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A practical book written for engineers who design and use antennas; The author has many years of hands on experience designing antennas that were used in. As wireless devices and systems get both smaller and more ubiquitous, the demand for effective but small antennas is rapidly increasing. Small Antenna Design. download Small Antenna Design - 1st Edition. Print Book & E-Book. ISBN ,

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Limit of Liability/Disclaimer of Warranty: While the publisher and author have used their best efforts in preparing this book, they make no representations or. Modern Antenna Design [Thomas A. Milligan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A practical book written for engineers who design and use. Stutzman's 3rd edition of Antenna Theory and Design provides a more I am prejudiced for this book, because Professor Thiele was my major professor.

While there are a lot of books out there on EM waves and antenna design, they have been written for a very wide range of engineers. Ranging from a novice to veterans, the books have to be made such that, they are easily understood by novices and veterans alike. The original intent when the book was planned was to provide the reader with a practical, yet theoretical, book that could be used with only a minimal effort to actually design and install radio antennas. The book stands very true to the mission statement. The book has been very useful to engineering students and designers while solving problems based on antennas. A very well written book on antenna design takes you through the basics of EM waves as well. Understanding both help in efficient antenna design with maximum directivity.

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NO YES. About the Author Permissions Table of contents Series. Selected type: Added to Your Shopping Cart. Milligan ISBN: A practical book written for engineers who design and use antennas The author has many years of hands on experience designing antennas that were used in such applications as the Venus and Mars missions of NASA The book covers all important topics of modern antenna design for communications Numerical methods will be included but only as much as are needed for practical applications.

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Design book antenna

Solutions Manual I am grateful to Mr. Davide Ramaccia, student of Prof. Solutions to the rest of the problems are not yet available. Citations Print-on-Demand The book is also available in print-on-demand form.

Because of printer limitations, the book has been evenly split into two volumes, each with its own index, but with the list of references and appendices included only in volume two. Hardcover, size 8x11, vol. Code segments illustrating the usage of these functions are found throughout the book, and serve as a user manual.

The inclusion of numerical methods was motivated by the desire to provide the reader with some simple tools for self-study and experimentation. We felt that it would be useful and fun to be able to quickly carry out the computations illustrating various waves and antenna applications, and have included enough MATLAB code in each example but skipping all figure annotations that would enable the reader to reproduce the results.

The functions may be grouped into the following categories: Design and analysis of multilayer film structures, including antireflection coatings, polarizers, omnidirectional mirrors, narrow-band transmission filters, birefringent multilayer films and giant birefringent optics.