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Ebook download any format Discipline Equals Freedom Unlimited Free E-Book Download now. Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual, Pt. 1 (Thoughts). By Jocko Willink. • 41 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Opening Dedication. 2. The Way of . Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual by Jocko Willink ebook audio ebook business "A culture of discipline is not a principle of business; it is a principle.

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Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual [Jocko Willink] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. The instant New York Times bestseller!. Online PDF Discipline Equals Freedom, Read PDF Discipline Equals Freedom, Full PDF Discipline Equals Freedom, All Ebook Discipline Equals Freedom, PDF . And yet, if you ask former Navy SEAL commandeer Jocko Willink, Who Should Read “Discipline Equals Freedom”? In addition, he has also authored four books on his own; Discipline Equals Freedom is one of them.

Books, Audiobooks and Summaries. Discipline Equals Freedom. Yet, as we explain below, this book is a bit different; it lacks the usual fair share of war stories and anecdotes, and the structural integrity of the other two books. In addition, he has also authored four books on his own; Discipline Equals Freedom is one of them. He is also the host of a popular podcast, the Jocko Podcast. The Workouts. Furthermore — and as already suggested — the lessons come in distinctive tiny dosages, bursting with energy via short, powerful sentences and bolded, all-capped crescendos scattered all around the page.

Here and Now, says Jocko Willink. Just start doing this. Take the first step and make things happen.

Here and Now. Motivation is a powerful force. So powerful, in fact, that sometimes it can help you move mountains.

Discipline Equals Freedom — Jocko Willink | Bartosz Mikulski

Emphasis on sometimes. Believe Jocko Willink! You need to count on Discipline. There are no magic pills or life hacks known to men that will ever do the job for you; you have to do the work yourself; you are the one who has to make it happen. The colorful sprinkles, the cream filling, the glaze… We know what you must be thinking at the moment: why are you doing this to me, man? I need to get a donut right away! Dead wrong.

First of all, donuts — just like chocolate chip cookies, double Dutch chocolate cake, Coca Cola, potato chips, pretzels, hot dogs — are, simply put, not food!

They are, quite literally, poison. Donuts are enticing because they are sugarcoated lies. If they are shiny, sweet, tempting, and, especially, if they are free — then they are most probably lies, poisonous lies!

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Just stay on your course: your will is much stronger than the will of a donut. The only thing I kind of don't like about this book is how the author applies this theory to pretty much all aspects of life.

Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual by Jocko Willink

He does say to learn from mistakes and failures, and use that as a learning opportunity, which I agree with completely. For example, there are always going to be poor people, and poverty is not a moral failure or a character flaw.

Some poor people can rise above their station, but not all of them. Of course he doesn't say anything about poverty, so maybe I am being unfair on this point. But I think that while his philosophy can absolutely apply to many people and situations specifically of course health and exercise for otherwise healthy people , it is too simplistic for others.

Black pages, large gimmicky font with weird offset that looks like Instagram meme material, not much content other than a hefty dose of tough love. Nov 07, David Chabot rated it it was ok Okay, so I've read Extreme ownership and loved every word in it.

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Willink is obviously some kind of superhuman and I respect the guy a lot. This book couldn't be more boring. It felt like reading the transcript from a motivational youtube video.

Discipline Equals Freedom : Field Manual by Jocko Willink (2017, Hardcover)

I expected so much more from the author, such as real life example, thorough explanation of his thought process, even philosophy. In the end, it's just a mind numbing repetition of a few keywords mixed with ''You can do it if you set your mind onto i Okay, so I've read Extreme ownership and loved every word in it. Take it or leave it. The desire to be a little bit better every day, and not accepting who you are right now.

Is it an extension of the extreme ownership idea? Does he want you to extremely own your life? I bet he does.

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As Jocko says: The only person you can control is you. So focus on making yourself who you want you to be.

And you become that person through: One. The preacher of action This book is dangerous. It really makes you want to change something, to force yourself to be more disciplined.

If you are looking for detailed instructions, you should look somewhere else. This book is supposed to motivate you. It shows you what will be possible to achieve when you wake up early in the morning and start the day with something that must be done.