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Introducing the newly updated Abbott Color Wheel This latest release includes the same great format from the original wheel with newly added colors from. Russ Abbott is launching a Kickstarter campaign for a gamut mask tool that lets tattoo artists select exactly the color scheme they want from the. Russ Abbott is raising funds for Abbott Color Wheel on Kickstarter! will now receive an advance digital copy of the color wheel in PDF form.

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This digital download includes a PDF poster of the Abbott Color Wheel, along with a image that can be useful as a digital version to select Eternal. The Abbott Color Wheel was designed by tattooer Russ Abbott to simplify the process of tattoo ink selection. For Russ Abbott's FREE eBook "Color Theory for. Home / Abbott Color Wheel / Page 1 of 1. The Abbott Color Wheel was designed by tattooer Russ Abbott to simplify the process of tattoo ink selection. For Russ Abbott's FREE eBook "Color Theory for Tattooists" click here.

Although firmly rooted in time-tested classic notions of what makes a tattoo hold up through the years, he has developed methods of applying these traditional guidelines in novel ways toward many styles of tattooing including both traditional and realism, bringing them together into an American illustrative style that is both distinct and timeless. In early Russ began teaching seminars at major tattoo conventions and released his first instructional DVD, Iron Clad: Tattoos Built To Last , which shows his technique up close and provides insight on the thinking behind this technique. In he released Ornamental Archive, a book based on classic Victorian ornament but retooled in his distinct illustrative style. His latest project is the Abbott Color Wheel , a tool that offers access to a new level of understanding of color theory for the tattoo industry. We recently had a chance to speak with Russ about his new shop location and the rapid evolution that his work is going through. Russ has long been known for his illustrative style but is branching out into some exciting new territory which he talks about in some detail here. You can see more about Russ and his current art pursuits in our extended Hypercast interview with him, which you can view here.

You can see more about Russ and his current art pursuits in our extended Hypercast interview with him, which you can view here.

Q: You've been tattooing now since , the better part of two decades.

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When do you feel that your current illustrative style really began to take shape? A: When I started tattooing, I didn't have a clear idea of what style I wanted to do. I tried biomech, tribal, new school, black and gray realism, Japanese, and American traditional. I really liked things about every style and I enjoyed being versatile. I'd say my illustrative style developed due to the diversity of styles that I was studying.

From biomech, I learned about lighting and texture. From tribal, I learned about fit, flow, and negative space. From new school, I learned about characterization, foreshortening, and color.

From realism, I learned about detail and value. From Japanese, I learned about backgrounds and covering large areas of the body. American traditional taught me about simplicity, and silhouette. Q: What do you believe are some of the things that helped catalyze this shift in your career, from a technically strong tattooist to a specialty artist with a recognizable personal style?

Do you have any advice for artists who are at a point in their career where they are ready to push to this next level? Each pigment has been precisely measured and carefully arranged by hue, value, and saturation. Even if you have no prior experience with color theory, using the ACW is super simple. All you have to do is dial in a set of colors that look good to you and then limit your tattoo to only the colors shown in the window.

You don't even have to use every color shown. If you find that you really want to use a color that isn't shown in the window, go ahead and do so. Think of the Abbott Color Wheel as a tool that can help you narrow down the possibilities to make color decisions easier. If you have studied a bit of color theory, you will recognize the value scale that serves as the backdrop for the color swatches on the ACW.

The value scale shows how dark or light a given color swatch is. The colored swatches are carefully placed over the value scale to indicate their relative gray value.

Eternal Ink PS Swatch Set

By viewing the Abbott Color Wheel through the attached "gamut masks", the tattooist and client can quickly visualize a proposed color scheme. Gamut masks for monochromatic, analogous, complimentary, split-complimentary, and triadic color schemes are included. The gamut masks and the color wheel are printed on heavy laminated stock and die-cut with a grommet in the center to keep them all attached. Simply rotate the various layers and line up the notches around the wheel to choose your gamut mask.

Next, spin the color wheel beneath the gamut mask until the desired color palette is found. The Kit: The Abbott Color Wheel features scientifically sampled swatches of the complete line of color tattoo pigments from Eternal Ink.

Russ Abbott

The Abbott Color Wheel and the removable wall decal are packaged in a gatefold dual vinyl record style package. The inside flaps of the package feature a color theory primer to help you get familiar with the ACW.

When not in use, the Abbott Color Wheel can be stored inside the package for protection- just like a vinyl record! This decal will adhere to most smooth surfaces including glass, stainless steel, wood, or sheetrock. We suggest mounting it near your work space to aid in color selection. You will appreciate the ease of choosing the perfect pigments based on the information encoded in the Abbott Color Wheel. The Seminar: This seminar was recorded at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering in September of This presentation is produced by TattooNOW.

Why Eternal Ink? Russ Abbott has been using their pigments exclusively for several years and has formed a thorough understanding of their line. Tattooers who prefer other pigment brands will still find the Abbott Color Wheel to be a useful tool since most brands carry comparable colors.

Eternal Ink users will love the Abbott Color Wheel even more because the actual pigment names are listed next to each color swatch. To take its development this far, with a scientific approach that allows for exact color matching using specific pigments, is a testament to how far we have come as artists in the tattoo profession and how sophisticated our tools have become.

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Russ's color wheel is the kind of tool that can empower artists to overcome questions and doubts about their work and take it to the next level. Russ Abbott has created something that I believe will influence and inspire every generation of tattoo artist to reach an entirely new level of understanding color theory. George UT.

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For the longest time I've struggled with seeing colors as values, and especially when using tattoo pigment. By laying out the Eternal Ink spectrum of pigments, arranged in value, it's much easier to read the colors that will contrast the most, as well as being able to build an analogous gradation.

Abbott Color Wheel

This makes smoother transitions more comprehendible. I've been so inspired by it, that I'm downloading a full line of Eternal this weekend at the SLC convention, and look forward to further implementing it. The impact of this project will have a rippling effect and most definitely help propel the overall quality of work within the community to the next level!

This is helpful for so many reasons from selecting the perfect color pallete to breaking down the values of a given color. It essentially takes all of the guess work out of color theory so you can focus on doing the tattoo. I'm personally grateful for this tool; it has helped me grow and learn so much. Russ Abbott's color wheel is one of those tools.

Color has always been a place where I struggled to immediately visualize how colors work together. Russ' color wheel makes it fast and easy.

I will typically find a color I know I want to use in the tattoo and then pick my other colors based off of the relationships shown on the color wheel. Compliments of non-pure colors are easily seen as well as how light or dark that color is in relationship to any other color on the wheel.

In combination with Russ' seminar, I really feel like I have a better understanding of color for tattoos and a new confidence in my color choices. Generally, most ink companies have similar colors, or they're easy to mix.

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It's a quick and easy way to help choose colors that compliment or contrast each other. Since using the ACW, I've seen a dramatically, positive change in my tattoos.

Great tool for our industry! Even in it's early inception I was referring to it. The composition of color is one of the absolute most important components of creating not only a readable tattoo, but also a visually captivating piece of art. The Abbott Color Wheel takes those last minute questions and gives you easy-to-grasp, yet massively exciting answers! Wayne IN.

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Spread the word: Without your support, the Abbott Color Wheel may never be produced. We are counting on our true believers and supporters to help spread the word about this project. If you would like to post about the Abbott Color Wheel on your own social media please consider selecting from the following images and tags. The Abbott Color Wheel would not be possible without the support and council of the following individuals.

You have our sincere gratitude.