you can listen to another people conversation from long distance using the normal FM radio set.

This FM bugger circuit is kept in room where you want listen the conversation. You can listen to this conversation using the normal FM radio set. Battery Powered Portable Light : This circuit is more helpful in handling unexpected and undesired darkness in our homes or offices. It provides considerable amount of brightness required to do our daily tasks.

IR Remote Control Switch : By using this circuit, we can control any house hold appliance with the help of remote. Receiving section will be in a stable position which is connected to any load and transmitter will act as a normal remote. It can be used in industries and surveillance systems. Human Detection Robot using Microcontroller : The main principle of the circuit is to detect the human using human detection sensor. The wireless robot is operated manually using PC.

The wireless technology used here is Radio Frequency technology. The data is transmitted to receiver through RF. Remote Password Operated Electronic Home Appliances : This circuit explains you how to control the electrical appliances using an Android device.

Here, Bluetooth module is interfaced to microcontroller. This Bluetooth receives the commands from the Android application device using wireless communication. Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle : Land mines buried under the ground causes threat to the lives and affect the economy of the nation.

Detection and removing of these mines manually is a dangerous task. So, we use a metal detection robot which works on RF technology. Water Level Alarm Using Timer : This is a simple and low cost hardware project using a timer circuit. The aim of this project is to design a water level detecting alarm with simple and low cost hardware without compromising on the performance of the device.

Sun Tracking Solar Panel : This article describes about circuit that rotates solar panel. For the charging of your mobile phone, this circuit provides you a regulated voltage of 4. Security Alarm Circuit : This circuit helps you to guard your precious documents as well as jewellery from intruders or theft.

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All you need is to just place this circuit in front of the locker or below the mat so when any unknown person come and walk over the switch, the circuit will trigger and sound of alarm comes. Mosquito Repellent Circuit : Here is the simple electronic mosquito repellent circuit which can produce ultrasound in the frequency range of kHz, which can scare away mosquitoes.

Jammer circuit produces the high frequency signal which will confuse the receiver of particular system from receiving the signal, even though circuit is working properly, user of the system feels that circuit is not working properly. The whole circuit is based on IC CA Battery Charger Circuit : This battery charger circuit works on the principle of controlling switching of an SCR based on charging and discharging of battery. Simple Fire Alarm Circuits : Here are two simple fire alarm circuits which are used to detect the fire automatically and inform to the people immediately with an alarm.

Wireless Switch Circuit using CD : This is a simple circuit which needs no physical contact with the appliance. Electronic Letter Box : This is a simple circuit which helps in finding out any letter dropped in our box by stopping the LED lights attached in this circuit. Clap Switch Circuit for Devices : This is another simple but very useful circuit which helps to ON or OFF a device without moving from you place and also helps to control the speed of the electric devices like fan, etc.

The maximum range of transmission is around 2 km. A Subwoofer is a loudspeaker which produces audio signals of low frequencies. It helps to control the home appliances using DTMF technology. Street Lights that Glow on Detecting Vehicle Movement : This article describes about the circuit that switches the street lights on detecting vehicle movement and remains off after fixed time.

Pdf electronics projects

This system controls the street lights using light dependent resistor and PIR sensor.