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Hell's Corner book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Oliver Stone and the Camel Club return in #1 bestselling author Da. Hell's Corner by David Baldacci, Read by Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy This is the fifth book in the Camel Club series by David Baldacci. Before he can lead a covert mission on the orders of the President, a former Read More. Genre: Mystery & Thriller / Fiction / Mystery & Detective / International .

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Hell's Corner (Camel Club Series series) by David Baldacci. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Baldacci's implausible fifth Camel Club novel (after download a Kindle Kindle eBooks Kindle Unlimited Prime Reading Best Sellers & More Kindle Book Deals Free Reading Apps Kindle Singles. Read "Hell's Corner" by David Baldacci available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Before he can lead a covert mission on.

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for download. Before he can lead a covert mission on the orders of the President, a former CIA assassin must track down the source of a terrorist attack and navigate a shadowy world of betrayal and political secrets in this 1 New York Times bestselling thriller. Inside, the British prime minister is being honored at a state dinner. Then, just as the prime minister's motorcade leaves, a bomb explodes in the park, and in the chaotic aftermath Stone is given an urgent assignment: British MI-6 agent Mary Chapman becomes his partner in the search for the unknown attackers.

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Camel Club series: The Camel Club 2. The Collectors 3. Stone Cold 4. Divine Justice 5. Hell's Corner. Sarah Broadhurst. An attack on the heart of power In sight of the White House At a place known as The president has personally requested that Stone serve his country again on a high-risk, covert mission. Though he's fought for decades to leave his past career behind, Stone has no choice but to say yes. But Stone's mission changes drastically before it even begins.

It's the night of a state dinner honouring the British prime minister. As he watches the prime minister's motorcade leave the White House, a bomb is detonated in an apparent terrorist attack against both leaders. It's in the chaotic aftermath that Stone takes on a new, more urgent assignment: Stone's opponents are elusive, capable, and increasingly lethal.

Worst of all, it seems that the park bombing may just have been the opening salvo in their plan. With nowhere else to turn, Stone enlists the help of the only people he knows he can trust: Yet that may be a big mistake. Pan Books an imprint of Pan Macmillan Format: David Baldacci is the author of fifteen previous consecutive New York Times bestsellers. David Baldacci is also the cofounder, along with his wife, of the Wish You Well Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting literacy efforts across America.

He lives in his native state of Virginia with his wife and family. And Hell's Corner truly lives up to its name.

This may be Oliver Stone's and the Camel Club's last stand. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. More Details Original Title. Washington, D.

United States. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Hell's Corner , please sign up. Is Hell's Corner the last of the Camel Club series? Janet Buck I hope you're right, Amy! I read most of Baldacci's series, but the Camel Club is my favorite.

See 2 questions about Hell's Corner…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. You make them and then you live with the consequences. I'm invested in these characters and I want to know what is next for them. Hell's Corner begins with a bang. A stroll through Lafayette Park for Oliver Stone will prove to be more than a headache for him. A bomb has been detonated so close to the White House in spite of all the security surrounding the place. At first, it looks like a terrorist attack targetting the visiting British Prime Minister but after a while, it seems like there is so much more to this very carefully planned attack.

Oliver Stone is pulled to help his government again. A new badge and a new partner is given to him. His new partner is Mary Chapman, an MI-6 agent. Yet, like always with Oliver Stone having his past as John Carr, so many other agencies are not happy with him. Oliver will need to watch his back and when he can trust his own government, he will enlist the help of his friends from the Camel Club to help him investigate the terrorist attack before another one happens.

Hell's Corner was full of action, intrigue and killer suspense. One action, trigger multiple responses and it seemed like Oliver and Mary were always one step behind.

They could trust no one but they both wanted the same thing: The truth. There were two great twists which I loved. The second twist was perfect.

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I do hope I get one more book so I can get some answers to the open-ended ones. View all 6 comments.

Baldacci hells corner ebook david

Never the less -- i have to say the Novel was a good Political thriller-- kept me entertained -- but do not pay first run price for this one-- wait for paperback or the library View all 3 comments. Apr 20, Salymar rated it it was amazing Shelves: To top it all, Camel Club is still a huge hit in 80 countries across America, and I am happy to experience that sensational hit. The story revolves around a resigned skilled assassin, Oliver Stone. Oliver Stone was forced to be back in his business when he experienced a bombing in a known park near the White House.

He was given one mission, and that is to find those responsible for the bombing. With nowhere else to turn, Oliver Stone asked for the overpowering assistance from the four political watch-dogs, also known as, The Camel Club. View 1 comment. Aug 23, Jmrathbone rated it did not like it. I have liked the other Baldacci books about the Camel Club, but this one was one too many.

Not to worry, before he can get started on that assignment, there is an assassination attempt on the British PM and he must help I have liked the other Baldacci books about the Camel Club, but this one was one too many. Not to worry, before he can get started on that assignment, there is an assassination attempt on the British PM and he must help find the people behind that attempt.

He gets help in this endeavor from a beautiful female MI-6 agent. There is also a professor who is supposed to go out and find Osama Bin Laden. View 2 comments. Dec 28, Vignesh Ashok Kumar rated it it was amazing Shelves: After finishing up the fourth book in the series, I thought it was a good ending to the series.

After seeing the fifth book, one would have raised a question - Why the hell would there be a fifth book? Well, I thought I would be disappointed. But to my surprise this book was fantastic and one of the must reads of this series even if the payoffs for the series was a little weak.

Soon, this became a matter of national security, so Mary Chapman, an MI6 agent was brought in to be the partnered with Oliver Stone.

The plot gets quickly gets complicated every revelation which contradicts each other. Oliver trust in Uncle Sam was declining. So, he asks The Camel Club for the favor. That's the dream team right there!!! The characters were perfect and as the Camel Club stumbled upon the uncharted territories, things started to get complicated and the stakes were pretty damn high.

The plot was inter woven perfectly. Only thing I wish is for this novel to continue. If it does, I will be the first in the line to read this and enjoy!! Jun 14, Carol rated it it was amazing.

This was so well written and such interesting character development. I really loved it. Great read. Second Read: I'd forgotton some of the story, so listening to it again was very exciting. There is an attack on the heart at the White House.

At a place called Hell's Corner. John Carr a. Oliver Stone--once the most skilled assassin his country ever had, stands in Lafayette park in front of the White House, perhaps for the last time. The president has personally requested that Stone personally requested that Stone serve his country again on a high risk covert mission.

It's the night of a state dinner honoring the British Prime Minister. As he watches the motorcade leave the White House that evening, a bomb is detonated in Lafayette Park , an apparent terrorist attack against both leaders.

It's in the aftermath that Stone takes on a new more urgent assignment, to find those responsible for the bombing. I just loved this book. So much suspense, and excellently written. Ron McGlarty and Olag Cassidy were the narrators. I heard and interview with Baldacci and Ron McGlarty.

This book has some exciting twists and turns. McGlarty said as he was reading that he was absolutety stunned at the end, and the surprises were terrific.

Highly recommend. First Read: This series blows me away every time because the characters have so much depth and they are written with such clarity that you feel they just passed you on the street and said Good Morning.

Stone may lead this merry band of misfits but he is not their leader he is a member of a close knit, well thought out group of people that can easily carry any book on their own and have proven that in the past. Baldacci knows how to write a great story and this one stands out in that it will scare you to realize the fiction he is proposing is probably fact and I hope there is a retired Agent Stone out there protecting us.

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Nov 10, Cheryl rated it really liked it. Oliver Stone is recruited by the President of the United States to help serve his country on a top secret mission. In exchange for his services, Stone will never have to worry about the government knocking on his door again.

The offer is too good for Stone to refuse.

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Stone is standing outside in Lafayette park, outside of the White House, enjoying his last night before he heads out of the country. High dignitaries are heading to their cars after being wined and dined at a dinner honoring the Bri Oliver Stone is recruited by the President of the United States to help serve his country on a top secret mission. High dignitaries are heading to their cars after being wined and dined at a dinner honoring the British Prime Minister.

Suddenly, everything turns to disaster when a bomb goes off.

Ebook corner david hells baldacci

Stone wakes up in the hospital. It was great to see the Camel Club together again in action. Everyone brings something new to the table. Stone is the ultimate action hero. He dishes out the butt-kicking and always leaves a trail of bodies in his wake. Right from the beginning I was fully mersed into this book. I could not get enough of Stone. The dynamics between Stone and the rest of the characters were nice. They all worked well together. Everyone equally measured up to the story line.

I kept trying to figure out who the rat was in the story and every time I would start to think it was so and so, another twist was get thrown my way. There was not a moment that I was not enjoying myself reading this book. The suspense levels were high.

The ending was great. I can not wait to read the next Stone novel. Hell's Corner delivers the action and punches! Although the ending was for the birds, up to the very last few pages this book was prime thriller material and kept me completely engrossed.

En donde nada es lo que parece y nadie puede confiar en nadie. Gracias, Baldacci, por crear estos extraordinarios personajes. Este extraordinario grupo de amigos. Jul 23, Diane rated it really liked it. A very good read and excellent addition to the Camel Club series.

Lots of action, twists and turns, some red herrings and some surprises. I enjoyed this book and the whole series and highly recommend it to anyone that likes the "spy world"!

From the blurb: In si A very good read and excellent addition to the Camel Club series. Nov 09, Mary Gramlich rated it it was amazing. For all the losses he has suffered there has been the gain in his friends and cohorts known as the Camel Club. A group of people that are as different they come together and make one large, right group. But this latest case is one Stone has to handle on his own and no one including him is happy about it even though the President of the United States is asking for his help.

But before Stone can do his work for the President a bomb goes off across the street from the White House creating the scenario where conclusions are drawn, angles are worked and assumptions made. While everyone is running to the right the masterminds are veering to the left and keeping everyone off balance including all the alphabet agencies in Washington, DC. Stone is drafted back into the service of the government with the promise that all past indiscretions would be erased yet the problem for Stone is that his sins have been of such huge proportion he is not sure this is a statement based in fact.

Baldacci hells ebook david corner

But Stone finds himself partnered with an MI6 agent who is as cunning as he is and keeps up even while running after him. But the agency he is now working for is throwing him off with smoke and mirrors, bodies are piling up, misconceptions abound and everyone becomes a suspect.

Stone wants the nightmare to stop but for every decision he makes that draws a resolution to the case another one shows up to prove to him the last one was way off base and leads blow away with the wind. This is the fifth book in the Camel Club series by David Baldacci. I listened to this on audiobook and, I have to say, it took a bit of concentration due to the complexity of the storyline.

Because of the location of the park, the jurisdictional challenges are enormous with the Secret Service, Homeland Security, the Park Service and the FBI as well as the DC Police all responsible for different pieces of the park.

Stone is brought in by the NIC and the White House to participate in the investigation of the bombing. He is teamed up with Mary Chapman, an agent from MI6 that is brought in to assist the investigation when it appears the British PM may have been the target.

As Stone is working the case, it seems that the investigators are being watched by others within their own government as well as the bad guys - who always seem to be one step ahead of them. Distrustful of the other agencies, Oliver turns to the people he can count on - The Camel Club. As they investigate the possibility of involvement by Mexican Drug Cartels, Russian Mafia, and International Terrorists - all while navigating the dangerous political waters of DC - Oliver and his friends become targets and find their lives at risk.

Will this be their last mystery? This audiobook was read by Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy - both of whom did a great job bringing the characters to life and keeping the listener interested. Apr 10, Mahoghani 23 rated it liked it Shelves: Washington is Babylon! You can't trust anyone, taking a life is just an ordinary every day occurrence.

For Oliver Stone, the people of Washington politics are truly evil. No one is whom they appear to be. Everyone has their own agenda and all the federal agencies are not sharing what they know amongst each other. Oliver Stone has Washington is Babylon! Oliver Stone has been summoned by the President of the United States to perform a mission on Russian soil. In return he will be pardoned and cleared of all wrongdoings if he survives the mission.

Things change after a bomb explodes right in front of the White House, in Lafayette Park. Each time they get a lead, it ends in someone getting severely injured or murdered, leaning more toward the latter.

Oliver knows that they, the powers that be, are out to get him and so he goes to whom he can trust; the Camel Club. The suspense throughout the book keeps entangling you to read more. The book rotates from who may be the culprit to innocent bystanders in an instant. This book makes you ponder what is really going on at Pennsylvania Avenue and it's other federal agencies. Nov 17, Mark Bennett rated it it was ok.

Another in the Camel Club series that are now typical Baldacci.