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The Stonekeeper (Amulet #1) [Kazu Kibuishi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying 5 stars customer reviews. Book 1 of 7 in the Amulet Series. The term graphic novel is now generally used to describe any book in a comic format that resembles a novel in length and narrative development. School. The amulet is their guide and protector. Imagination, wow. This is some imagination. I really enjoyed this little book. I will be continuing with this series. I have to.

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As they clean the house, Emily finds a strange amulet in the library and Luger, who seems timid and unable compared to the previous book. Amulet: The Stonekeeper is a children's graphic novel written and illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi. The book concerns the adventures of Emily Hayes, who must try to rescue Series, Amulet. Genre, Young adult . Among other recognition, a article in Book Links listed it as one of 26 "high-quality graphic novels . Parents need to know that The Stonekeeper is the first book in the Amulet series of fantasy graphic novels. Its prologue features the death of a parent, which.

Their new house is very old and has been in their family for years. Emily is very interested by this old house, particularly one room upstairs in which she finds a beautiful necklace with a very pretty stone in it. Emily's cool find is soon overshadowed by a very strange first night in the house. After hearing noises in the basement, their mother is kidnapped by a strange creature. Emily and Navin, with the help of Emily's stone necklace, now have to find their mother and figure out what is going on in this strange new town. The main characters are easy to relate to, and the supporting characters are serious but amusing at the same time. The storyline is interesting and leaves you wanting to know more.

Navin and Aly reunite with Miskit and Leon, and together with other members of the Resistance's clandestine space program, blast off into space to enter the Resistance's other base and to fight the shadows from there. Supernova: Emily travels inside The Void, where she meets some new friends Meanwhile, Navin and Aly travel to the Resistance's base on a new planet, and are quickly assigned to an apparently easy mission Emily Hayes[ edit ] Emily Hayes is a stonekeeper and the successor of Silas Charnon, her great-grandfather; she is a leading member of the remaining Guardian Council.

She is the daughter of Karen and David, and the older sister of Navin Hayes. She has bright red hair, and later uses a long walking stick to channel the stone's power per Leon's advice. Described as a "natural born leader", she has demonstrated herself to be a very skilled and adept fighter and stonekeeper, even if she has much to learn about the true nature of her stone.

Her goal upon entering Alledia was to find a cure for Karen when she was poisoned after she was stung by an arachnopod, but she remained in Alledia after her mother was cured in order to lend support in the fight against the Elf King and later the Voice. After the death of her father, Emily and her family move to her great-grandfather Silas' house near San Francisco.

After saving her mother, and curing her from the arachnopod's poison as well in the second book, she became more comfortable with being a 'hero', and claims even if she did intend to go back to Earth, the amulet would stop her, but in the third book this is revealed to be false. In the same book, she recruits Trellis and becomes one of his only initial friends. In the sixth book, when Max Griffin accepts his fate of dying, she tries to prevent that, which shows another decision affected from her compassionate side.

Emily is usually very resistant to the Voice's attempts to control her, except in the seventh book; when the Voice finds out about her longing for her dead father, he causes her to give in to her desire for revenge against the man that accidentally caused the death of David Hayes, and she turns into a firebird that is, an enormous phoenix and becomes an unwilling servant of the Voice.

The Stonekeeper

Navin Hayes[ edit ] At the beginning of the series, Navin is childish and a little immature, but matures over the series. His liking of video games has given him talents with flying and even mech suits. This talent has caused Navin to perform feats that help the group. In the first book, he flies their plane while the others fight. In the second book, he defeats Luger by controlling the house-robot of Silas. In the third, when Enzo's robot loses control of the Luna Moth ship, he quickly takes control and prevents them from falling.

In the fifth one, he attempts to defeat Max in one of the ships, but ultimately fails. In the sixth book, he helps defeat the shadows in the cleaning mech suits. He is caring for his friends and family, and always gets worried when Emily is in danger, which is shown when, in the second book, a Gadobah tree predicts his sister falling, he goes recklessly to rescue her which show how much he cares for his family.

When the prophecy comes true he saves her. He is shown to have brown hair, resembling his father. Trellis[ edit ] Trellis is the son of the Elf King and younger brother of Luger, as well as a stonekeeper and intended successor to the throne of Gulfen. After failing to capture Emily and having his act of interception at Gondoa Mountain seen as treason, Trellis and his brother Luger abandoned the King altogether, eventually joining Emily and the Resistance after Emily defended them from the Elf King's soldiers.

Originally, he played the antagonist in the first two books, but in the third his purposes were revealed. In the first book, he had attempted to force Emily into defeating his father, the Elf King, through the kidnapping of her mom.

In the third book, Emily saves him from the Elf King's guards when they attempted to arrest him, using a stunning staff to electrocute him. He tells Emily that his father is being possessed by something, and that he wanted to destroy whatever was controlling his dead body by destroying the amulet of the king.

In the fifth book, they find out it was the Voice. In the sixth book, Trellis becomes warmer to the crew of the Luna Moth, especially Luger, playing a game of Othello together and exchanging witty banter.

Amulet #1: The Stonekeeper

Both did not know they were brothers until book three, since Gabilan stole their memories. Trellis starts trusting Emily after her step to save him in book 5, eventually developing a strong bond of trust with her and becoming close. Like most elves, Trellis has grey skin, but with a lighter tone.

He is shown to have long white hair, and in the beginning of the series had sharp teeth, but that was removed after the fifth book. He has a long stitched up scar on his left eye.

Comic 1 amulet book

When he and Emily enter his stolen memories in the seventh book, he finds out that he got his scar when the king, who had abnormally sharp and long fingernails, scratched his eye with it. Trellis is especially talented in defending with the amulet. Trellis believes his father has long been dead and is under the possession of his stone. His goal is to destroy the stone, and prevent any further harm to his nation, Gulfen, and the rest of Alledia.

Trellis has very few memories from his childhood. Many significant events from his past are revealed to him when Trellis tries to enter the Void in book 5, as he finds out he was primarily raised by his mild historian uncle and when he entered his memories in book 7, learning about how he received his scar and the fate of his late uncle.

Leon Redbeard[ edit ] Leon Redbeard, like many other citizens of Kanalis, came under the effects of a curse during his human childhood, causing him to become a humanoid fox Though others became different animals. When his father, guard of the jail that the Elf King was kept imprisoned, was killed when the Elf King lost control of his powers, Leon decided to avenge him and worked for the Guardian Council to defeat him, and so looked for Emily per their request.

In the second and third book, he is able to teach Emily basic lessons on how to wield the amulet's power, in which she now carries a staff that focuses the amulet's energy. He makes short cameo appearances in the fifth, sixth and seventh book.

1 amulet comic book

Vigo Light[ edit ] Vigo first appears in the fourth book, when Cogsley and Miskit fall off the Luna Moth and he rescues them and brings them to his house. As a child, he befriended Max Griffin, who often had no friends due to his respect to elves, even though the specific elves he respected did a lot to help the city of Cielis. Soon after he joined the guardian council the protectors of Cielis he left because the council made its decisions based on its fears.

A couple of volumes later, he and Aly take up jobs as waiters while General Pil is a chef.

Amulet Book 1: The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi

At the end of Volume four, Emily and Vigo shape their magic into a pair of birds, as a tribute to the fallen Stonekeepers. Funny Animal : The population of Kanalis. Stated to be due to a curse, although there are many animal people beyond the city as well. Genre Shift : The series begins as mostly fantasy with steampunk elements, but by book 7 it becomes sci-fi. Glowing Eyes : The elves, along with many creatures in Alleida, sport glowing eyes.

Additionally, when a Stonekeeper is using their Amulet, their eyes will glow the same colour as their stone. Greater-Scope Villain : For most of the story so far, the amulet's voice seemed to serve as a guide for Emily in battle and during difficult situations.

It is implied to be evil in its own special way, however, and Emily's brother, Navin, even describes the voice as "shifty". After his defeat, Gabilan mentions that "the stone has its own agenda" and that "[Emily] will die like the rest" once it has fulfilled its goal.

By the fifth volume, it seems that this will change to make the stone into an actual Big Bad. Grey and Gray Morality : The humans and elves conflict, ultimately. Sure, humans may have been the losing ones in the war, but Cielis has been antagonizing innocent elves and unjustly persecuting them at best and killing them without mercy at worst. They even seceded from Lucien because there were too many 'outsiders', and they have absolutely no qualms using Child Soldiers , judging by how they treat their stonekeeper students like forces needed to be controlled and how the Academy is literally designed like a prison.

Even the rest of Windsor is noted to have its share of Fantastic Racism against elves and animals, according to Riva and Enzo. Cielis in particular also abandoned Windsor to save their own skins, even though it was their duty to protect all of Alledia.

The elves, meanwhile, may be the instigator of the war and the military has been harassing Windsor's citizens, but it's revealed that they were formerly peaceful, wise, and pacifistic, and that they had helped the humans develop their cities with their technology for ages including helping build Cielis. Not only that, but the majority of its army are drafted, meaning it's likely many of them are unwilling and are just forced to fight due to fear of execution. Many of their issues can be traced back to the Elf King, a tyrant leader that uses fear to control them and a leader some of them even resist.

Book 8 demonstrates how pointless the entire war is when Emily brings it to a very sudden end by deposing the Elf King. Luger, too, turns over a new leaf entirely after being freed from his stone.

Max, although it's too late for him at the time. He eventually tries to stop the Stone that he made a deal with and drops his thirst for vengeance.

The Stonekeeper - Wikipedia

But he ages to death in the process. Heroic Sacrifice : General Pil tries to invoke this, holding the door when he, Aly, and Navin are trapped by a hoard of Dark Scout-possessed people. Luckily for him, the others are firmly against it, and they all escape together.

History Repeats : A very blatant one for the elves. Virgil points out that just glancing through their historical archives reveals that every years a Stone with a Voice shows up in the hands of an Elf King, which is followed by a period of intense war and strife. After years of peace, the cycle begins again. The current Elf King is just the latest in the cycle.

Humongous Mecha : A house. Apparently walking houses are popular in Alledia. Over the course of the volumes, Navin is shaping up to be a pilot of such Humongous Mecha.

That fact that he is known for his love of video games may have been foreshadowing this. The elves also seem to employ several. I Choose to Stay : Subverted in that when Emily says that she has to stay in Alledia, her mother insists that the whole family will too regardless of the dangers they will face. Trellis tries to pull this trope in Book 6 but Emily wasn't having it so it gets subverted again. His initial plan for taking Charnon House back from the elves, and saving Emily is best summarised by this quote: Morrie: But, sir!

The house is being guarded by the elves! How are we going to get past them! And again, in Escape From Lucien, his response to the cadets falling to their deaths is to hop in a loaderboat and leap out after them, with no proper plan in mind. Imagination Based Power : Leon explains in Book 3 that the stone's power is as diverse as one's imagination, either being a highly effective shield or a devastating weapon.

Kid Hero : the story's three main protagonists are all pretty young, with Navin as the youngest at 13, Emily at 14, and Trellis, albeit the oldest as a teenager, is still young at A resistance group against the elves in Kanalis, which later moves to Lucien. Laser-Guided Amnesia : Luger.

After his defeat, he goes from being the Elf King's right hand man to a whimpering old man. Before that, it turns out he and Trellis had both been subject to this so they'd forget their childhoods, and Luger in particular so he'd forget he's Trellis' brother. Lastly, Silas tells Emily she must either accept or reject the amulet's power. Then he passes away.

After Silas dies, the lights turn off and the amulet glows and tells Emily to become the new stonekeeper and accept its power, which she does against Navin's wishes. The robots place Silas in a "sleep chamber" and locate Karen with a computer that shows them where the monster, an Arachnopod, currently is. The children and Miskit board a flying vehicle to reach Karen. They struggle to pass through a tunnel with walls lined with tentacled monsters and then see several Arachnopods.

One in the pack of Arachnopods is the one carrying their mother. The heroes are unable to rescue her before their vehicle crash lands.

As Emily goes after the beast, the elf they saw earlier uses his amulet to destroy the Arachnopod who has Emily's mother and holds her captive.

The elf then captures Emily with his power, demanding that she help kill his father the Elf King. With her amulet, Emily repels the elf. Then her own amulet tells her to kill the elf, and she refuses.