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Documenting two projects, Leti and Copperhouse II, each set of drawings strips the respective project down to its bare minimum while maintaining materiality, weight, and context. Most pronounced, and common to each drawing, is how each building is embedded in the earth. The drawings try to ground the viewer just as the buildings try to ground the occupant. You are always aware of your relationship relative to the stepped plateau. In addition, differences in vegetation, from tall grasses to lonely trees, are drawing as simply and explicitly as possible, indicating their texture and highlighting their formal relationship in space to the units. In the section, the buildings and section mimic the layers of surrounding mountains.

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157 pdf croquis el

Indigenous construction reclaim the site. The house is located in a dense Moreover, the density of the palm coconut grove, and its two volumes tree stand meant that the entire are arranged in such a manner as house was built by Studio Mumbai to preserve as many of the existing carpenters without the use of large trees as possible a feature that equipment.

The structural parts also characterises some of their are made from a local hardwood other projects. While the two called ain.

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Exterior surfaces are volumes are made from timber, made from wood or copper, with a stone-paved surface articulates interior surfaces in teak wood the courtyard, which features palm or cement plaster.

The external trees, a pool, a well and water louvres are made of Palmyra, a channels. Four wells on site supply local palm species, and act like water for the house and irrigation a screen wall to provide shelter of the plants by way of the water from the elements, and to preserve channels.

The kitchen is located in a privacy. The louvre screens facing small building of its own, separated the pool in the courtyard are from the two timber volumes.

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The courtyard space between the building volumes, towards the pool. View across the courtyard and the pool between building volumes. Light on the ground spatially appealing but also enhances during the monsoon season. Screen walls line large parts relation.

The leading. De palabra y por escrito; 9 Luis Barragn. Escritos y conversaciones; 10 E.

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Escritos Cuaderno de Viaje ; 11 Louis I. Se trata de proyectos de El Croquis en formato pdf y totalmente gratis.

October 16th, - Studio Mumbai Pdf el croquis studio mumbai english and. November 11th, - For your information this site can not host pdf.. Studio Mumbai Pdf el croquis studio mumbai english and spanish. El Croquis.