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Goosebumps Bahasa Indonesia. By · Updated about 5 years ago. Download ebook JAR, TXT Bahasa Indonesia | Novel. Goosebumps FULL Collection 1 - 62 Ebooks, PDF | books THE LINK HAS Download EBOOK Goosebumps Bahasa Indonesia & English g00sebumps. DOWNLOAD OR READ: SUPERSTITIOUS RL STINE PDF EBOOK EPUB MOBI. Page 1 superstitious rl stine This is RL Stine's 1st edition of Goosebumps. Written in R. L. Stine - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas.

So when they find a secret door in the basement game room they are all about exploring it. But what they find hidden there is truly frightening. Now they have a serious problem. A serious problem that's hungry Mar 05, Carmen rated it liked it Recommends it for: Kids; Parents Shelves: children , horror , traditionally-published , he-says , fiction But what does it do for you? It allows us to travel in time.

And that his parents were also vampires? Why wouldn't they tell him.. Oct 12, Anmol rated it really liked it. In this book, Cara and Freddy find a secret door in Freddy's basement. In that door there was long tunnel that lead to a secer rooom, containing a coffin, which has a vampire in it. Cara and Freddy somehow go back into time. They are almost bitten by vampires.

Indonesia bahasa ebook goosebumps

But once they get home they find something very intersting. Read the book to find out!

View 1 comment. Nov 01, Adan Ramie rated it liked it. The ending of this one didn't make sense - even to my elementary and middle school kids. Sep 24, Debra Covell rated it liked it. I promised a student I would read this. Surprisingly silly.

Goosebumps bahasa indonesia ebook

I understand why so many children enjoy these for light reading. Feb 07, Angel Gomez-Estrada rated it it was amazing. L Stine is a good book that really hooked me in and always made me want to turn the page. It is full with details and always painted a picture in my mind on what was going on in the book. I would recommend this book to young readers around 5th grade. When the shelf fell over, it uncovered a secret room behind a door.

Freddy and Cara walked in and there was a long tunnel, they decided to walk through the tunnel until they reached another door. They were a bit frightened of the whole situation but ended up walking through that door too. When they got in, they saw a coffin that was in the room which had no windows or anything. There appeared a guy in the coffin which was a vampire.


The vampire was confused on where he was and they soon found out that he belonged in the past and not in the present time. They uncovered the bottle to bring him back to the past but the kids accidentally came with him and there was no more breath left to get back. They were in a castle with so many coffins and empty vampire breath bottles. Cara and Freddy knew that once the vampire found his bottle of vampire breath that he would suck their blood.

So they went to go try and find the bottle before the vampire did.

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Then, Freddy found the bottle. Obviously, the book goes way more into detail than I did because this is just a summary. I hope you read this book that I recommend to young readers like 5th graders.

Dec 28, Pooja Banga rated it liked it Shelves: Sep 04, Reyes. Com added it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Middle grade horror Oct 05, Nat rated it it was amazing. This has been one of the best Goosebumps I've read. Feb 21, Jaden V. Vampire Breath Goosebumps: But that is what year-old Freddy and his "tough" friend Cara do.

They open this secret door that was hidden behind a china cabinet. They follow the tunnel inside of it and come face to face with a coffin and a bottle of something called Vampire Breath. So what do these idiot year-olds do?

Well, they open it of course! Bad move, guys. Because as soon as they open this bottle of Vampire Breath, a scary old dude dressed in a tuxedo materializes! But it just so happens that he's lost his fangs, so he can't drink the blood of these two prepubescent children. They are relieved, of course, I mean, who wouldn't be? If I'm being honest the only vampire I would ever let bite me would be Eric from the True Blood series. I mean, what a babe. But anyways, I'm sidetracking.

I wish I was making this up. It'll help Count Nightwing go back in time so he can find his fangs and then proceed to feed off of unsuspecting humans. I mean it should, if they didn't use the entire thing of it when they opened it up and released him from his slumber. So they find the Vampire Breath, open it, and thankfully, there is some of the stuff left.

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So the vampire will leave them alone and never come back! But oops, they are in the room with the vampire, so guess what happens? Yep, they time travel back to like the s where Count Nightwing is from.

So now they are trapped in Count Nightwing's castle with the vampire they help set free, and also dozens, and I mean dozens, of other vampires that live in this castle with them.

Indonesia ebook goosebumps bahasa

They are trapped. Actually, pretty much doomed if the Count has anything to say about it. Because when he finds his fangs he is turning the both of them into vampires.

So the rest of the story is basically Freddy and Cara vs. Its all very boring at this point, just them walking around searching for this stupid bottle. But then they meet this unsuspecting year-old blonde girl. And uh oh, she's a slave to the vampires! She has to clean all of the coffins day and night! And she has a way they can leave the castle once and for all! And she is super thirsty, like all vampires are, so guess what?

And then Count Nightwing comes to save the day and screams at this girl because she is trying to drink his prisoners. This is Cara and Freddy's chance to get away, so they escape, into a room with millions of bottles of Vampire Breath. But the Count remembers that he hid his full bottle of Vampire Breath in there with all the other bottles so the other vampires couldn't steal it from him.

So obviously he is going to fly up and catch the bottle. When the Count drops the bottle, they get sucked back to Freddy's house, and the two are geeked.

But ruh roh, Count Nightwing is back with them, and he is super pissed. He can't find his fangs, he can't drink, the Vampire Breath is gone, and he is probably going to wilt and die. Yes, my friends, Count Nightwing, the vampire trying to kill these two tweens, is actually Freddy's grandfather. And to add to that plot twist, Freddy himself is a vampire, but he won't get his fangs for another hundred years which sucks.

And THAT is how the book ended. I would be lying if I said I didn't laugh hysterically through this one. It had to be one of the more ridiculous ones. More in the Monster Blood caliber. But I loved reading it even if it was more amusing than anything.

Oct 20, Emma rated it liked it. It was spooky! Nov 19, Fudz rated it liked it. Buku Goosebumps pertama yang sy miliki, coz sblm2nya cuma pinjem ke tmn or adik kelas. Klo ga salah wktu masa2 SD kls 6. Sy baca buku seri Goosebumps didorong oleh rasa penasaran, krn covernya yg beragam dan cukup menggambarkan kenyataan dari sebuah horror. Ok, dalam edisi Indonesianya b'judul Napas vampir, klo ga salah itu edisi ini berhadiah stiker yg bs menyala dalam gelap.

Napas VAmpir bercerita tentang seorang anak yang menemukan ruangan di rumahnya yg selama ini ditutup rapat dan digembok. K Buku Goosebumps pertama yang sy miliki, coz sblm2nya cuma pinjem ke tmn or adik kelas. KArena penasaran anak tsb pun berusaha membuka ruangan yang berada di basement rumahnya.

Ketika terbuka disana ia mendpati ada sebuah peti yang tertutup rapat.. Kemudian apa yg terjadi..? Long story Pokoke di ending ckup mengejutkan juga karena selama ini mereka adalah keluarga vampir! Begitu cerita napas vampir, klo sy ga salah inget juga, coz dh lama banget bacanya.

Buku ini juga tidak diktahui kberadaannya. Pdahal, pengen c nostalgia baca ulang lagi View 2 comments. Apr 27, Andrew rated it really liked it Shelves: I bought this novella not only because it's a Goosebumps book and that I didn't already have it, but because I thought it would be interesting.

I was right. It didn't have alot of events exactly, it was more of a story of things that happened all at once. As in like a couple of hours. Despite that I thought the set up was good and the twist at the end was not what I expected.

The Haunted School

I had a completely different idea of what the twist was going to be and the cool part also was that a random thing at the I bought this novella not only because it's a Goosebumps book and that I didn't already have it, but because I thought it would be interesting.

I had a completely different idea of what the twist was going to be and the cool part also was that a random thing at the beginning made since at the end. Jun 04, Glenn Smith rated it really liked it. Currently rereading my original Goosebumps collection Can't remember the last time I enjoyed reading a Goosebumps book this much.

The quality of the later entries has started to decline but this is one of the better ones. I believe this is the first time in the original series that vampires are the main focus. This one is at times creepy, mysterious and funny. The story is actually interesting. Kids will love this one. Read from August 25, - August 26, Apr 04, Claire bookscoffeeandrepeat rated it liked it Shelves: I've read this years ago when I was a kid, probably between years of age.

I liked the book because it produced vivid images in my mind. They are also very physical with each other, wrestling with each other and getting in fights with each other all the time. Serious fights. I mean, not seriously emotionally, but potentially physically harmful. It's during one of these fights when Cara body-slams Freddy into a china cabinet. The wall behind the cabinet reveals a hidden door.

The children can't help exploring - after all, Freddy's parents are out, they are always "out. At the end is another room, with a coffin inside. Cara opens the bottle and a green, stinky mist pours out. When it clears, an old man is lying in the coffin. He wakes up, and he's thirsty They run.

Goosebumps bahasa indonesia ebook

He corners them and attempts to suck Cara's blood, but realizes that he has no fangs. Long story short, they finally get back to the present and it's revealed that Count Nightwing is Freddy's grandpa. And Freddy's parents are vampires.