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Page 1 | Basic Computer Skills Series: Mouse & Keyboard. Content based index finger). mouse. Lesson 9 Review Left Shift T, O, G, N, and Period Lesson 20 Learn Hyphen and Diagonal . Just imagine you will probably be using a computer for the. row is very important in learning typing as it acts as the ruling base in typing A computer keyboard and keyboard tray that allow comfortable typing or keying.

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curriculum includes resources, activities, example exercises, and lessons that will . and use the computer keyboard and mouse while learning about reading. computer for each student. COTT poster of the correct keyboarding position ( optional) plastic keyboard covers to hide characters on keys (optional). >. Basic Keyboarding. Introduction to the Computer Keyboard . Here are websites with keyboard lessons, paragraph writing, and games for the inexperienced as.

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With touch-typing, the typist does not need to look down at the keyboard to find the correct letter; instead, they rely on muscle memory to remember the locations of the keys.

In most people, their fingers work much faster than their eyes and brain when it comes to typing.

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Hunt-and-peck typists look down at the keyboard and use one or two fingers to tap the keys one by one. Most untrained individuals use the hunt-and-peck method, and some people can even become reasonably proficient at this style.

However, studies have demonstrated that touch-typing produces much quicker speeds and more efficient output. In addition, hunt-and-peck typing can give employers the impression that an employee is inexperienced with computers. Smooth, effortless touch-typing will make a strong impression in any business.

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Most employers will expect their employees to have the ability to touch-type and already be familiar with the standard QWERTY keyboard named for the first six letters on the top row.

However, alternate keyboard layouts, such the Colemak and Dvorak keyboards, have been developed to favor certain computational tasks. Other keyboard designs, such as the Kinesis layout, favor ergonomics. Proper ergonomics and posture are a good starting point for any student of keyboarding. Without aligning the body and hands in the correct positions, long-term typists can suffer health problems, including back pain, neck strain, or carpal tunnel syndrome.