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as all catalogues in pdf - form can be called and downloaded from the aquatherm - website: software-service. The aquatherm - software. in the hands of a family; this criterion the aquatherm group still meets after the transition from the first to the aquatherm - reference catalogue. Ord.-No. With the edition of this catalogue, all former ones become void. NEW SINCE

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aquatherm grey pipe potable water and radiator connec- tion pipe .. http://info. Within the. aquatherm state of the pipe. PRODUCT CATALOGUE Edition: NEW: aquatherm. Prefabrication page 6. aquatherm green pipe aquatherm blue pipe aquatherm lilac pipe. aquatherm blue pipe Y-tees. & Threaded branch tee .

Pure drinking water is vital to our health. A piping system should transport water without degrading it in any way. Fusiotherm is chemically inert and does not add any chemicals or in any way alter the quality of the water passing through it no heavy metals or VOCs. And since the connections are made using heat fusion of the polypropylene material, there are no harmful chemicals in the water from solvent cements, glues, fluxes, or solders. Fusiotherm does not support the formation of mineral deposits, and is opaque, so as to not promote microbiological growth. Harmful chemicals will not leach through the pipe wall into the water.

The quality plan requires that inspections and tests are carried out on all finished products. The results are documented in test reports. Finished products are only released to stock when all tests and inspections conform to the prescribed procedures and specifications.

Product Catalogue - Wavin Ekoplastik

In-process inspection and test The quality plan requires that tests and inspections are carried out before and during production. At the start of production all quality relevant data are checked by the quality assurance department. These tests are carried out at the beginning of each production series to ensure perfect system quality.

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Process control Ultrasonic measurement and process data recording in the field of extrusion are only one example of the extensive quality control process. This equipment enables constant observation and control of production. The final inspection and test includes time lapse test procedures.

This enables statements regarding the usability of the products in their later field of application. These tests are the method for quality assurance during production and for design tests.

This is to discover and remove production weaknesses.

The text concerning the electrofusion-socket welding has been adjusted: Pipes and fittings must be Open the catalog to page 2 Dear customers and partners, thank you for your interest in our family enterprise. For a long time the classification of enterprises as a family has rather been hidden than actively marketed. Only in recent years family enterprises experience a comeback.

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From employee perspective, they are generally a flat hierarchy, provide independent and responsible work under a cooperative management style, but above all they are considered safe employers who commit permanently to their employees.

By definition, family enterprises are distinguished primarily by the unity of ownership and management in Training service In addition to training service through the merchant network aquatherm offers its customers training, free of charge, at its training centres at Attendorn and Radeberg. Sound insulation The aquatherm piping systems provide excellent sound dampening and insulate against the noise created by water flow and hydraulic shock.

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The sound generated and carried by the pipes is much less than that of other piping systems, adding to the comfort of the buildings occupants. Fire stopping Polypropylene is a combustible material and must be treated as such. Standard fire protection regulations need to be met, just as with other piping materials.

Generally, when penetrating a fire-rated assembly, fire stopping must be used to give the pipe a fire rating that matches the rating of the assembly. However, building code requirements vary greatly between areas. For information regarding fire stopping for aquatherm products in a particular area, please contact our technical staff by e-mail: technical aquathermpipe. A list of manufacturers who have tested and listed their products for use with aquatherm piping systems can be found at www.