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here available ccc study material pdf, you can also download ccc notes pdf in hindi and english, ccc book pdf and questions paper etc. ||CCC Study Material Download PDF In Hindi|| – हेलो दोस्तों, जैसा की हम सभी जानते हैं की आज कल ज़्यादातर सरकारी. CCC Computer Notes In Hindi, CCC Book Download, CCC Exam Question, CCC Question Paper Study Material PDF, CCC Computer Book.

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ज़रूर पढ़े: Basic Computer Knowledge in Hindi PDF Download. ज़रूर पढ़े: Arihant ccc book pdf download in hindi. NIELIT Conduct online Examination for CCC Exam. So mainly Use our CCC Exam Material PDF and CCC questionsfor passing CCC theory exam and CCC Videos given below for passing CCC practical exams. Objective: This course is designed to aim at imparting a basic level appreciation programme for the common man. After completing the course the incumbent is.

Organized in every month January. February, March, April, May. June July. Who Can Apply: Anyone Who qualified below high school examination can apply for this course.

Images produced on a PC depend on the screen you use. Am image is made up of tiny dots called pixels. Computer mouse is a device whose shape resembles an actual mouse with a rubber ball tracking ball embedded at its lower side and buttons on the top.

This hand-held device allows you to control your computer without having to type instructions from the keyboard.

Material ccc pdf study

It serves to move around your computer screens as well as to activate command. Working on a computer through a mouse is easy and faster as compared to the keyboard. Certain software like Paint, CorelDraw, Photoshop etc. Keyboard is a typewriter-like device, which contains keys to feed information into the computer. In general, keyboards are available in two models:. The standard keyboard with keys; and the enhanced keyboard with keys or more shows an Enhanced Keyboard. Important files are stored in the PC for future use.

However sometimes these files my get corrupted when a virus attacks your system. To save the important files, we use magnetic disks. Magnetic disks help you safeguard important data and information by storing them permanently.

Disks storage systems are essentially based on magnetic properties. The printer is a device that produces images number, alphabets, graphs, etc. After creating a document on the computer, you can send it to the printer for printing its hard-copy which is generally called a printout fig. The scanner is a device that can transfer typed or handwritten texts, graphs, diagrams and photographs to the computer.

Instead of making a duplicate copy on paper of the required data or photograph, scanner stores them in the memory to the computer. A wide variety of computers are available in the market today. Computers differ from one another according to the speed of the speed of their processors also called chips. The desktop contains small pictures which represent the different programs that are installed in the PC.

These pictures are called icons. Following are the icons that you will usually notice on your desktop:. My Computer: This displays the contents of your computer i.

Recycle Bin: The programs represented by these icons can be direcdy opened by double-clicking the icons.

Besides icons, the desktop contains the following:. Start Button: The Start button can be clicked to open the Start menu, which gives you access to all the programs on your computer.

Pdf ccc study material

Status Bar: For example, the bar shows a printer icon if you or a CD icon if you are using a compact disk. Many more icons are available on your desktop and may very from computer to computer.

Since icons are shortcuts to a programs, they can be created easily for programs in your PC. You will learn about creating icons on your in the later chapters. A personal computer can help you work in many areas. It can help you to write letters, create letterheads and charts, balance your chequebook, draw a picture, inquire about stock prices, play games do homework etc.

For any personal computer to function, you will need the following essential components:. Additional hardware components that can be added to your system are the modem, printer, scanner etc. Software constitute the logical programs that handle the different components of your PC and help them to interact with one another in a hassle-free manner.

They cannot be touched or felt. If you want to type letters, the recommended software is a word processor program like Paint, CorelDraw, Pagemaker, etc. There are different software for writing letters, making calculations, combining pictures and text, setting up a database or a spreadsheet and so on.

The following is a brief introduction to the types of software which are commonly used to expand the capabilities of your computer:. Word Processing Programs: This software allows you to type a letter or report, and change words or move blocks of text around with ease. Further, word processing programs also count your words and even check spellings.

Amongst the various work processing programs, Microsoft Word and Wordpad of Windows 98 are the most popular ones.

CCC / CCC + Exam

Spreadsheet Programs: A spreadsheet program is meant for those who need to do a lot of calculation or financial planning. A spreadsheet is made up of cells arranged in a grid. Each cell can contain a number, text or a formula.

Sometimes a spreadsheet programs may include charting tools that allow you to plot the values stored in rows or columns as a graph or chart. Microsoft Excel is so far the most popular spreadsheet program with computer users.

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Database Programs: Database programs are useful for storing, sorting and retrieving large amount of data. Invoices or orders which may be in large number can be managed better by using a database program. Database software allows you to add new information, search through previously stored data, and print out records. An organization, for example, might require a database about its various products, suppliers, employees, and customers.

Doctors, on the other hand, may need to maintain databases about patients and their individual medical histories.

Today, the most widely used database program is Microsoft Access. Designing Software: This type of software is used to create drawings on the computers screen. Designing packages are immensely helpful for designers and illustrators. A user can draw any type of simple as well as complex drawings using the mouse.

These package cannot be used without mouse. A latest designing program called fractals is now available in the market.

NIELIT DOEACC CCC Fundamentals of Computers Study Material in English

In this program, pictures are drawn by defining equations. Language software: Each computer application is developed by using codes. These codes are written in a unique language that the computer can package is known as Language Software. Open Source: The software programs that are freely available to everybody on the internet are known as Open Source. This term indicates two things. First that you do not have to pay for installing such a program on your computer, and secondly, the coding of the program is also available to all.

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Multimedia Software: Multimedia software packages are the latest craze in the users. A user can very easily create animations and modify them using such programs. Using these programs, one can create 3D objects, move objects on a definite or a random path, and can animate objects in a number of ways.

Follow On Facebook Page. Follow on Google Plus. This Exam will be divided in 5 Sections. Each Section will contain 20 Questions. Now finally check detailed below we have provided CCC Preparation Tips which will help each and every applicant.

We know about the current situation of all students this time. You have to be present this time and stay connected to this page all the time. This is not so much difficult task to clear this test. All you need to study for the Test.

Your knowledge towards computer should be good for sure. Keep your mind very positive for this Examination. Best instructions will be shared with you regarding CCC Exam CCC Result Print free Material. Still having any main question regarding CCC Exam? Two recent photographs affix on the box. The Details of Online Examination and steps to be followed a Examination center is given below: The duration of Examination is 90 minutes and you have to solve 50 objective types and 50 true false questions of one marks each.

No negative marking for wrong answer. Examination will be online and single terminal will be provided to every student. Collect your login ID from examination Superintendent.

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Enter your Login ID, the details appears on the screen will be verified by invigilator. You should enter your Roll No on the space on screen.