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Looking for good comics? Wondering what else a certain Writer/Artist has. The /r/comicbooks Recommendations. Superhero. Do you collect comic books or comic book art? Or are you just interested in the world of collecting? Either way come here for discussion, news.

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A reddit for fans of comic books, graphic novels, and digital comics. Discussion (musicmarkup.infoooks). submitted 1 hour ago by Donna A reddit for fans of comic books, graphic novels, and digital.

Views[ edit ] Members of the movement object to things they feel exemplify problems in the comics industry, which interfere with entertaining its traditional readers. Van Sciver, who worked consistently for DC from to , describes "a left-wing dominance in the comic book industry" which has led to "oppressive social justice warrior harassment and blacklisting ", and called for "escapist, apolitical entertainment". Industry veteran Chuck Dixon and Brett R. Smith — both politically conservative — alleged in May that, in the industry's pursuit of a more diverse marketplace, they had been blacklisted by Marvel and DC. Miller describes it as "an alliance of comic book fans, critics, and creators who have found common cause in standing up against what they see as a hard push by social justice warriors into their hobby". Commentator Richard C. Social media[ edit ] In , female superhero Mockingbird was depicted on a comic book cover wearing a t-shirt that read "Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda"; this was followed by harassment on Twitter of series writer Chelsea Cain , including a posted illustration of Mockingbird after being brutally killed with her costume torn off, with the t-shirt phrase as a caption.

I would be interested to hear an advertising executive talk about the million dollar budget for advertising this picture.

Steven Spielberg Acquires Rights to Reddit Horror Story

Who needed to be marketed to? Who was on the fence about the new comic book movie, especially since it was the second part of a story started in the movie that made a gajillion dollars, which was related through plot or theme, to 20 other previous movies?

All the characters are there, and they are presented in arrays similar to the way you may have played with toy cars or dolls, they are shown in action, smashing into each other, they are lined up so you can look at them all together, they say things and fly around and make noises. There are other boring parts where people are talking and not being super heroic, but you need those parts to set up the cool parts where you can see the characters do stuff.

Skip to content Avengers: Endgame Furthermore, redditors submit pictures of their own costumes and creations.

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Read More wallpapers for you to choose from. That's a title that you'll see in many Read More into Watchmen, so I thought this might be a good subreddit to get me prepped. The subreddit is another one that has become a little dead, but there are some finds there that are at the very least interesting.

Discussion of the story is always a good place to go, and of course, fan creations pop up every now and then. Read More , and most people discuss his history. However, there are a few unique items here and there such as fan art and discussion of the new movie. This might be a good place to check out.

Oh, and there are comic book characters here, too.

The Comic Book Movie Was Satisfactory – Hmm Daily

She noted in The New Yorker piece that she is "now at a hundred percent" with the experience leading her to develop the SameYou charity. It is called SameYou, and it aims to provide treatment for people recovering from brain injuries and stroke.

I feel endless gratitude—to my mum and brother, to my doctors and nurses, to my friends.


Every day, I miss my father, who died of cancer in , and I can never thank him enough for holding my hand to the very end. Check it out by clicking here or listen below.

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