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Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition - Kindle edition by A.A. World Services Inc, A.A. This edition doesn't do this, so I don't like to use the ebook at meetings. Alcoholics Anonymous - Big Book: Big Book - Kindle edition by Alcoholics Anonymous World Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Health, Fitness & Dieting. Read "Alcoholics Anonymous" by Bill Wilson available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Alcoholics Anonymous is a.

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When downloading a new eBook, you will exit the Website and be Fourth edition () of the Big Book, basic text of A.A. Since the first edition. To read a PDF version of the Fourth Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous click here. To listen to the Online Store. eBook from site, Barnes & Noble and Apple. THIS IS the fourth edition of the book “Alcoholics Anonymous.” The first edition appeared in April , and in the following sixteen years, more than ,

Open in a separate window Social support and alcohol information is listed in Table 3. These studies recruited participants from a wide variety of settings including the general community, inpatient treatments, outpatient treatments, aftercare settings, recovery homes, detoxification centers, referral centers, existing AA groups, self-help groups, and other settings. Half of all studies Overall, Structural support, functional support, general support, alcohol-specific support, and recovery helping were the categories of social support examined in these studies, and functional support was the type researched most often i. Numerous social support measures were utilized in these studies, with the Life Stressors and Social Resources Inventory the most popular i.

(ebook) The Twelve Steps Of Alcoholics Anonymous

Likewise, Timko et al. Another study Humphreys, Finney et al. However, among individuals who attended AA, those with fewer partner resources at baseline viz.

It appears that AA may serve to provide the resources that an unsupportive partner is unable or unwilling to provide.

These findings are not surprising: compared to AA relationships, family and partner relationships are likely to be more complicated, long-term, binding, and therefore less able to be affected by AA. Instead of focusing specifically on these relationships, AA places more emphasis on curbing drinking behaviors and promoting nondrinking friendships.

Two cross-sectional studies of recovering physicians found that those attending step groups mostly AA, NA, Drug Anonymous reported high levels of affiliative feelings viz. Galanter, Talbot, Gallegos, and Rubenstone examined a group of alcohol-impaired physicians in Atlanta who had been successfully treated. Carlson, Dilts, and Radcliff attempted to replicate the previous study using 71 chemically dependent physicians referred to the Colorado state licensing authority between and Participants reported that affiliative feelings for familiar step members primarily AA and NA were nearly the same as those expressed for familiar family, friends, and associates.

It is possible that the Atlanta study found relatively greater affiliative feelings associated with step members than non-members because participants in that study were all recently out of treatment, whereas the Colorado participants were at various stages in their recovery.

Ebook alcoholics anonymous

Recent step members may be highly excited and passionate about their new step relationships, whereas veteran step members may have the ability to view these relationships with more objectivity.

In summary, results indicate that greater AA involvement is related to positive functional types of support such as higher friendship quality Humphreys et al. In addition, studies suggest that affiliative feelings among AA members are comparable to or greater than feelings for close friends and family Carlson et al.

Big Book eBook

Finally, it is important to note that most of these positive functional support effects of AA participation were found for friend relationships but not relationships involving family or others.

In order to assess this construct, measures of general support typically combine numerous variables both structural and functional to produce an overall global assessment of support.

Several studies have demonstrated the relationship between AA involvement and general support, typically provided by friends. Ouimette and colleagues examined one-year outcomes among 3, male veteran substance abuse patients who had self-selected into treatment groups viz.

One study Rush, examined the relationship between general support and having an AA sponsor i. Among female AA members, global measures of social support were related to having an AA sponsor, suggesting the importance of this supportive role.

Anonymous ebook alcoholics

Finally, not all studies have found differences in general support based on AA attendance. By and large, the current literature demonstrates a relationship between AA involvement and higher general support Ouimette et al. Having a sponsor is additionally related to general support Rush, , which is logical as this unique and close type of friendship is one of the major benefits of AA. As with other types of social support, these relations with AA involvement were not found for non-friend relationships.

Also, as noted earlier, the research with the most rigorous designs tended to produce significant effects in this area. The AA studies examined here focus on alcohol-specific support in relation to network composition, step involvement, abstinence, and other treatment types.

This may suggest that people who are involved in AA may actually be able to safely associate with some drinkers, but only after a considerable length of involvement in the step program. Furthermore, this finding underscores the value of longitudinal investigations collecting data for several years. Multiple studies have demonstrated the positive relationship between alcohol-specific support typically from friends and step involvement. Once your order has been dispatched from our Sydney warehouse you will receive an Order Shipped status email.

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Fellowship grew and spread overseas.

A page collection of stories by A. The life story of the Fellowship's co-founder interwoven with recollections of early A. This collection of Bill's writings is a daily source of comfort and inspiration. Fifty-six retired stories from the first three editions of the Big Book come back in print in this anthology.

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Item ID: B - This revised version of A. Biography of A. International Convention Detroit, Michigan - July , Web Banners. Site Help. What's New. Read Daily Reflections.

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