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Not always, but it can happen because the right emotional blueprint switches aren't being flipped. You aren't putting her through the sequence of emotions that . Special thanks to reddit user disso for the excellent pdf. is the blueprint called: Real Social Dynamics Tyler Durden - The Blueprint Decoded. The Path of Mastery --By Tyler Durden. author: "Tyler Durden" date: Mon 23 . the blueprint tyler durden pdf, google page 1. getting in the.

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Tyler Durden - The Blueprint ( Kb eBook) Tyler Durden - "The Blueprint" is electronically distributed. Tyler Durden was the antagonist in The Game and now runs the very succesful pickup company Real Social Dynamics. Author: Tyler Durden; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: MB; Downloaded: BestsellerThe Game by Neil Strauss (Style) and author of The BluePrint. Rsd(Tyler Durden) Blueprint - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. hjhjg.

The program includes 20 DVD s of the Blueprint seminar lectured by Tyler Durden, concentrating on how to be an awesome man and great with women by unleashing your masculine essence , and having natural game, rather than resorting to poor man s psychological manipulations. This live seminar DVD s is in picture perfect quality. Everything you see in this DVD set is crystal clear with perfect surround sound. This is done to make it look like you were there live at the super conference seminar. OtherDating, Relationships, Sex lessons: The final sections investigate contemporary debates about theories of federalism and regional experiences of federalism in a global context including Africa, author Jason Helmick traveled to Redmond, WA to sit down with members of the core product teams at Microsoft in order to bring you expert advice and advanced tutorials on the technology you use or should be using moving forward. Objects of Metaphor by Samuel Guttenplan, and a kit of parent handouts targeting emotion-regulation skills.

Be unapologetic. This is the key to showing you are congruence with who you are. Even if you fuck up you didnt mean to, and you didnt intent to offend anyway. Unapologetic is the key to getting away with anything, similar to Stifler or James Bond. When your unapologetic you can do what you want, get away with it, and ultimately people will react to you, you dont react to them, youre the source of a range of emotions and stimulation and this makes you a man of value to them.

As a man, there is nothing someone can give you that you cant get for yourself. As a result of natural evolution men have become socially and emotionally autonomous where are women are not. If you need people, especially women on any level, especially for ego validation or sense of self youre being a bitch. You will never be attractive. Remember that when you go out: your sense of self and fulfilment is something you can achieve on your own, this is not true for a woman.

Realising this is the key to a naturals frame. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. In life, time will tick away whether you like it or not. Time is a constant.

Whatever you are doing in that constant of time will be reinforced. If you are getting out there taking action, moving forward, taking responsibility you will either achieve things or learn things, making way for other achievements.

The worst thing you can do with your time is nothing. Staying home, not going to the gym, not approaching, or ejecting for a worthwhile set. If you arent winning or learning something at every point in time in your life you will be out of congruence with your man-of-action innate trait and you will feel bad.

When you win and when you learn you feel good. Get out there. There is no failure, there is just competent and not-yet-competent.

Tyler pdf blueprint durden

Whatever you feel, she feels. Remember that women dont judge you on your status, they dont judge you on your looks or even on your words.

They judge you and react to you based on what feeling you influence them with. That said, its most important that you are always feeling good.

Best way to do this is to be a man of action with a path in life, someone who is ballsy and risk taking, someone who is daring and someone who sets out with positive intentions.

You were born feeling good with self esteem, so you know that if you get back to natural state then you will feel good. Its only when you try and force things or unnatural do you lose your default good feeling. Be natural, be relaxed and you will achieve the very important goal of feeing good most of the time, and automatically make all girls feel good most of the time.

You will be a fun guy to be around. State is chill, not fireworks. This is a big one, most guys have no idea that state is not something exciting, not something flashy or even something extravagant, the coolest people you have known in your life and alpha males all have a chill vibe about them. This is true state, what Jeffy calls a burning coal. It is EASY to be consistently chilled-out or relaxed, its as simple as adopting an its all good attitude and having some willpower to not let petty things get under your skin.

If youre always operating from an its all good attitude, and you dont get into bad state by letting people or incidences the external world get to you, then simply taking actions of your own choice following your core will ignite the nimbus. You will draw state from within. As a man its when youre doing something you want to do that youre most aroused. You influence others with this arousal and it makes you attractive.

This state, unlike fireworks state, is the infinite well and never burns out making you always attractive. Others ARE socially conditioned, have empathy. What that means is, if what youre doing as good or as slick as you may think it is- doesnt make sense to the people you are doing it to, you will simply be ignored or not taken seriously. Have an awareness of how those around you are socially conditioned and be responsive to that.

Start within the constraints of that, then lead the interaction in your direction your reality. Just as important, if you continue on, not aware that the way your approaching people doesnt make sense to them, they will think you lack empathy and give rise to ignore responses or straight up blow outs. Be calibrated, use your brains and your empathy. If the girl isnt gaming you, youre not going to have sex with the girl.

Its true that people value something they have to work for, or something they think of as higher value than them. And this can be confusing if you are learning cold approach pick up. How can I approach her, then, get the girl gaming me?

Furthermore, to think that you have to game the girl implies that you are lesser than her, and this implication with become a self fulfilling prophecy to the girl you are interacting with. After all, the way you approach her is the way she makes up her mind about you. Go in chat, even entertain her and arouse emotions.

BluePrint (español) - Tyler Durden.pdf

Then withdraw. This usually elicits a question from the girl. Usually something chodely like where are you from? This is her gaming you, once you get this going, keep it going, answer with statements obviously , express yourself to inspire attraction and she will continue to game you.

The more she finds herself gaming you unlike the way guys usually try and game her the more she will find herself liking you and the closer youll be to sleeping with the girl. Whatever you do, DONT try for rapport. There are many levels of communication when two people interact and there are subsets of communications within them. To name a few there are verbal, non verbal and physical ways to communicate; and if you want to be more technical there are logical modalities and emotional modalities, direct or indirect.

The modalities arent as important as using them to ensure you dont try for rapport. In any interaction people automatically fall into a role of high value and low value. If youre trying for rapport you will automatically communicate low value, if you dont, you wont communicate low value. To try and break rapport is tricky, and to force it is actually a form of trying for rapport. What you will find is that when you are completely natural, as a man, you never try for rapport, and others automatically respond by taking on a subordinate value to you.

The girl is down to fuck until otherwise proven innocent. And most guys shoot themselves in the foot pretty quickly, sometimes before they even approach. Many guys fail to realise that girls are constantly on the lookout for that special guy, in the same way we are on the lookout for that one hot girl in a bikini. To guys, a girls looks set her apart. But girls judge a guys behaviour, the way you behave is where your potential to be seen as a special guy lies.

So when you start an interaction deep down shes hoping to meet an awesome guy but doesnt expect to, and she wouldnt even know what that looks like when it ran some game on her. If you dont do anything offensive, or socially retarded to get yourself blown out then you give her a chance to start FINDING in you the things she wants in a guy. Interpretation of behaviour is very subjective, and it helps that the girl is making a conscious effort in life to interpret guys in the way she hopes to see them.

So do less, stay in set, dont shoot yourself in the foot and the you give the girl a chance to be attracted to you. Proactive DHVs communicate lower value. The ideal of demonstrating higher value is as important in the game now as it ever was.

But to go out of your way to demonstrate value to someone is really demonstrating lower value. To tell a clever DHV story to a girl, to do a magic trick or to run some elaborate routine is unnecessary. Proactive DHVs are the actions of man with a mindset that he is not good enough just as he is; as opposed to a guy who just assumes value. Girls derive their attraction to you, or not, based on your mindset which automatically generates your behaviours and autopilot responses.

Proactive DHVs is like showing a girl your Ferrari Key chain no good because your saying to the girl that guy hiding behind the key chain isnt enough. If youre a cool guy the girls will know automatically, if youre not cool they will know just as quickly. Beating congruence tests is the way to overtly DHV. If you have even known a cool person in your life you will know that it wasnt them who convinced you they were cool, someone eluded you to the fact, or their value or coolness became apparent when they successfully dealt with a testing situation.

They dont need to convince you theyre cool because theyre already aware they are, you only realise theyre cool once you get to know them. These types of guys are usually extremely chill and unstifled. In the club, what this translates to, is being nicely conversational and expressive. As you talk to the girl youre bound to elicit congruence tests because thats what girls do, and the way they interpret you is subjective. If you get a test, an awkward lull in conversation, a we have to go with our friends, an I have to go to the bathroom or a personal challenge from the girl this is your opportunity to demonstrate higher value with a Positive-Dominant response.

You overtly show you can think for yourself, deal with tricky situations, are unreactive and you go for what you want. Confidence is binary; youre either confident or youre a complete chode.

You cant be ninety percent confident. Close but almost confident really means that you are just a bitch or pretending to be a chode. The best understanding I have of confidence is confidence happens when you perceive that nothing holds you back.

Thats why five year old kids can be just as confident as multi billionaires or rock stars. Its all about not having a care in the world. Girl make a very quick attraction judgement based on your confidence which is conveyed in your behaviours.

If you hold yourself back in any way If you dont put any mental obstacles between yourself and what you are out to achieve your confident; youre attractive. Uncomfortable is the magic word. You know how many chodes complain that with girls no means yes and yes means no, this isnt exactly true but it is true that girls dont logically communicate what theyre emotionally feeling.

Why do they do this? To see what your made of, if you trust yourself and if you have balls. Its a pure alpha-ness and attractiveness gauge. Most guys dont realise that girls very rarely communicate socially in the logical and verbal realm, most of what is said becomes redundant, and when you open your eyes to the emotional channels you will understand women much better. Most guys take a simple no, or a lack of enthusiasm from women as gospel, when realy its just a test. I can guarantee that you can take most sets or interactions MUCH further than you think you can, and she wants to see if you have the balls to.

Sometimes you will be miscalibrated or you will reach your limits of the set or escalation Indications of interest is when the girl is quiet and attentive. Most did, and most guys are looking for some kind of guidelines to when a girl likes him so he can eliminate the risk of rejection and his chode world coming collapsing down. Whats worse is when youre searching for traditional IOIs you set out to suck them out of the girl which makes your behaviour even worse. Furthermore, girls rarely think to themselves yes Jessica, I like this guy, I hope he will kiss me in the night Im sure that does happen, but if youre waiting for that then youre not going to get the girl because you will miss your window of opportunity.

A part of her liking you is when you assume she is interested in you, she will be attracted to a guy with that reality. So, if your still looking for a way to tell if a girl might be interesting in becoming attracted to you look for the ones that are nervous and attentive to you. Quiet, but paying attention to you. This is the same behaviour that a guy would exhibit for a girl that he was very attracted to. Dont know; grow. If youre coming into the community looking to learn how to become a guy who is good with girls it makes sense to you that you need to logically learn something in order to become a guy who is good with girls.

No, the game isnt about learning the game is all about growing. The reason why ideas, moves and techniques can be appealing is the way they inflate your ego and your false sense of self. Really, knowing inflates your ego, messes up your identity and suppresses your natural self beneath it. To learn human interaction is a intuitive, intangible thing and very difficult to measure.

Unless you have academy award winning acting skills there is no way to truly fake it till you make it with learned knowledge because incongruence will still be communicated.

Use the knowledge you are gathering from others to guide your growth and change your mindset so you can grow into the guy that you are supposed to be. In that case, their situational value would drop, and they might not feel the same sense of having acceptance that they had in their preferred environments.

They wouldnt feel the same confidence, and its for that reason that most guys who do well with women in their regular stomping grounds wont do as well in a new environment. To illustrate situational confidence, lets imagine a guy who feels insecure about his body at a pool party.

Lets say that its a swimming pool filled with children, whose acceptance has no any bearing on him whatsoever.

Pdf blueprint tyler durden

Now lets change that. Instead, hes swimming at a family gettogether where he knows that everyone accepts him. Now lets change the scene once more. This time hes swimming at a party of his peers whose acceptance is more tentative.

Visibly, as his expectation of acceptance in the situation changes from neutral to supportive to tentative, he will experience a strong internal shift going from indifferent, to confident, to insecure. So going back to the guys with strong situational value that we spoke of What did they have in common?

All of them had a high level of social proof. Social proof is any external, visible demonstration of high social value or social alliances.

So for example, if you see a guy surrounded by a group of people listening attentively to everything he says, your mind will perceive and feel his high social value by the visible social proof from the people who are reacting to him. What does it mean to say that people are reacting? Whats the difference between people feeling reactive around you, versus just knowing that youre there?

Being reactive is not just a specific behaviour its any behaviour that comes from a reactive state of mind. When people feel reactive towards you, it could be manifested in a variety of ways. The way they feel about themselves might be tied up in your responses to them. They might feel a sort of underlying alertness towards you, and find themselves a little bit more tuned in and aware of you than the other people in the room.

They might value your acceptance, approval, and touch and find themselves emotionally deflated at the possibility of losing it. Usually theyll speak with a weaker and less steady voice than you do, and they laugh more at your jokes than they would laugh at the jokes of others. Internally, theyll feel a bit more analytical about infringing on your space and time, and they will consider more carefully as to whether or not what theyre saying is important or interesting enough to warrant your attention.

Obviously, when someone is being reactive to you they are giving you the position of having higher value. So how do we avoid being reactive?

That doesnt mean to not act at all. To not act at all can even be reactive in and of itself, because a guy might want to do something but not follow through because he fears judgement from others.

Being unreactive is more about coming from a place of authenticity, where your actions are expressing your personality without being in reaction to outside pressure of how other people might want you to be. Now even if a guy isnt wealthy or physically attractive, as long as he has people reacting to him in a particular situation or if he has behaviours that sub-communicate that people would be reacting to him if they were around and he remains unreactive himself, then he will have girls attracted to him in that moment.

The only difference between him and the wealthy or good looking guys is that they have the tangible demonstrations of their value that they convey via their wealth or looks, which tends to give them a bit more confidence. Regardless of that though, most women wont stay attracted any man if he doesnt project himself well. Its for this reason that we can find all sorts of absurd stereotypes, such as the out of shape restaurant manager who drives a run down car and lives in his parents basement, but who still winds up having sex with half of his female staff.

Despite the fact that his social status is not unusually high in a traditional sense, he still has a value that is visible within the confines of his environment. In his situation, the people around him are reacting to him. Their emotional states are reacting in relation to his approval of their work.

Theyre always aware of his presence and they feel a bit different than if he wasnt there. They pay attention to his conversational threads, they laugh at his jokes, and they even follow his orders. He is socially proofed in his environment, and his confidence is reinforced because of the guaranteed acceptance. And because his acceptance is guaranteed, he feels entitled to assume the more confident behaviours that women respond to.

RULE:A fundamental principle of attraction is that in any social interaction, there is always a person reacting more to the other person than the other person is reacting to them.

And this is where we introduce the absolutely fundamental principle of attraction. On a primitive level, women observe this kind of sub-communication and respond to it emotionally, moment by moment. Womens emotional responses are built to pick up on these subcommunications and to fixate on them like a magnet in real time.

They feel the emotion of attraction and are drawn towards this energy regardless of whether or not a guys value is high in a superficial sense. That is exactly how attraction works. The principles applies for all the stereotypes the attractive bad boys, the popular guys who act a bit cocky, and even the mysterious guys who convey a genuine vibe because their indifference sub-communicates a lack of agenda.

What these types have in common is that they arent reacting to how others want them to be, and that theres something compelling in their personalities that gets other people reacting to them. Regardless of their overall social status, they communicate with women on an emotional level. They dont need to have met the superficial standards of society to feel confident drawing the flow of social energy in their direction they feel entitled to it by their personalities alone. What they have is core value.

To think about core value, lets imagine one final configuration of our pool scenario. Were at the same party by the pool where the tentatively accepting peers are hanging out. Theres another guy there, whose body is actually even less attractive than the one of our insecure friend. Unlike the shy guy though, who seems rigid and self-aware, this other guy is splashing around and joking with everyone and generally having the time of his life.

He seems like the coolest guy there. People are certainly treating him like it. What social reinforcement is giving him the confidence to act this way? Well, maybe hes the host of the party.

Maybe hes friends with everyone there. Maybe he has a bestselling book in publication. Maybe hes smarter and funnier and a better conversationalist than anyone else there.

Maybe hes a good dancer. Maybe he runs a modelling agency. Maybe hes read a shelf full of books on sexual techniques and knows how to use them. Maybe he has five girlfriends who are all jealous of each other. Maybe he was the president of his fraternity in college. Maybe hes the president of a Fortune Company. Or Maybe Hes just a guy. Some guys are just like that. On a core identity level, they feel a sense of acceptance regardless of what situation theyre in. Theyre just cool guys, so to speak.

Some people would call them naturals. Core value is a value that you carry with you everywhere because of your personality. It comes from having a sense of acceptance that isnt predicated on the relative value that you perceive in the people around you when your confidence comes from a powerful sense of who you are, and not from external reinforcement.

That confidence gives you a feeling of entitlement, which allows you to assume the kinds of behaviours that sub-communicate a high social value. Whether or not you feel an increase in your status because of a situation, you just assume your value and have people reacting to you regardless.

Many guys will spend their whole lives trying to build a situation that gives them confidence. They might work for the perfect job or the perfect body or the perfect woman. But ultimately, what theyve built are walls and limitations a prison in their own minds.

To write your own ticket in life, your sense of who you are has to be deeper than that. A poor guy has an identity crisis. Maybe the problem starts when he gets a feeling that a girl might like him.

He imagines a connection with her and all sorts of shared experiences that dont exist yet. He thinks that theres all this unspoken sexual tension going on beneath the surface. He even pictures his girl when he listens to all the romantic songs on the radio. But inevitably, he figures out that his projection doesnt exist in any shared reality that includes the girl. To realize that its all in his head that the girl doesnt actually reciprocate the way that he feels or think about him while hes thinking about herIts a hard pill to swallow.

Lets imagine instead that our poor guy already has a girlfriend.

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The problems start for him when he finds out that shes been cheating. Hed idealized the relationship. It felt good. In order to stay infatuated with his girl, he had screened out any sketchiness and focused on her best attributes and the most fun times that theyd had.

Together, he and his girl had come up with all sorts of shared idealizations that had made their relationship strong. There were many things that theyd expressed to one another as a way of reinforcing their love. They remembered the first place that theyd met, gone out, and had sex. They had a special reason for why theyd met and were still together, that other couples didnt have.

Their thing. It wasnt something that they could get from anyone else, so they could feel totally secure to feel their love without fear of loss. It was not replaceable. Whats funny is that when it ends, all of these special feelings might still be there. Its just that there are now all of these new, bad feelings that go along with them. He wants to feel like he did before. His reality comes crashing down around him. He reaches out for his girl to validate their old shared reality, but she is gone from him.

The girl that existed for him no longer exists. She was a figment of his imagination. The face that he saw was one of many faces that she had.

He doesnt realize it, but he has many such faces himself. We all have different faces for people who have a different value to us. Are you the same person when you talk to a pushy vagrant asking for spare change as you are when you talk to your mother? How would a persons experience of you differ, depending on their value to you?

What he saw in her was the face that a person shows to someone who has value to them. It is such an easy face to look at. Like looking into the mirror, and seeing the most beautiful face in the entire world. Wait Shes not seeing things clearly.

What about our thing? Doesnt she realize that she cant get it from him? Nobody can love her like I can. Hang on.

So I was listening to Tyler Durden's "Blueprint decoded" - Forums

She fucked this new guy the first time they hung out? OK, that just doesnt make sense because she said that she always waited three months with a guy to make it special. She fucked him on the couch where we had our first time together?! That was the special couch. He rationalizes that shes just confused. He wont give up on love. He resolves to win her back. But he has gone from being her boyfriend to being more like all those other guys from her fan club. He is everything that her new guy is not.

And she feels a little bad for him, for sure. But as she walks out the door from the one last meeting that he begged her for, her face of pity turns into a beaming smile for her new guy waiting outside to pick her up.

She goes on and enjoys her life without a thought. He sits around thinking about her, pining for a girl who doesnt share his reality anymore. And though he will never admit it to himself, deep down he sees the worst of himself in her. Because under different circumstances, he knows that he might have done the same thing.

Maybe if their relationship had staled. Or if he had met a certain other girl. So he mopes around for a while, until the feelings of emptiness start to subside. Then, once hes ready, he begins the process of re-establishing himself. He shifts his focus from his loss to superficial areas in which he can improve himself. He focuses on his status conveying intermediaries such as his credentials, career, property, vehicle, clothing, jewellery, and so on.

Hes a together guy.

Hell get it under control. Time passes. His life improves to an extent. But he is still alone. Through our social conditioning, we come to understand love in a way thats often more focused towards idealism than it is towards accurately defining the phenomenon. Writers and philosophers have long debated the meaning of the term, without ever coming to any consensus. In some cultures, there are even multiple words used to define love. Many people conceive of love as having supernatural properties.

They might believe that every person has only one perfect soul mate. Or that true love will always last forever. Or that people can fall in love only a certain number of times. They might even believe that fate will cause love to just happen when the time is right. With faith that there are such powerful forces at work, it isnt surprising that people will often intensify their feelings with the belief that they are following their hearts.

Think back to the last time that you felt that you were in love. How did you know? Was it a feeling of attraction? Was it a feeling of connection? Was it a feeling of lust? Was it feeling of physical attachment? Was it a feeling of underlying one-ness? Was it feeling of anxious emotional co-dependence? Was it a combination of those things? Is love an old couple sitting on their porch, comfortable in their long established routines? Is it two teenagers locked in passion in the back seat or their car, scrambling for a condom?

Is it a pair of newlyweds, gazing into each others eyes as they take their matrimonial vows? Its often said that love is self-hypnosis; a beautiful psychosis that takes hold and prompts us to act in ways that we would otherwise not even consider. Love is not something that is caused by another person.

Tyler Durden - The Blueprint (338.0 Kb eBook)

We cause it in ourselves. As we loop our thoughts over and over around our concept of a particular person, our mind shifts the way that we perceive them and finds ways to make sense of it. Suddenly, everything seems so simple. Its love. And as it takes hold, our physical body follows suit, spinning and intensifying our emotional chemistry until we are fully enraptured.

The Path of Mastery --By Tyler Durden

For some people, love can be an opportunity to have a partner on their journey. It can be a chance for them to fully experience and understand another person, and to have that person do the same for them in return. A loving relationship between two people can be healthy and cultivate spiritual and physical growth. It can be one of the most pleasurable and important experiences that a person has over the course of their entire life.

But that depends on whether or not the person is ready for it. Because the idea of love can also be destructive. For some people, it can be a self-deception that they can focus on as a way to avoid facing their shortcomings. People will often rationalize that any strong emotional reaction that they feel towards another person is a sign that they are in love.